Sony MDR-XB950N1 Headphone – REVIEW

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Sony MDR-XB950N1 Headphone Review


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Ali Lakdawala says:

Hey can u tel me which is better for gym use mdr-xb 950n1 or mdr-100 ABN H.ear on

muhd amien muzaffar shah says:

Dear Jim… thanks for always give us the best… just want to know whats the app that you are using for the headphone… and does it support other devices from Sony also… or does anybody know the name of the app??? cause im using the h.ear on 100… thank you…

TheXGamer says:

Sony headphones technicians be like:”Because you know I’m about that bass,bout’ that bass,no treble.”

Canal do Caju says:

I got this yesterday and I was let down on the NC, but like you said I was looking for bass and I didn’t feel like paying $150 more for a QC35 for the NC only.

Aahan Adeshra says:

is it only me or he looks like Oliver from “how to get away with murder”
great video tho!

Diogo Reis says:

How do they compare with the MDR-100ABN?

Joris Satyadharma says:

How does this compare with Bose QC25?

uashwinp says:

do people really like so much bass that induces headache? isnt music or audio supposed to be balanced? so many bass these days. is it a generational problem? jus curious…. i got a beyerdynamic t51p n i feel overpriced beats bose is crap. correct me if i am wrong.

Juan Ruiz says:

lg tone line up???

Kanwar Anand says:

Jim, please recommend wireless headphones for $150 range.

Bat NGHTMRE says:

Hi. Can you review ONKYO H500BT?

All About Tech says:

This is the worst feeling when you just got you xb950bt and then this came 1 month(!) after. But from what i’ve heard th 950bt and n1 should be the same.

Brian Brooks says:

your reviews make me happy

drdj69 says:

ugly looking headphones that. had mdrs before just overrated.

KawaiiWhisk says:

Team Sony

Amwag Channel says:

Great review as usual .. thanks for sharing

freddie levy says:

Please check out the bluedio victorys

Reef D says:

I have yet to hear a better set of headphones…these are incredible

Bat Vigilante says:

i wonder how many headphones u have now lol

Ankit Sen says:

Collection money for this

Ankit Sen says:

32 hours. . . Wow

Jim Papaz says:

Those werent your hands and arms in beggining. Too hairy

NebbyK says:

This or hear on wireless?

ChapMandemZz says:

Beware, very weak points on the headphones where the cups swivel, mine broke after about 4 months and im not to tough on my gear

Shawn Toh says:

Hi Jim, can i ask, XB950N1 vs 4.50BTNC, which has better noise cancelling?

andrevee says:

yeah, I’ve been using these for a couple of months now, to full satisfaction.

ElectoniCALLI says:

name one thing that these headphones do better than skullcandy crusher wireless

Oo2k10 says:

Hey Jim can you recommend me a headphone with mic to record audio on my smartphones? I want the sound quality to be good. Thx!

jdub300x says:

I listened to these yesterday it’s going to be a tough decision. Great video Jim. I seen a couple scenes with Charlotte uptown!

Tejasvi Shiv says:

Damn!!! Im definately gonna consider picking these up!!! Thanks Jim!

Pulin Singh says:

They’re actually 0.64 lbs or 290 grams.

Daniluc says:

Hi Jims, i know we can change the country but if you can start to put European Prices (Euro) in your description i think some of us will aprecciate, thanks and continue the good work

Prasad Naik says:

I had the non noise cancelling model and they sound like complete trash. I understand liking bass but they had nothing else to offer. Even with bass turned down the sound was muddy and unpleasant. Would get the hear.on wireless over these any day.

Shounak Sasane says:

team sennheiser.

Carson McNulty says:

Bose, but the Sony and sennheiser are starting to look great

jacob loera says:

I was contemplating upgrading to these from the 950 BT for quite a while but I ended up pulling the trigger on the skullcandy crusher wireless and I got to say I dont regret my purchase the amount of bass the crushers pump out and the INSANE battery life it is hard to beat for the price. I hope sony responds with better a bass response and battery life on their next headphones

h1a8 says:

Great review as always! Top tier.

I have a couple of questions.
1. Do these sound exactly like the older bt950s with the bass boost off for both?
2. How would you compare the sound of skullcandy crusher wireless (bass slider off) to these (bass boost off)? Speak of midrange, treble, and soundstage.

Thank you so much!

Amir Chawarpatil says:

please review vmoda crossfade 2 wireless rose gold

Hayden Brady says:

Can we get a MDR 1000X review?

Syahmi Kurosaki says:

I am sooo gonna buy this model 😀 #teamSony

david rastetter says:

Thank you for the review. I purchased these without the noise cancellation. The NC was not that great when comparing them at the store. I also got a couple of other headphones based on your reviews (JBL Everest 700, Sony MDR-1000x). I have to say JBL and Sony are putting out some good quality headphones right now and very good price points for what you get. Great Job please keep it up. Thank you!

이재현 says:

what’s the name of headphones stand??

Saksham Kumar says:

so which one should i buy xb950b1 or xb950n1?

TipsGamesAndMore Games says:

Team Sony!

CONFIELD Nelson says:

All of your vids are sick…..

Tysun Yihan says:

cinematics has been improved and upgraded. good job there Jim!

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