Sennheiser HD650 Full Size Desktop Headphones Review

A classic headphone, and for good reason.

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Headphone review spreadsheet:

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alexiskurt says:

would the audioengine d1 be able to power this at decent levels?

Marlous B. says:

Awesome video! Extremely helpful!

grady jr says:

I listen to rock, Ozzie, Jethro Tull, Stones, to name a few. That is over 50% of the time. The rest of the time is classical, Moody Blues, mostly old stuff. Tried out the ma900 today, will send it back soon. You need a amp for sure in my opinion. The music I listen to requires volume plain & simple. Beats is for rap & is a inferior phone, any novice I believe would agree. For me its the 880pro but that”s me. Have you ever reviewed a headphone you did not like?

dimas satya manggala says:

How the HD650 compare to ATH r70x?

Rattacko says:

Do a review of the HD6XX when that comes out

Pasha Defragzor says:

Cool, but price ^^

Jeraz Mewawalla says:

Awesome reviews. I enjoy watching your reviews. Your approach is “no non-sense” and there are no claims of superior audio quality files and high end cables and amps. I have the Beyerdynamic DT880 and was looking to purchase the HD650. Do you think they will make a good companion pair to have or are there more similarities than differences? Thanks!

Humberto Perez says:

I had the HD600 for 2 years. When people mention that it really scales with better amps they mostly mean that OTL Tube amps turn the HD6xx series into a world class headphone. The Bottlehead Crack with either the HD600 or HD650 is one of the most revered/best pairings one can find in the audio world. Pair it with either a Modi or an Odac and you have a reasonable end-game set up for under $1000. If your friend still hast it, let him know. He’ll thank you for it if he ever gets it.

imdanisgold says:


Calvin Guy says:

Did you say u didnt need an amp? is that true Im getting really mixed information about whether of not i need an amp for this pls help

TheRoshan89 says:

i got the hd650, going to buy the ma900s….i like how the hd650 sounds, but it is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE even after stretching it out – and im willing to go to the ma900, because it doesn’t matter how good a set of cans sound – if it is not comfortable to you, there is no point in buying it!!

grady jr says:

I think you said the sound was about the same plugged into a phone or amp. I guess if you don”t need any appreciable volume, maybe that”s true. The MA900 is an easy listening headphone. That is why I sent them back.

Tri Huynh says:

Hi, love your reviews. Very clear, at least on which one is more fit in with my style of listening. One question though, how is the Sony ma900 compare to HD598?

K says:

just like my experience building a top tier hifi system, lower priced gear will usually sound just slightly different. i can completely understand that you could not discern a great difference between the o2 and the iPhone. But as you go much higher up in priced and quality there is a big difference in sound. My SHL5 PLUS Harbeth speakers sounded ok on an 1000 pound integrated but when i put 5k amplification behind them they came to life and sounded like a completely different speaker. Ive experienced the same in headphones. i ended up selling headphones in the past because i thought there is no difference but my problem was amplification. in my experience amplification and source is as important as the transducer.

Ron Bernard says:

Nice but I actually like the hd600 better

TheRoshan89 says:

Is that a 27 inch iMac? I got a gaming pc with a 24 inch screen, thinking of getting a 27 inch screen.

80386 says:

Can anyone please tell me what software is being used with thumbnails filling the screen in the background?

Rattacko says:

So was it a permanent swap?

Ze Bubba says:

I like your analytical style very much.

Pradyumn Vij says:

I know this is a slightly older video but I’m a bit lost as to what to pair up with my DT880s (which I’m using for my linear phones, and love), what should I go for a warmer sound – Sony MA900 or Sennheiser HD650? I can audition the latter one but can’t audition the MA900.

Shadowboost says:

hd600 with tube amp is unbeatable in the mid tier

Chris Maihofer says:

Subbed… Ive seen quite a few of your reviews, top notch, and all around 10 min mark..perfect.

Looking for some 650’s in the future, enjoying my AKG 7xx for now.

reynardo Matos says:

gives your opinion on Philips shp9500

PROhz Music says:

Will I be able to use the HD650 for music production?

Mufasa says:

Can you review the Phillips shp9500 vs HD650

Anderson C says:

Did you use the HD650 with a headphone amp? If not, when and why would one want to use a “headphone amp”? And, another great review! 🙂

Stellar lupus says:

Any good for gaming?

mistermatsuda says:

The clamping force can be adjusted. Just extend the legs and stretch them out a bit until you get a good fit. Freakin’ pillows after that. 650’s are king for me. 600’s are good too but not as fun. It’s like my friend today who switched beers because he enjoys the subtle taste difference but paid more for it and I’m like, “dude, I just wanna drink, get drunk and have fun.” So to everyone out there on the bubble about what to buy – save your money, get this and just chill.

