Sennheiser HD518, HD558, HD598, HD600, HD650, HD700 and HD800 Group Headphone Review and Comparison

Sennheiser HD Series Review covers everything from features & comfort to sound quality [Links Below]

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Sennheiser Headphones Group Review


Sennheiser HD 800 Review
Sennheiser HD 700 Review
Sennheiser HD 650 Review
Sennheiser HD 600 Review
Sennheiser HD 598 SE Review
Sennheiser HD 598 Review
Sennheiser HD 558 Review
Sennheiser HD 518 Review


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On a side note, I get a lot of messages from people asking about how I can afford to buy all these headphones and have time to make all these videos so I wanted to share the answer here. It basically is the result of learning how to effectively do drop shipping (basically buying and selling products for a profit) and setting up your own online ecommerce store. I stumbled and fumbled around with this process for a quite a while before finally becoming successful as a result of finally having a simple to follow course. I wrote a review about the course I used if you’re interested:…

And then I also wrote a review about the wholesale directory I use to find all these great wholesale suppliers:…

Or you can watch the Salehoo review I did to get a behind the scenes look

Then if you have additional questions you can just post those in the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can. Hope that helps 🙂


Seb says:

Wow, awesome review you have done there! So detailed with every type of information needed and that across all those many models with all the small differences. BTW Have you tested the HD 579? I have this one currently on my sight and wonder how it does in comparison to the others.

Jonah Dambrosio says:

What do you guys prefer from experience, the 518s, the 558s, or the 598s?


perfect, thanks so much!

Steve Swan says:

I just spent the last 5 days researching headphones trying to decide what to buy next. After wasting money looking for something that I like. Sennheiser seemed to call out to my from my research but after your review I’m so informed and impressed with your presentation so much that after 5 days of watching you tube videos I finally commented on yours. I’m a bass person so I want the 650 but because of budget and the help of your review I’ll go with the 598. Thanks again.

Seamus Mc Donnell says:

really apprrciate your thoughts on the 700s purchased a set -ex diplay bought some balanced cables for my Pono.stunning. thank you!

bannajirocks says:

I have 598cs .. I find it ok ok .. not sure why they all love it so much

Doug Gerber says:

i got the 558s the other day. my first pair of good headphones. i love them.

Bretta92 F says:

Fantastic comparison. I spent hours on the forums and learned less than I did in this 21 minute video. I wish more folks would do reviews like this. Keep up the good work, Lance.

Pasha Defragzor says:

518 ^^

Innocent Gamer says:

This is the best topic related video I have ever seen, straight to the freaking point! Not a single second wasted, you sir are a true professional! Thank you!

Sebastian Poveda says:

which one would you recommend for more of a classic rock kind of flow I am between 600, 650,700

Light&Shadow says:

Is a PC headphones jack considered a powered/amped one ??

Xeon Signal says:

Hey Lance can you review the hd598 cs? Thanks

George Arias says:

Amazing review. I thing I want the 598 for me.

GunShot says:

hd 800= 14hz-446khz O_O

TheCommandMaster says:

600 or 650 for edm? I like bass but not too much and I like my soundstage(i have a pair of 598s)

Marcelo Martinez says:

I have the hd 598 and the M50x. The audio thecnica is really better. Is closed back and the soundstage is shorter, but I think in general the sound quality is very superior.

rock star says:

650 or 800s if you got the money, 700’s don’t cut it.

John Jameson says:

I personally think the 600 is Sennheiser’s finest headphone for the money. 598 doesn’t have the hi fi resolution of the 600 series, they distort and vibrate when connected to big amps

Its me says:

Guy im going to upgrade from the hd 598
What should i buy? Hd 700 or 800? For gaming on pc

Avishkar Zade says:

I am looking for great deep bass but i want highs and mids to be fine tuned too…..
active noise cancellation and wireless Bluetooth headphones
SENNHEISER HD BTNC 4.50 are the one……..i havent experienced them yet…….should i buy them……will they fulfill my bass requirements……do they have great deep bass……….??.
Someone suggested me Sony MDR XD 950 N1….same cost………which one should i buy………some has great bass but other frequencies are not good

