Sony WH1000x M3 Noise Cancelling Headphone – REVIEW


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I personally bought this… from a vending machine. =P


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Sony WH1000xm3 Headphone REVIEW


Zhe Feng says:

Awesome review man! I have a pair of Bose QC35 v1 and loved how comfortable it is. I like how well its ANC works but not particularly impressed with the audio quality. I’ve been thinking about giving the xm3 a try, mainly wanted a better audio quality and trying a supposedly better ANC. Almost everything looks great from your review, but the most disappointing thing is the xm3 can only pair ONE device at a time! I love how my QC35 can just switch back and forth with two paired devices automatically whichever one is playing sound. I’m still not sure if not having this is a deal breaker. Thoughts?

Super Woman says:

What mic u used to record voice in this video?

Brian Garland says:

Just bought mine on offer up brand new in the box for $360. Sold out everywhere in the Seattle area including Amazon. Got lucky finding them on offer up. these are amazing.

Radu S says:

Hey Jim, a good equalizer app for Android?

Keloh101 says:

Jimmy please do a review on the skull candy venue to know if its worth it to buy please 🙂

Patrick Tessier-Neveu says:

Smart to put a vending machine with noise cancelling headphones. Good job Best Buy!

Lily Le says:

I was literally looking for your new video of the newest headphones lol I literally just received mine TODAY!

Andrés Santamaria says:

Awesome to see you’re back!

iFlameArts says:

r u gonna review the skull candy crusher 360?

Robert Popa says:

In my opinion, Bose QC 35II is still the king of sound- clear, neutral and balanced with the good soundstage, WH- 1000M2 is the second and WH-1000M3 the third (if we copared just Bose and Sony). If we took about technical specifications and features, the rankings are changing M3 is the first, M2 the second and Bose QC35II the third. I want to buy a pair of wireless headphones and I will clearly go on Bose. Thank you for your reviews. I watch them with pleasure and attention – they are detailed and professionally made. I wish you a beautiful day!

HD Sempro says:

There is just one question that needs answering for me to be able to decide if I’m going to want them.
Have they fixed the headband issue?
I bought the 1000x a few months back, and I was extremely careful with them, knowing they had this issue. Always had them in the case, always wore them carefully.
Still, the headband started cracking and when I tried to return them the guy at the store told me that they get a lot of people who return these for the exact same reason and that the 1000xm2 have the exact same problem.
The m3s look a bit different, so my question is, have they fixed it?
Otherwise I’m going to follow the advice of the elections store employee and get a Bose one, even though I prefer the Sony, according to him, they never had any problems with the build quality on the Bose.

Lalalance says:

when will you do a nuraphone review? 🙂

Pascal van den Broek says:

Very good review as always! I use my M2 every day of the week, and I still really like them, despite my ears get warm sometimes. Would you say it is worth it to upgrade? I think I will wait till the M4, but I’m just curious.

Lily Le says:

Why does yours say LDAC? And mine AAC? Is it because I have the iPhone X?

Zaheer Kader says:

Listened to these vs my bose and Sony have taken the lead without a doubt. Feel the bose are more comfortable for more than an hour of use.

Impressive 757 says:

Is this m3 dominated Bose 35 (2) in comfort???

tommy d u b b s says:

idk why this feels like a patrick bateman review and you’re about to tell me about huey lewis..

Ahmad Nawaz says:

been waiting for your review for a while

Trey Temples says:

God I missed you jimmy. Your videos are the best part of my day, but that might be cause I’m boring. Regardless, enjoyed this video a ton!

Becker's Rs says:

no comparison?.. Seriously Jim…

Rap-Rap says:

wasn’t there a recent update for adding devices?

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