StupidNub says:

Was it a permanent swap??

Mufasa says:

Great review buddy

Kojima World Order says:

What is that album background display/screensaver you have?

PROhz Music says:

Would the audioengine d1 be able to run the 650?

Doomguy says:

I’ve had the Denon D2000 and the DT880 600 Ohm in the past, and had to part with both due to issues I’ve had with them (bass looseness and weight/comfort of the former, and the dry, analytical and moderately bright sound of the latter) and it looks like I’m finally going to try the classic Senn 600 line in the hope I can finally have my endgame headphone. I listen primarily with speakers now, but I’d like a good hifi headphone under $500 for certain uses. I have been considering the Fidelio X2 but I think they might be more v shaped than I’d really like, and without the awesome availability of spare parts that sennheiser have.

Regarding comfort, the clamp force, I am aware that you can lightly bend the metal arms that connect the cups to the plastic headband to lower the clamp force, so I’m not worried about it being too clampy. That’s pretty routine for me with full sized headphones, most of them I’ve had to bend something to get the clamp force down. I also find the light weight of the 600 series quite appealing.

I must say I am tempted by this Massdrop HD6XX. However, the lack of steady availability of it is pretty inconvenient and I really dislike the plain dark blue paint job on it. I actually like the look of the 650, due in no small part to it’s nice speckled silver-grey paint job. So, I think what I’ll do is go to Addicted to Audio here in Melbourne to audition the 600 and 650 side by side and walk out the door with one of them, just for the sake of convenience and supporting local business. I’m expecting to like the 650 more, but we’ll see. If either of them sound like a full sized, hi-fi version of my little Senn PX100ii’s then I think I’ll be in love.

Thanks for the review, man!

The Spirit of AOR says:

Thank to your review, I’ve ordered my pair of HD650. Can’t wait to put my hands on this headphones. Thank you very much, dear @lachlanlikesathing

Keith Ling says:

This was one of the best headphone comparisons I have heard on YouTube. You describe the differences very well with terminology that is better designed for understanding than impressing.

Adam Lawdor says:

Awesome review. I currently have a pair of PC360’s I’ve been using for many years now but am wanting to step it up a notch and make the most of the ZxR sound card I have – so was considering these. I’d be using it for editing, music and gaming, so will be pairing it with a ModMic. Would you say it’d be a noticeable and worthwhile improvement over the 360’s which are more like a 598?

aRaccoon says:

Would you get the philips fidelo x2’s or Sennheiser HD650’s?

Saki630 says:

Thanks for saying that you cant tell the difference from an objective2 and iphone. I need to get me a pair of hd 650s and see if my soundcard is enough.

Adam Ad says:

can you use him direct connect to a pc? basic sound card in it…

SpurnOfHumanity says:

Whooves up for the Rainbow Dash in the background!

Will Kenway says:

Thanks for your reviews Lachlan. Very helpful!

Will says:

Out of the dt 880 and these which has more bass and a larger/wider soundstage ?

Your ASMR guy says:

Hey Lachlan. I love your channel. Your AKG 712 Pro review sold me on those, but now I’m having second thoughts since it seems everybody and their mother is all about the HD650s. Since you’ve reviewed both, how would you say they compare?

joseph harrison says:

Nice review, where I live I can get HD 650 or fidelio X2 for similar prices, and I’ve herd very good things about both, which would you recommend ?

rybrentd says:

7:49 “more resolution and bass” I agree completely and that is a good summation of these headphones and why I really like them. Given the chance listen to stax SR-009 (has a lingering presence to the sound that i didn’t find with any others), audeze lcd-3/2 (sounded kind of average), HD 800 (out of a schiit lyr tubed amp, not sure what tubes but I wasn’t blown away and noticed they lacked the body of sound of the HD650) and the audeze EL-8 open back (in the middle of the HD-650 and everything else in terms of sound body). I completely agree with you on that statement.

Krautch Sochara says:

can u recommend a portable dac amp for the HD 650?

Ze Bubba says:

HD600 might be a cool review next!

Raadic says:

Hey Lachlan. Which headphone do you prefer; HD650 or R70x? Why?

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