SMS Audio – STREET by 50 On Ear Sport Headphone Review


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We used O2+ODAC Combo (JDS Labs) for audio testing.

The following songs were referred to in the review:
No Church In the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean & The-Dream) – JAY Z & Kanye West
Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
Time – Pink Floyd

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Thijs Liefhebber says:

I really love the sceptisism of you you arent like any other revieuwe who just says good stuff because the company wants it!!! amazing. And your reviews are just slick and looking very professional love that KEEP IT UP!!!

Andy Satrio Tipunk says:

Please Review Plantronics RIG 😀

Zviadi Mikadze says:

+HardwareCanucks  i love watching your videos you make VERY in-depth reviews however i have a favor,please make review of monoprice mep-933 i have on of this and i chose it based on online reviews,i am amazed with its build quality and price is just 8$,i haven’t owned pricey headphones so i can tell how good it is but from oem samsung headphones is GREAT upgrade hope to see your review,thanks

Moonie iLLmatic says:

Lol this guy is so full of shit, they’re pretty good sounding headphones.

Gamer Cave says:

i have them and what you said is bullshit, they are amazing headphones

ssg2991 says:

Can you please review beats solo 2, I would like to see a well done review like yours and not something that just says “nothing but bass”

Clarence Gatling says:

great review

swing8th says:

“value added unboxing experience”  Really!  Give me a friggin’ break.  BS!!

Clarence Gatling says:

great review

G G says:

I just tested the on ear sport and the normal on ear to compare them in the shop. I don’t know if it was like the cable or something, but they sounded different and felt different on your head. Just saying that for people who go to the gym a lot these will probably be really nice, but for people who don’t I would just buy the normal ones. 😉

ShaqKicks says:

its weird my sms audio sport doesnt leave fingerprints it should not cause its made with a rubberized coating so it should repel the fingerprints 

doomtomb3 says:

Style first. Substance second… or non-existent. 

Franklin Zheng says:

even though i do love my ath-m50s, they get super warm after listening to them for a long time. 

TheShadyTiger says:

Please do a review on the Phantom 410!

MrxALRock says:

review California Headphones, Silverado.

Corza D33 says:

I cant leave finger marks on mine, did u rub your hands in dust before touching it? So people wanting to buy these they don’t leave marks in everyday use but it will if you intentionally cover you hands in dust and touch them like every other product ever.

Girish Sardey says:

lol love the review less than thrilled about the head phones

Bounasser Abdelwahab says:

love your videos, BTW do you know guys what mic he uses? it sounds freaking Gorgeous!

Daryl Austin says:

Would love a review of these Audio-Technica ATHM50RD Pro DJ Headphones – Red

DeadPoolWeapon says:

The guy who played Peter “Star-Lord” Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy looks very much like you Dimitri 🙂

Gamer Cave says:

im listening to this video with the headphones

Jern_ says:

Conclusion: It’s a piece of overpriced shit

RBUpload says:

What on earth does 50 cent know about audio anyway? I don’t think gangster rappers have any clue about balanced audio. Not really a surprise that the audio is poor.

Would love to see an AKG review!

I bought the K551 myself recently; the ‘portable’ version of the K550 with identical sound or so I think (the only difference is the cable).

They did require 50 to 60 hours to come alive, because they had absolutely no bass at first. Slowly but surely they gained bass response and after a while the bass became very well controlled and punchy.

Anyway… You haven’t done an AKG review yet. Would love to see one 🙂

BuisnessSteve says:

I don’t listen to bass-heavy songs, I like neutral sounding headphones, I tried these out, and thought they were really good, so I bought them, and I really started to enjoy my workouts.

Daniel Martin says:

Could you possible review the Sound Blaster EVO ZxR, Im really interested in how good the drivers are. How well they utilize the sound core 3D. How well the mic works and if its worth its $300 price tag! Thank you for your great videos and reviews!

mocfive says:

this is bullshit lol. ‘poor bass, lack of mid range, and treble’?? so you’re saying everything sounds like shit. from lows to highs, its all shit? right..

Jordy Blom says:

Razer Electra all day. Outperforming 200$ Beats Solo HD for 60$.

G G says:

I just tested the on ear sport and the normal on ear to compare them in the shop. I don’t know if it was like the cable or something, but they sounded different and felt different on your head. Just saying that for people who go to the gym a lot these will probably be really nice, but for people who don’t I would just buy the normal ones. 😉

Dmitriy Sychov says:

thx for review its most informative compared to others.


i whant to see a review at beats solo 2

Daniel says:

tbh no one is wearing anything u mentioned in your recommendations in public

Anmar says:

I love your reviews

Daijin Callock says:

Three things I want to know are they comfortable are they loud and do they sound good somebody please reply

hussein hussein says:

How am I going to feed my family off this $7.25 an hour Mac Donals rate? New head phones by Fiddy Cent? Don’t mind if I do. New Jordans? Sign me up.

duo2nd says:

You should have bought the Star Wars version, and do a rap about it. XD

G Yonany says:

Most people don’t use AMP, so stop testing headphones with AMPs!
It’s like reviewing a car using race fuel instead of normal fuel.

Agustin Davalos says:

Can I know what headphone stand that is, I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE but I can’t find it 🙁

ExtraDomus says:

U need to use the equalizer on ur app for these puppies, if you can these are perfect

Mike Lee says:

Awesome! Noontec gots the same quality headphones which less than 100 dollars. Two years ago the first generation- ZORO which rated four stars by CNET because of its excellent audio performance.  Now this new generation ZORO II HD released to the market, with its better built quality and amazing sound quality. i would like to invite you make a review for this new model. if you like to do that ,please send your address to i am ready to send you review samples.
for the ZORO II HD product information:

InsaneJake says:

Ah when is the Phanteks Evolv Review going to be out?

SwiFty says:


TJMT says:

My HD 280’s are crazy uncomfortable

Azure says:


Noontec says:

ZORO is last generation headphone from noontec, which rated four stars by CNET. Now the new generation ZORO II HD is available, I am sure it will deliver you amazing sound quality. would you like to make a review for it? I am ready to send you one unit if you like. looking to hear from you soon. thank you!

bac302 says:

i test one of my friend .it sound  like 20 $ headphone disappointing  but  not surprising 

Tredoesnothing says:

He said it wrong, like “Fifty Cents”
its supposed to be “Fiddy Cent”

ArnoldFTW97 says:

imma buy it

Mitix Mitixx says:

At the price of 220$ their bass is just right.You want big bass you”d have to pay 400-500 dollars for pear of headphones that dont even grant the option that SMS grant.Waterproof and anti-sweat,bluetooth,wireless and with fire,commands on your headphone so you dont have to keep pulling out your phone.I expected a better job from your review.They got flaws,but those said by you,nop not them.
I dont say you have to be a 50 fan,but you seem like a hatter.You didnt even take the time to say his name right.You even fked that up.

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