Thomas Wojnicki says:

Hello really hoping for your help. I’m looking to buy a set of headphones that can play my guitar through. I know they are different but could you tell me what would be best between the Sennheiser 598 hd se, audio technical m40x and finally the m50x? Thanks very much

ASPunisher12 says:

I’m currently using a pair Sennheiser 350 SE’s which go up to 150 ohms and is a gaming headset. I listen to a lot of music and play games on the PC too. I’m just looking for something better than the 350 SE’s just in the headphone category and not a gaming headset. I’m really geared towards the 600 and up. I’m using a HT OMEGA eClaro PCI-E Soundcard that can operate up to 600 ohms. Any suggestions?

DB Jones says:

Great review. Thank you very much. 🙂 I’ll most likely get the HD 700’s.

Kinzoku Shirogane says:

I’m surprised there aren’t more comparisons like these. There are so many products that are so similar to each other yet you don’t really know the key differences in between them. This review/comparison is how it’s done.

Vojtěch Brezík says:

650 master race

Saeed Alzaabi says:

Probably the best headphone reviews I have ever seen; What would be the best headphone for positional audio in games?

Chris Ramirez says:

The HD 598 is amazing. I got mine used for 60 bucks and I am able to hear the same details in my music as I do on my HD 700’s.


i think from my experience, the hd598 has a more accurate sound stage, in terms of directional situation awareness. but that might be because of my amp is not good enough for hd600. could pls help me with this? is the amp really matter to the sound stage?

Devin Brines says:

HD598 vs HD700 vs HD800 spatial separation / sense of depth?

tnnsman7 says:

I’ve owned too many headphones to count. The HD 598 are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned. I have owned the HD 600 & 650 in the past, neither as comfortable as the 598.

Mike B says:

You do a really great job on these videos. So much signal, such little noise. Usually it’s the other way around.

Keep up the good work!

Ross Wingo says:

So as far as forward mids go what’s the comparison between the 598 open back and 598 closed back

KattenJonsson says:

For the super short summarize: 19:58

Taylan ŞAHİN says:

I got this 16:42

Justin Huang says:

Add the HD599 please 😉

Jarnesque says:

Fantastic reviews!

Ah Meng Lim says:

Compare Sony mdr-1000X which one sound quality is better.

Michael P. says:

which one of the Sennheiser headphones would be good for jazz and blues music, 518,598,558 thanks Mike

Jonathan Villamil says:

Have you ever get a chance to review Hifiman headphones. I was hoping you could review them.

its ya boi says:

what should I get,hd 598 or 588?i play a lot of csgo so the reason for me using a headphone is for gaming and not music

Brennen Parker says:

Any thoughts on the HD598’s paired with a schiit fulla 2 for laptop listening using iTunes/Spotify?

Christopher Arriaga says:

This helped me a lot. Thanks for the thorough comparison.

Nicholas Montaño says:

If you’re okay waiting until December, you can get a pair of HD650s for $200 on

Nikko Borja says:

Great review!!! Very detailed and informative…What would you recommend for a better soundstage and smooth easy listening I just like my music to be even all around and mellow? Not to high not to low. I just bought the 598 per your recommendation and looking for a second set as well. The 800 are out of the question but the 600, 650 and 700 are all in the running. I know you said don’t pay attention to the number, but I do like how you described the 700 how detailed and refined it is. Whereas the 650 has more a darker more bass sound. I listen to all types of music from hip-hop, r&b, jazz, pop, rock, a little bit of edm, and some classical and country. Any thoughts on what my second set should be?

Giacomo Ceffoli says:

When you use the word “amp” you mean an HiFi system?

Tiff's Right Ear says:

“Piercing” treble is not something I want in my Senns!

anMu says:

Beyerdynamic DT990/DT880 or Sennheiser HD650? Want them for watching movies, playing fps games and ofc listening music (pop, rock, r&b).

Hans says:

Loved this video. liked subbed 🙂

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