Shure SRH440 Review – Flat Tracking Headphone Staple

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My EQ:
preamp -2 dB
3500 Hz, -5.5 dB, Q 1.41
10000 Hz, -5 dB, Q1.41
14500 Hz, +4 dB, Q 1.41


Matias Quintana says:

Hi I really enjoy your videos. I am looking for a new set of headphones. I am a heavy music listener of lots of styles. I am looking for a flat sound, I am not a heavy bass fan. Do you recommend this ones for my needs? Or this are better for a professional environment? I am an occasional videographer but I not going to use them that much for audio recording.

Roymartin Magtangob says:

sir, can you use these on a guitar amplifier without using a pre amp?

Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

What’s the difference between Shure srh 440 and Shure srh 840?

Akshay Laxmipathi says:

I am planning to buy a decent set of entry level cans in the month of July keeping gaming and music production into consideration. Based on my budget and product availability in my country, I’ve narrowed it down to SRH440, M40X and HM5. I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me out by pointing out any major differences or small nuances among the three over various aspects such as sounds in different frequency ranges, imaging, clarity, accurate reproduction of the source track, etc. Having used dirt cheap and gimmicky sub $20 headphones all my life, I don’t know what good audio sounds like. So I’d greatly value any advice you can offer.

Diego says:

these or ath m40x for mixing and recording?

infraredbg says:

Actually, after 3 years of heavy use they seem to be decently built. Apart from the creaking noise from the plastic and the slight tear of the pleather of the headband, they are still solid. Using SRH840 pads.

DM 2MW says:

Have you heard of Senal SMH-1000? ( SMH-1200 Enhanced Studio has much thicker pads like HM5 ), they are like Sony MDR 7506/V6 clones but with twist-lock detachable cables and same price as V6. Senal even makes genuine sheep skin ear pads but presently is unavailable, there is a brand called Auray a very costly $50+! Do think it will be a worthwhile replacement for the Sony, Shure and others.

Don Vittorio Sierra says:

Have you done an m40x review? Very interested in your thoughts about those head to head with these.

Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

The Shure srh 440,are they comfortable with the stack pads or you have to change them with thicker pads to be more comfortable?

Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

Which one has better sound and sound isolation:Audio technica m40x or Shure srh 440

f3niks says:

I`m watching another yours review I like the way you describe them in all aspects, very nice

CrankCase08 says:

I used to own these. They are supposed to be for tracking, but my experience says otherwise. The plastic hinges tend to creak with the movement of the jaw when singing, which is infuriating when picked up by the recording, and also tend to ‘big-up’ the sound, which causes vocalist to give a very underwhelming performance.They are also heavy and not particularly stable, which could prove to be a nightmare for drummers.

I’ve seen many people on many internet forums claim these SRH440s to be great for mixing, but that us not true because they are very forgiving with regard to the signal applied to them, Consequently, it’s very easy to dial up a mix that sounds terrific through them, but you’ll find that mix sounds completely different on loudspeakers and less-coloured headphones.

On my set, the cable that goes over the headband fatigued and broke at the hinge after about a couple of years. I tried to repair it but something went wrong (I can’t remember what), so I just threw it in the bin.

In my estimation, these should be considered as great-sounding hifi headphones that are completely unsuitable for use in the recording studio at all levels.

If you want a nice, stable and inexpensive set of headphones for monitoring, I recommend the Sennheiser HD205.

Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

which one has more bass?

Jarillei Kath says:

This SRH 440 or the DT770 Pro 32 Ohms? I saw someone in my country selling his DT770 Pro 32 Ohms for around $100.

Anyways, I’m looking for a closed back headphones with neutral sounding. I want it to produce sound how the artist intended to be.

svtcontour says:

Is there any headphone which is neutral? I’ve tried the AKG 271, AKG K99, Sennheiser 280 Pro, Grado SR80, Samson SR850.
Either they are sucked out in the mid, have a rising top end, have a muddy top end or have everything pretty good except for thunderous bass.  I’m looking for something neutral enough where I can almost use it instead of a studio monitor.

iPervy says:

Was real excited to get these headphones but then ended up really disappointed and ended up selling them. Made me realize the difference between headphones that are meant for enjoyment, and headphones that are meant for recording. Also I kept making pools of sweat in the earcups haha.

Robert Kraig says:

+metal571, you should get the SRH840 pads, they come alive when you do. Also the BrainWavez Pads are amazing.

remi forrester says:

i appreciate what you do but you have so many reviews and headphones for your number of subs

parzydlak gajusia says:

What do you think about 840 vs 440?

Luis Díaz says:

Are you going to review the SRH 840? They are getting cheaper, I got a pair for €100

Ryan Chow says:

is there any way to get a shorter cable for these cans?

Alessandro LinuxBSD says:

Does the ear pads on the SRH880 have the same depth and sweet issue present on the SRH440?

singerfromhell666 says:

Thank you so much! I was about to buy it, but dont think so now haha 😀 when you said..not good mor metal.. haha

David Chan says:

Sound is good. Price is good. Very uncomfortable to wear. Fucking snapped just the same place you mentioned. Six months’ use turned out to be very expensive. Wish I saw your review before I made the purchase.

idan124 says:

if focus on sound quality u recommend these over mdr-7506? pls answer man im planning to buy and need to be shure lol

Vasu Sharma says:

i ordered these for 89usd in india. ath m40x n other are bit costly. should i made right decision. in most reviews all said these are flat. bass is flat n neutral than ath. I’m not fond of electronic music so i order these instead of ath m40x. should i change its padding?

Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

I heard them both on and I think I like the 440’s sound more.You,which one you like?

cenk demirel says:

Thanks for this great review. May I ask which one do you recommend for daily music listening? Takstar pro80 or shure 440?

DM 2MW says:

Was choosing between the 440 or the pricier 840 but then I saw Sony’s CD900ST which was roughly halfway between the two and went for those instead.. might come back for either of the Shure sometime in the future. They look very similar to Sony ( 7506/V6 ) although a bit beefier and has the advantage of detachable cables.

Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

One more question:Sennheiser hd 380 pro or Shure srh 440. Wich one you would prefer for live instrument recording through mixer?

Maxwell Harrison says:

Bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohms, the soundstage is wonderful but the bass may be too overpowering for me. I’m considering the Shure SRH940’s as an alternative, was hoping you’d have a review on those but I did try them and the sound was much flatter and more accurate. However, similar to these Shures, the build was mostly plastic and a little disappointing for a $299 headphone. Also considering the HD 380s, the Beyer Custom Studios (for bass reflex control), or just keeping the Dt770s and getting a cheaper flatter headphone for contrast when I need less coloured sound. I’d be using for listening, tracking, composing (on logic and sibelius), and occasional editing/mixing… but I try to do that on monitors when I can.

AlD72 says:

Appreciate the review. I…briefly…owned a pair of these. Terrible physical design, comfort, and ergonomics. How can something with so much clamping force be so unstable on the head? Lots of people confuse their sheer weight with their being of good build quality – which, emphatically, they are not.

Yeah, those mids were great for some recordings…but very fatiguing for others. And they are quite sibilant to boot Giving a listen to a track like wearing those Shure SRH440s is a sure recipe for pain.

Telescope says:

Tell me please. What is better for you. Sennheiser HD599 or Shure 840?

Matthew Spaltro says:

I have the 840’s love em

Vasu Sharma says:

I purchased these as compare to athm40x . Don’t like m40x soundstage. I could listen 440 more than m40x.

Yo Kaze says:

math30x or this?

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