Sennheiser HD700 Headphones Review: Amazing quality headphones for a price

The Sennheiser HD700s are one of the gold standard, holy grail-type headphones in the game today. I’ve had and loved my HD600s for several months now and I was excited to try out their bigger, more expensive brothers. The results were kind of surprising to me. They are both great “audiophile” headphones but they are ultimately very different.

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shane craig says:

i got these new for £310 new off ebay ,well worth the money i also have hd600 and hd800

GCBaXia says:

I bought the Philips fidelio X2.. Then after hearing the sennheiser HD800S I said this is my end game , I know is overkill for gaming but it’s great for movies. For gaming is god like for soundwhoring. You will hear sounds you won’t believe they’re there.

chuckolatte says:

Hmm…that’s weird. I heard many people say that these lack bass and are very sharp in treble. I’ve kinda known these as “either go with the hd 600 for affordability, or go with the 800s for premium.” How would you reply to this?

D A says:

Crap review….”full sound”? “punchy”? no mention of imaging or wide soundstage…

FuturisticOreo says:

The moment you said $600 I was out

Racer boy says:

Damn $600, and I thought the A50 was expensive

Tan Lines says:

Great review. Where’s your review on the sennheiser pxc 550……..

Koji G says:

Sennheiser HD 800 S com HD 650, sure SE846 SE535, SE215, this one please for the love of God no one by their shit.
Not counting the pilot Bluetooth ones that are laying around, yeah, very very expensive hobby LOL, but I would like to try these ones seem is they are judging by the comments on everyone’s experience so different from the usual sennheiser sound signature

Javier Verudugo Araya says:

Hello! It is worth it to use Sennheiser GSX 1000 to just play videogames with the HD 700? Or I’m just saying stupid things? I dont know too much about sound in general… so I’ll really aprecite your answer! (:

Hwoarang121 says:

Can I use them for gaming on PS4? Are these headphones better than Astro a50?

CH1CO BL1NG says:

Most expensive headset I bought was the Title Beach Elite 800 for $300

Luis Navarrete says:

what amp you recommend with them

OpTic FANBOY74 says:

The most expensive headset I bought was the ASTRO A50 for $300.00 plus tax at GameStop

JR Yardy says:

Yep Astro a50 320.14 at GameStop 4/20 2017

roberto pesantezza says:

600 $ for that?

Kehaan says:

I hope you all can help me out. I had a Razer ManO’War which i really liked. It did not hurt my head or anything. However i got a “V-moda crossfade 2 wireless” as a gift, and gave my Razer headset away. I mainly was after a better sound quality.

I mainly use my headset for PC but also for PS4/Vita. Currently i really like a headset being wireless, so that is a huge bonus. And that having a 3.5mm jackstick is also a must so i have both options (Which Razer did not have)

The issue i have with the V-Moda is that the headband really hurt the top of my head. I have now used it for around 5 days, with 8ish hours daily use, and it still hurts the top of my head. In the start i also had a ear pain, but that is mostly gone. I brought the XL earcups, that solved a ear pain issue (kinda) but not the headband pain.

My main issue is, i dont really know which headset to go after now. i had looked at the Momentum 2 from Sennheiser, but it sounded like the ear cups was rather small, compared to the V-Moda XL earcups. I have also looked at the Astro A50 (But have heard bad things about them in the past)

So anyone got a suggest that fits my needs? (wirelesss is not required, but is a huge plus) used for gaming/movies/streaming and for PC/PS4/Vita/PS3 🙂 Noise cancellation is a huge bonus (V-Moda does that pretty well) Used for 8-12 hours daily, so needs to be REALLY comfortable. I think my budget is around 500-600 dollars at most .

JP 2jz sti says:

You need to try out the monolith m1060. They’re amazing.

anddo24 says:

My most expensive cans: Sony MDR 1000X $400.. Love em!

willy vlyminck says:

From what you describe soundwise, they remind me of the IE800.

themrmikemcd says:

My most expensive pair of headphones were the DT990 pro. Sadly my most expensive gaming “Headset” was the Astro A50 wireless 2nd Gen.

malfunkt says:

These are excellent headphones, but the sound signature may not ‘click’ with everyone. I have had and still have a number of more linear/neutral headphones such as the HD650 and even more so the older HD250 Linear Mk1. The HD700 is what I describe as vivid, its tuning can create a more holographic and life-like staging especially for binaural recordings, gaming (using spatial audio such as the built-in audio engine in Battlefield 1 which requires no additional DSP on top), and movies (Dolby Atmos for Headphones). If you are coming from Beats, it may take a bit to adjust to the sound. Also, these are very dynamic headphones, and I’d recommend listening to movie score, classical music, vocal and jazz recordings to get a sense of the range. Just know what you are in for ahead of this. A safer choice is going to be the HD600 and 650. Want to stretch a bit more go for the Focal Elear which is warm but has more bass presence than 600/650/700/800. And if you are loaded, get a Focal Utopia and perhaps a Sony MDR-Z1 for a closed set. 

The HD700 are fine for hip-hop and electronic music genres providing you are okay focusing on the mid-range and high-end aspects of the production. This is not a headphone for bassheads. If you want incredible bass I’d suggest looking into the Taction Kannon which uses a form of haptic feedback to physically hit low-notes (yes, sort of like the Skullcandy Crusher, except much better). If you want bass but not gobs of it, look into used Denon AH-D2000, D5000, AH-D600, AH-D7200 or newer Foster TH610,  TH6XX, TH900 or E-mu Teak headphones (all using similar bio-cellulose drivers ranging in price from $150used – $1000+).

I have one of the early model Audeze LCD2 that is even more sublime than the HD700 that can hit much lower notes, but I tend to listen to the HD700 the most because of its comfort, non-congested sound, and I listen to a lot of classical. When I’m listening to electronic music, it will be my Denon AH-D2000s mostly.

Music production and for tracking audio to supplement your studio monitors look into Sennheiser HD25, Sony MDR-7520, Yamaha HPH-MT200, MDR-7506 or Focal Spirit Professional

The HD800 is also incredible, but also is best with very dynamic music such as classical. Harder to drive, and requires a more serious amp. HD700 can be powered from mobile, PC, gaming audio cards. 

You can get the HD700 for a lot cheaper than $600USD and they are worth it.

Brandon Breuer says:

Two things, whining about the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack just shows that the reviewer has no experience in high end audio. It’s a 10 foot cable so it’s not meant for portable use (not to mention it being a completely open headphone). Any source worth using will have a 1/4 inch jack on it. It’s a detachable cable, so if you want a 1/8 in jack so if you can certainly go ahead and get a different cable.


What headphones would you recommend for a $400 budget? The most important thing is comfort and I think I’m leaning towards closed back bcuz that’s really the only time I use headphones is when I’m trying to tune everything out.

i survived says:

THOSE SUCK just got em home aaand im not happy at all with em.


Did you ever played a FPS game when having them, if so what did you think?

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