Sony MDR-7506 Review: The “Standard” Pro Headphone

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Beyer pads for extra comfort:

This might actually be my least favorite “audiophile” grade headphone. EQ is not really that effective on this thing, but if you want to try to tame it, play with pulling down 10k and 3.5k.

These are so familiar that even Wikipedia has a whole page on the Sony pro headphone series:


Joey Smalls says:

Thank you for this review! V.Helpful

thoyo says:

11:26 you mention $100 would be a cleaner sound. MDR-V6 are $98 on Amazon. is that worth the extra money to you!

BackRoad Kingdom says:

I loved all 4 of mine. after I broke my last pair, I went and upgraded to Sennheiser HD 25’s. I ripped out a jack, started podcasting, got another set, replaced the jack, and now I have 2 HD 25’s. I really want to grab another set of these for a bit more comfort

Greek Fidelity says:

Ηaving headphones like these is perfect for hearing that chair squeak like crazy 😀
I love headphones

P-Serbian/Syber_Tv says:

have you been playing bf1 ?

brf 100 says:

are these good for gaming?

hyprz says:

the legend finally returns

Ze Bubba says:

Nice work again! Focal Spirit Pro might be a good modern hp for the same pro-uses. They also have strong upper mids (very easy to hear voices, drum transients etc.) but they are surprisingly neutral for a very closed can. Those are way more expensive though, but maybe a better fit for a pro – if they can live with the tight grip. I often use them as a portable too, as well as drum recordings etc.

Martin Bakov says:

The king is back

W. Scott Smith says:

Nice video! I think the MDR7506 are the best sounding and most uncomfortable headphones out there. I’m looking for the best of both worlds.

deo1 says:

My first “real” headphones. First the 7506 followed by V6’s. The clarity, at the time, to me, was much appreciated compared to your typical sub-100 whatever-is-lying-around headphone.

DJ COOP says:

The classic return of metal571

Don Vittorio Sierra says:

wow great detail on the review. Only one more thing to add is the slight variations in sound from batch to batch. Not sure if thats due to some people getting fakes but it may be worth investigating for people that are thinking of getting a pair of these.

Q4BE says:

glad you still do headphones metal571.
keep it going

Jim Kim says:

@metal571 Great review.. Thank you. I check your review before making any headphone purchase.. i am looking for a headphone that is mid-centric ideal for vocal and Can you give me a recommendation under $400? Thank you very much…. 🙂

Julian Rodriguez says:

Good video.

Bagged Milk says:

Thing that bothers me the most is the grain/poor decay and the low midrange dip.

Have you thought about buying a vintage Yamaha HP-1/YH-1? They’ll show you some of what a good vintage can is.

Eduardo Macedo says:

well.. out of the equation after i saw your review..

idan124 says:

shure srh440 or this pair ? i would looovveee to get feedback comment

Wendhy Novizar says:

I haven’t heard or owned this, however I still have the CD900ST, the better, japanese version of this

Gary Godfrey says:

I love this mans reviews, no bull****, he tells it as it is but without being crass, I bought my AKG550’s after watching tonnes of metal571 reviews and it was a perfect purchase, the only crime is that he only has 2574 subscribers why? he is without doubt one of the best reviewers on any media platform ive seen, we have to get the word out here. thanks again metal571


I own both, basically sound the same.

Billy Castaneda says:

Besides these what other headphones are great for mids and vocals at around the same price range?

The Armed Resistance says:

So I guess you could call the 7506s the NS-10s of cans, then? They aren’t so shrill in the mids and highs like the NS-10s, but they have the same nature in that they bring out nasties.

I have a feeling that’s why a lot of long time producers use these. Same reason NS-10s are found in almost every big studio in the bloody world.

Will Parc says:

7506/v6 vs srh440 vs m40x?

Lv H says:

i was thinking of getting these for playing guitar, do you guys think its a good idea?

Grant Powell says:

My dad has a pair of these that he got when they were first released. 25 years later they’re still going strong!

Kayden Greyson says:

Ok so what is the best flat headphone in all makes around 150 bucks? My 10 year old Sony mdr v9000 are done. on the market to replace with better, modern and new. Thanks looking for perfect natural clarity in all ranges down to at least 20 hz. Im asking you so i dont have to spend a million dollars on buying and trying. What do you think is the best headphone after all your reviews?

psysword says:

Very flat….very flat….nice and honest…bass is flat. good stuff.

Joe Rico says:

Listening to this on both my MDR-V6. Alot of similarities but genres like EDM has a nice bottom end with good texture. I believe the 7506 was introduced WAY BEFORE the V6. V6 is early 2000’s.

Andras Nelhiebel says:

For starting, nice review again! Concise, informative and detailed.

You mention something important in your video, which is very often overlooked by audiophiles. Professional audio gear is made with special purposes, and they are generally not intended for the consumers!

I have the same impression with my ATH-M70x, which I wrote already down at Z’s review. It is hissy and splashy and produces tons of sibilance, but it is my only headphone that has the same sound signature as a pair of 18k$ mastering speakers in the studio where I study. You get every annoying detail right into your face, because it has an elevated – though according to the Harman curve I would more say not subdued – 2-10k region. You would hate it 😀 I would NEVER recommend it to anyone for pure pleasure listening, unless you really know what you want. But as a flawfinding tool it is flawless.

The most stupid advice a beginner in the audiophile world can get is to buy a pair of “studio monitors”, because “they are flat”. No! Go with a good consumer can, which is reasonably flat, but all the annyoing stuff from a real pro gear are removed (like your beloved and really very good HD600). You don’t buy military vehicles just for having fun in the mountains!

metring073 says:

Been a long time there metal571, good to see you back.
Bought equivalent Audio Technica M30 ( foldable M35 were harder to find ) just to compare with my 7506. Straightaway the M30 sounded warmer and had a bit more sound stage while 7506 was more forward ( not as forward sounding as M50 ) and also more dynamic.
Wouldn’t really recommend Beyerdynamic velour ear pad replacement for 7506, V6, M30/M35 ( sound leakage ) when you can get genuine sheep skin ear pads from Auray.

butterandjamtoast says:

you sound like you’re out of breath sometimes…

you sound like you’re gonna have a heart attack soon…

onaretrotip says:

I love this channel! So relaxing to watch.

Belstia Music says:

These more flat sounding than Beyer DT 880/770’s?

Drexyl Spivey says:

hey i love ur videos!! im looking for a pair of studio reference phones open and flat for mixing. thinking of getting the k701 is there a better option?

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