Skullcandy Crusher Headphone Review : It’s OK to Have Fun

I wanted to do a review to give my opinion on the Skullcandy Crusher headphones.

My mic didn’t work for some reason so this is recorded straight from the camera.


UniversoFrancisco says:

Great video. Skullcandy Crusher or Mix Master? Red or White Crusher? Thanks

Rise-of- Rebel says:

i recommend these for those who plays battlefield 3 or 4 its an absolute beast

racing mast3r1 says:

its nice to see some one else liking the crushers as much as me

Ruel Piamonte says:

Sir hope u will just give it to me as a gift please? Thanks god bless

tanner parker says:

I have a pair of them. And fucking love them!!!

Someone says:

i got a pair for $50 at ross

Luis Cruz says:

Are these wireless or wired

Mr. Carroll Ware says:

I just wish the battery was built in and rechargeable not one have to constantly replace.

Dustin Hoornaert says:

I love your shirt

Liam Alexander says:

Did anybody else hear that… 05:17

GaMer SiSu says:

Do u recommend these over Uproar Wireless? What is Skullcandys best product right now for ur opinion?

Jack Hall says:

damn wish I would have seen this before I bought the Hesh 2

Benny Walker says:

great video

Universe Bolt says:

these or the hesh 2 wireless?

Gábor Barnabás says:

hey Gamesky! I wanna ask you if the slider should work gradually? or just have the min and max bass level? Thank you.

Jasjit Sahota says:

these or mth50x
please reply

Black Shadow says:

anybody test them on pc games ?

Ringtone Specialist says:

You are Just so Awesome!!!

Tothe Moon says:

somebodies is having a sex on the background lel, or the porn movie playing.

Dan Gaming 96 says:

+Gamesky can i just ask how they compare to a open subwoofer speaker unit?

vitality of spirituality says:

watching this with crushers XD

Cleveland Roberts says:

i just orderd mine from amazon.. so how are they for watching movies? im no audio file person but love detailed sound in movies?

Buildpucipuci02 says:

I have a 17$ headphones. If I come to this will it be worth to get this or the ath m20x

Lobetec says:

I bought these things on best buy for 70$CAD (53.1 US) and I am LOVING that bass !But i would really like Skullcandy to add mesh instead of rubber.

Ad Rodz says:

Got these today and I am listening to you in them now. Makes me glad I got em.

Brandon Milam says:

If I love bass and want to feel like walking around as if I’m in a car with subs would these be for me??

Lobetec says:

Ive heard the monster DNA(because allot of people was considering it)It weighs over 778 grams!These bad boys only weigh 230 grams

Rhino Drummer says:

Really good video. I just bought them

Rise-of- Rebel says:

i recommend these for those who plays battlefield 3 or 4 its an absolute beast

AKIRAHzero says:

Is this one wireless or bluetooth supported or just that the cable is detachable?

Cynical Demise says:

they don’t play the lyrics in the songs, just the music, is that how it’s supposed to be?

Omarion Whodatboii says:

which has better bass Skull crushers or Sony mdr950bt

Mateo Garza says:

Why such a low subscriber count?

LogicalGamer412 says:

monster DNA headphones

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