Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless Headphones Review!

For the price, these Hesh 3 wireless headphones are actually impressive!
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Antoine Sclater says:

How are these compared to the crushers

Alex Bankov says:

MIC TEST? :@@@

Tyler Robinson says:

I found the hifi elite 66 headphones that are wireless, Stainless steel, on amazon and claims that they sound better than beat headphones. ~ at $60

Qammoor says:

Can you please review the apple headphones?

PenguinDropings says:

I have no use in these headphones, but I just love your b roll shots

mega hozer says:

Watched almost all your videos and I just realized i wasn’t even subscribed hahaha

Party says:

I have the hesh 2 wireless. Should I upgrade to the Hesh 3 wireless? Also, is there just a Hesh 3 since I almost never use the Bluetooth function.

Nizon says:

Can you use these for gaming?

Alan Pena says:

Hesh 2 Wireless bluetooth stopped working for me on one ear but when i use the auxiliary cord it works,not trusting Skulls anymore.

lex lutor says:

Hey, Frank , could you please try the Wireless crushers?
Pleeease <3

Elite Exposure says:

Similar looking to the SC Crusher wireless

Alex Swanson says:

do a review on the shp9500

joek money says:

Are these better than the crusher wireless?????????? I like bass but I also like loud sound quality

Nightlife says:

uhh.. this or crusher wireless? lol..

SCHD says:

Why am I watching reviews AFTER buying the product? LOL.

Clash_ Nation! says:

hey whats better crusher wireless or the hesh 3’s? im trying to decide which one to get

OG L.A says:

They’re pretty quiet

Mr. PoopyButthole says:

Sorry, didn’t enjoy your voice.

Ilia Morshed says:

I was the 1k like ayyy

XxUndeadFusionxX says:

These or 950bts

Nima S. says:

Hey, how would you say are they in comparison to the crusher? And get the ear pads warm after a while? Cause I tried the crusher in store and after 15min. they got little to warm.

RULAND says:

This is a bed hedset haiper x klaud is gooder

Claudia Erllavita says:

what about this headphone vs steelseries arctis series ?

Gui Sant'Ana says:

Until when the discount code is valid?

Jack Willms says:

I have these headphones

Revearo says:

smh those headphones are more expensive than my GPU

Sammie Van melis says:

Do you have pre-orderd the xbox one X???

Alpha's Dank Shit says:

Ah ffs right as I get a pair of Hesh 2 Wireless headphones.

Y3P says:

wow i still have the hesh2 wireless cord kinda brokend on plug in side to comp and wirless doesnt work THANKS LONDON AIRPORT!

Carlos Ocampo says:

These or Sony Xb950n1?

Louis-Philippe Chabot says:

y u put ur hair black n not orange?


Best wireless headphone!…Hey’ Frank say “Today we’re going to review” 3 times quickly….lol

Funny Edits says:

wow he has a lot of cool tech

Daniel Nicholls says:

Would these be a better pick then Crushers if you listen to stuff with Less Bass ?

California Stuntin' says:

Idk… honestly I would save up a little more money & buy the crushers

Ryan F says:

Literally just a worse pair of qc35

Damon May says:

im good with my grind wireless ive had them 4 a year still going strong so im good (for now) thinking of upgrading soon tho

Kasa says:

can they be used in rain or something

ex dee xdman says:

Just got the notification :/
6 hours later LMAO

arsenaldox8 says:

This video is so great. Very good edited. Very nice image, nice design, nice voice…thumb up

-Vance- Dun says:

Just picked some up in the dark blue. Kinda wishing I got the black

Thijs de Goede says:

Can you maybe test the fitment of the headphones with glasses? I’m always a bit afraid when I buy new headphones because of my glasses and how tight it will be

Vassili Kaf says:

What do you mean “not made for audio files”. Aren’t they headphones for music too or just pure business?

Robert95grand says:

Silencers for guns are commonly referred to as cans, gotta pick a new name

NoodleK1D says:

Would you recommend these for gaming?

Daniel Comaduran says:

Yeah! Do the wireless crushers please. You have a great channel by the way

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