Sony WH-CH500 Bluetooth headphone unboxing and review – Budget Bass Beast!

Sony WH-CH500 Bluetooth headphone review – Budget Bass Beast!

The Sony WH CH500 bluetooth headphones are the newest budget headphones in Sony’s headphone line. I got them from Best Buy when looking for some great Bluetooth headphones with Bass. I wasn’t able to check them out until the video. See what happened and see if I like them.

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Carlton Slaine says:

Good review i am from U.K. England was watching you man i was laughing some much but seriously i have them myself but you can
Download the equaliser app
To make the bass strong even the mids and highs
Sounds are good good powerful headphones nice
Review many thanks peace

Bipin Rajput says:

U r fucking cool

theFPSguy says:

I think i will buy this, i mean, here those are the cheapest (good brand) BT headphone with a good brand on it! All my headphones was in ear from Sony, JBL, AKG … i like those bcs have a clean sound, i dont know what to say about on ear headphones, i want the sound of an in ear to be in these, i hope i can test them and then buy, nice review btw, good luck with your channel!

Yiğit Akyol says:

Hey, great review! Subscribed

How is the sound volume on these. I mean I want to buy them but a bit worried because the headphones at this price range are very quiet.
I like listening at high volumes

Matt L says:

Great review! Is it still comfortable to ears after long use? Like after 2 or 3 hours.

Rakesh Roy says:

well of’s a sony..they are one of the pioneer companies of audio…listening on my XB550AP

Varun prasad says:

@ Travis >>>>Sony – wh-ch500 vs MDR-XB650BT ???? Which one should i go for?? iam a basshead $$
Currently i own MDR XB75AP in-ear.

matheus jabour says:

WH-CH400 It is compatible with ps3/ps4?

dany ratmianto says:

sony wh-ch 500 or jbl duet bt??? please help me…

Famous Af says:

Can anyone help me?I have this headphones,I plugged them in one time to charge but I didn t let them to charge fully so I unplugged them after 2 hours or so.When I turned them on,the led was purple and that little voice that says “power on” wasn t there,in fact it started to make distorted noises.I can still use them but my volume up button doesn t work at all but when I am in call,everything works just fine! Please help me out

Daniel Klátil says:

Great video and rewiew! Do you have try the mic? Its the mic good? Thank you for answer.

Paint Rag555 says:

well done man… good video

rizky sol says:

Hey man, love this video of yours! Do you prefer this or audio technica s200bt? Since they are in the same price range

Alexandr Myshlienik says:

Hay bro , can i ask you ?Will that headphones work with Android Bluetooth 4.0 and with Laptop (i don’t know Blue version on it)

Leonard Ma says:

It’s quite expensive for me.

Serhat Akyol says:

JBL T450bt or Sony WH CH500 ?

Sylvester Scw says:

This or Jabra’s Move Wireless?

Fandy Ifumie says:

I watched your review, liked your review style. I want to ask, bluedio ufo 2 and this sony ch500, which one you recommend more. I will use headphone mostly for watching movies. Thx Travis

Šveco says:

wow what a review !! i was shocked when i saw that you have only 5k subs.. great energy, funny and also honest review, everything i was looking for. i ordered them today because of your video! keep it up buddy!

Ka Gg says:

Yo Travis, I go to the gym often and one HUGE problem is that ear buds fall out all the time. I see people using over ear headphones and they seem to stay on better. I recently bought ANKER sportbuds NB10 and not only do they fail to stay in, they aren’t really that loud. Pretty frustrating since I was told Anker is awesome. So how well do over ear headphones work when running? I’m not going full on sprinting, but a nice jog for a few miles. Thanks

Jesse Bailouni says:

i went to media markt in budapest today looking for something, played with headphones for over an hour and these were there. almost walked out with them but put them down just cause i felt like i wasnt too happy with them, but now i’ve jumped onto youtube to see how they measure up with different reviewers and i think i may go back and buy them and in the electric blue, the frame seems a bit wide but hey they’re cheap lol

Susil Gurung dfm says:

This one is sweet proof…? Can I use on gym???

Dyon says:

Hey man, wich headphone do you think is better in music and bass the JBL T450BT or the JBL T460BT or this sony headphone

samrat bisht says:

This is entertaining..Subscribed

iori manuel MC says:

I do not know if I buy the skullcandy uproar wireless or these wh ch-500 which I recommend please greetings.

chris laughlin says:

I’m not sure if he’s read all comments from your videos, but my question is how’s the power, battery life and more importantly how loud they are. Thinking of getting these just I like loud volume.

Hardcore HD says:

Can i use sony ch 500 for gym?

nina letica says:

Thank you man,it really helped with my choice! You said everything important and you were honest about them which I appriciate! Hopefully if I ever need a review again on some tech- you will already have the video for it! Keep up the good work!

Atul Kamble says:

Sony naam hi cafi Hai

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