Sony MDR-XB950N1 Extra Bass Headphones Review

Sony MDR-XB950N1 Buy here:
Sony MDR-XB950B1 Buy here:

The Sony MDR-XB950N1 is here, and with it comes some improvements over the MDR-XB950BT that has been around for a few while now. The MDR-XB950N1 adds active noise cancellation and is now compatible with the Sony Headphones Connect App that gives you control over the amount of bass. NFC connectivity for easy pairing and 22 hour battery life make this one of the best pairs of wireless headphones out.

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Gongphop Chaiphiphat says:

Thanks for the review Nick

Michael Hursh says:

These are cheap easily broken headphone. Despite the cost it does mean they durable. Mine broke and I can’t find replacement parts, DON’T BUY

Shakil Sultan says:

Thank you for sharing…

andola jackson says:

just got these for 119$ huge deal considering you can down tune the bass, something that makes these worth the buy over the crushers or beats options. Some songs have overproduced bass and its nice to be able to dial it back especially considering i use them with my phone as well as my PC. Insurgency sandstorm came out recently and ive been enjoying that game HEAPS with these new Noise cancelling bass cans. Movies too, and if the movie im watching or etc is a lil too bassy i can just tune it down on the fly with my phone its pretty convenient. Ill pay $$$ for these kind of innovations any day over being sold on a name alone. Currently running them off bluetooth and my QUADdac LG v20. As well as on my Schiit stack on my PC. I notice that when i use the high gain setting on my schiit stack the vocals/mids-highs do come back into the picture like they get brought foward, the bass is almost centered in the staging, with the highs-mid highs placed behind the bass, so if im directly connected to my v20’s dac amp. It does tend to fall short vs the bluetooth powering the phone. Same to if i connect directly to my pc and not behind the power of my schiit amp. Still though im thoroughly pleased with the performance of these headphones, they hit it out of the park for any well produced hip hop you get clear highs from female voices or brass play, with deep and well staged bass depth. Id say the exact same to the tune of my favorite bass heavy 80s tunes, some smiths youve got everything now or sweet and tender hooligan, to Some new order jams sweetest kiss or dreams never end. I especially enjoy re listening to the cure seventeen seconds album with these headphones. Im going to enjoy re-living many songs and favorites of mine, the same way it was when i got my AKG K7XX(hugest stage ive ever owned). The NC isnt tip top notch like competitors, but it sure helps when im on my PC and my GPU fan is running 75% speed the NC kills the GPU fan noise vs the open back AKG’s i own. As well as the amazing bluetooth capability i can jam out to some beck while i make beckfast. Its just nice noticing the nuances of the bass production in songs with the “bass boost” vs the some that are over produced that required the dialing back option.

Cruzan9 says:

Just got this today. It was an exchange actually. The nitpick you mentioned early on is one reason I got them. LOL I wear glasses and the MDRX-B650BT wouldn’t sit properly. I kept having to adjust them and it would hurt after a short while. So after a few days of using them for hours at a time, I returned it and exchanged it for the MDR-XB950N1. It works way better and is far more comfortable.

I’m using this mostly at work and maybe travel. As for noise cancellation, I have an Audio Technica that handles that really well and that I use at home when it gets loud outside. Yes, outside not inside. Landscapers, pool parties, foot traffic, etc. The joys of apartment living. :-/

Ben Leek says:

On sale now at Best Buy for $120 that’s a steal


These are good

Eavis Chang says:

I want

Asad Hafeez Yousufi says:

How good the recording quality on Windows 7, I bought Cowin E7, call quality in Windows (Skype for business) is terrible I have to return them.

Snoopy says:

Main problem with this is the durability. That’s why I went with the crushers.

Nguyen Chi Thanh says:

Can you connect it with macbook pro? I tried but my macbook doesn’t see it on the bluetooth devices 🙁

Nifaso Productions says:

Wait… Does it have a mic

dagangstah says:

Nice review

MONERISplayz says:

R u still alive. Reply if u still are


Would these headphone be good for working out ?

Walter Antonio Alba An says:


Daniel Tiger says:

How do they preform during movies with the bass boost OFF?

Juan Benitez says:

How do you replace the ear cushions? 1:53

Karley Branam says:

Grabbed these brand new in the green color for $110! I can’t wait to get them!!

Pauline says:

Sony WH-CH700N or Sony MDR-XB950N1?

Gaming System says:

My brother purchased this XB950N1 Sony Bluetooth headphones noise cancellation for me for free so I can’t here him talking over my room wall because we are room to room each other

andrew baskerville says:

youre awesome bro thanks for this i love the device but do you know how to blutooth it to my computer as well?

Little Crafted United says:

How durable is the plastic swivels because I have the skull candy hesh 3 wireless and this broke within 4 months

Jordan Erickson says:

Great review.

One thing I’m going to slap all you reviewers for.


-continues on about awesome comfort, nice padding, ear room, incredible sound-

Well, let’s be real, is all of this possible without sacrificing quality possible in a small product? Nope. Go try on any smaller headset and you’d be hard pressed to outdo the comfort these provide.

keahi foxx says:

I bet this headphone has Dolby Atmos

Leslie John says:

The ear peace extender or swivel always break? I know of people from the UK and Canada all trying to find a glue to fix, as they are no glue on the market that will work, and there are no replacement parts. nice sound though

Raja Zeeshan Bhatti /techRZb says:

The review was really amazing

Joey Saito says:

Nice review, I have a question though, should I get these or the , Sienhiesser 440

Arjun Dasgupta says:

How does this compare to Sennheiser 4.50BT?

cordialsun29 says:

What is good noise canceling headphones so you can listen to music and not hear anyone around you

HWS3 says:

just got em for Christmas they just charging

Kyle De says:

I want one only because Miles Morales uses them.

Sholy Kamal says:

This beats only for wireless right?.. So it won’t work if I’m outside unless there’s wifi connection available?

Abdul Uddin says:

Is it usable for ps4

David Blanco says:

The Beats last 45 hours lol sorry Sony

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