Sony MDR-1000x Noise Cancelling Headphone – REVIEW

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Sony MDR-1000x Review

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Anne Lan says:

Could you do a comparison between these and the Sony mdr-100abm?

Proxiton says:

High quality video. Love your reviews. Keep up the good work!

Jimmare says:

Wireless or wired headphones? I believe for that price you can buy MUCH better wired headphones but im lost cause all of these reviews. @_@

Sunny N says:

protio: full sleeve doesn’t go well with protrait frame. great video though!

Drakortha says:

great review jim!

juanito506 says:

Hey, you live in Charlotte! I noticed the CATS bus pass by through Uptown!

Spectre says:

EXCELLENT review! Thank you

Frederick Derksen says:

Help me out please,

I have the choice to buy the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Ivory for $240 and 24hr delivery.
Or I can get the Sony MDR-1000X Black/Champagne for $260 but delivery is in late Januari.

Both products are new and sealed.
And I am able to buy these headphones trough my bank at this low price point.

On what base would you make your choice and which headphone would you buy?
Thank You!

Bal mukundmaurya says:

Sony headphone MDR – 1000x
superb noise cancellation and sound quality very good.
really its superb yaar

Zeno says:

hey jim, what headphone stand is that?

David Bufacchi says:

Hi Jim!! Great reviews!! I just bought the Sony mdr 1000 x and you reviews helped me a lot!

Vishruth Raja says:

Jim does this sound better than the Vmoda crossfade wireless? And between the two which would you buy? I’ll probably be getting the one you recommend to this!

unistp88 says:

I recently brought the Headphone and would say it’s a value for money purchase! Great review there!

TTkotivideo says:

I did buy these. And I’m very disappointed.
Features are fine and work very well. I did like NC. Sound quality is just OK.
I did return this headset because of clear error in design. Theres two microphones on this headset and both of them are on top of the speakers. When talking on the phone you will talk to opposite direction of the microphones. When talking somewhere where is background noise (yes… this is NC headset) users voice will dissappear on background noise. You need to have a quiet environment to be able to use this headset on calls. And even in quiet environment microphone volume is very low and many times I had to disable headset in the middle of the call.
Previously I had:
MDR1RBT had clearly better sound quality.

cruxzh says:

Watching this on my pair of MDR-1000x 🙂

kris Pandulev says:

Hi guys,I have a rather unusual question.What will happen if you use this headphones while shooting with the ambient sound mode on,will it amplify the sound or cut it off?

sdchew says:

I tried this and they sound really good. Better than my QC35. Thou I have a concern about the faux leather covering. Don’t really have good experience with faux leather; They either flake when they get old (like with the QC10/QC15) or get sticky (like with the Beyerdynamics MMX300 headband)

Akmal Zuwak says:

Hey! I was considering buying the Sony mdr 1000x, so when I tried them everything was great except the volume. The volume wasnt really that loud, the max volume was probably like half of the bose qc35’s. Is it actually like that or was the preview model just like that?

Pablo Echevarria says:

Great video! Reinforced my decision to pick these up.

Dylan McBean says:

how does the sound compare to vmoda crossfade wireless

Suh Dude says:

He looks so majestic in 0:56 idk why

Stefano Adami says:

I should decide between this Sonys and B&O H7. I play guitar and sing, thus audio quality is an absolute must, but the H7 is an old model nowadays, and I don’t know if the Sonys are more convenient. What do you think is the best for me?

Nixamm Soda says:

I want to see review Sony MDR-XB80BS Extra Bass.. pleasee

Peachy M says:

minus the noise cancellation, how’s xb650bt compared to 1000x?

Mike Truong says:

one of the best headphone reviews i’ve seen in a while. Good job

Saagar Patel says:

I returned my beats for this.

Jeeem Qewteue says:

Can you change the SOUND QUALITY MODE for the Mdr1000x. It’s included in the manual. But I can’t seem to properly do it right.

Shreyas Chavan says:

I plan on using these headphones to work out in the gym. Will they be damaged by the sweat or are they resistant to moisture?

Ming Lai says:

This headphone is a real deal, no regret!

gagomand says:

First video i see from you. Very well done, subscribed!

oldspicejet83 says:

Just got the Sony and tested them against Audio-Technica m50x. Keep in mind I tested the m50x wired and Sony wireless with Noise Canceling on. So its not an exact fair comparison. Full volume out of an iphone the m50x is slightly louder and slightly richer. There is just this theater sound coming out of the m50x while listening to film scores. THe Sony is great and a good contender but if you swap them back and forth between each other you’ll notice a difference. If you had the Sony only, you would quickly get used to them and find them good enough unless you are used to the best headphones on the market. Actually as I write this, I had the Sony on listening to Avatar score and though I had the m50x on. I have to say that for NC headphones and bluetooth convenience, I’d get rid of the m50x. The Sony could be a bit louder on full volume. Just a bit but I can live with this. Everything I tested was straight out of the box and I din’t tweak anything. Got to say I do prefer Game of Thrones theme coming out of the m50x. Just that extra umpf.

Idrees Khan says:

Hey i have a question is it ok to take these out in light to medium rain or will cause problems with the headphone.

mineinspiron says:

Jim, professional reviewer like you should give quantitative test. Why dont use dB meter to measure ambient sound and then compare it with ANC activated. Viewers need to see that 1000x has better ANC compared to QC35. Whether is myth or subjective judgement.

Avon Barksdale says:

I’m gonna sound like such a noob asking this lol, but what is your recommended way of charging them? The paperwork you receive in the box is not very helpful, it’s a bunch of pictures. The website says to use a computer/laptop to charge, and ONLY use the cable you receive with headphones lol. Would you say that’s accurate? Would their be any major issue if I were to use my regular Samsung s7 edge charger? Will that make the headphones battery die quicker?

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