Sennheiser HD 598se Open Back Headphones – REVIEW



Sennheiser HD 598se Open Back Headphones




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CamelCS says:

I’m EXTREMELY new to headphones and audiophile stuff (I know literally nothing). I was wondering do you need a Headphone AMP to use these? If you did use a headphone AMP what benefits would you get? Also would these be ok for gaming on games like CS:GO and sound advantage games? Or is there a better option for the same price for gaming? Thanks!

akimbo5u says:

what an amazing review!

Energik says:

I’m considering getting these for general use (music, gaming, etc…), but there’s one problem. Given that they’re open back, would my AT2020 microphone pick up the sound leakage these produce? Thanks for any input.

Gerald Ayento says:

Great review as perspective of a new buyer. Thanks. Keep doing it Mr. JIMSREVIEWROOM.

Jesus イエス M. says:

When you started twisting them, I was like “No!! you are gonna break them” and that test was just what I needed to make the decision

GunShot says:

Idk if you might be in a position to answer this question, but do the sennheiser game one sound similar to these? Im asking as at my place, they are actually a tiiiiiiiny bit cheaper than the hd 598

jaz fang says:

Do I need an amp to drive this headphones?cause i listen to spotify premium on iphone 6 and can it bring the max potential out of these headphones?

omg jball says:

Will this headset work in my computer without any adapters or transfer cables? Can I just plug it in and use it like a normal headset?

Snir M. says:

Amazing review!

Marc Gallo says:

I’ve just receive it as a guift! Really great sound and confortable to wear.

Igor Quintero says:

Nose clogged? 😛

Khalid AlOudah says:

Hello Jim, which open back headphone do you think is the best in the market now?

Krishnakumar says:

598se VS Fidelio X2.. What would you recommend??
I already have 598se. They sound amazing.

Lowest Quality Human says:

My initial impressions liken your prose and verbal mannerisms to Christian Bale in American Psychopath, well done.

Millard Fillmore says:

Picked these up for 120 ish dollars on ebay. Hope they’re still good in 2017.

RKMFX says:

Now that’s how you review a headphone.
Great Video man!

Toxic Stab says:

Solid Review: One of, if not, the best review I’ve seen for the HD 598. I am defenitely checking other reviews that you made: They look absolutely professional, clean, and easy to understand.

Angel Rivera says:

The stresstest is one of a kind. Never seen anybody do that to headphones. My favorite review channel by far. youre in a different league man keep it up.

Toxic Stab says:

I have a question: Currently I’m using a Logitech G430 for Gaming, Music, movies, and audio in general. I don’t like the quality of the sound very much. I got very interested in this pair of Headphones, and the reviews praise it a lot, and I want to get a better audio. So, do these Headphones get a better sound from using a DAC? I’ve seen quite a lot of people linking the FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier (Black) with the HD 598. Since this Mic lacks a Mic, I’m considering getting the Blue Yeti Mic, and that brings me to another question: How loud are these Headphones outside? It’s Open Back, and the sound leak, which I completely understand, but how loud it actually is? Could the sound coming out from the HD 598 be picked up by the Yeti Mic? Those are my question, and I would be appreciatted if anyone could help me here.

TheOnlyVoxel40 says:

Wow… I know this is an older video but I just found your channel and I am astounded by the quality and editing skills demonstrated by you! Skills aforementioned are usually not used by smaller Youtubers like yourself and I feel so happy after watching this video that I must say; thanks! Thanks for the great watching and listening experience, I’m considering buying these headphones now!

Photon Wolfsky says:

I would honestly stop debating and get a pair of open back headphones… if it wasn’t for the fact that I use a microphone a lot when using my headphones, whether it be for tracking voice or vocal stuff for music or streaming, or for talking in games… I’m not convinced a noise gate can do the job, especially since I’m using an AT2020 and it picks up everything in my room. Gating my computer fans is easy enough, but gating my games while streaming… yeah… it’s a huge sell point. Closed backs are fine, but since I can’t use my monitors for mixing all the time, I’d prefer the neutral and flatter soundstage of open backs more, so, of course, it’s my first choice again (minus the microphone issue). Rip in piece solving this debate.

Matrix Modulator says:

Why the cables are not using the same number of connectors on each ends?

Paolo Soddu says:

are the 598 really “bass-less” as I read a lot on line? Is there the lack of bass power?!
I really want them!
in italy the 598se, the hd558 and 518 are similarly priced on amazon.
598se are 120 euros(134usd), only 30 euros more than the 518 (37 bucks) and few usd less than 558.
-I want an open can for casual home listening, a lot different genres of music, film, videos… I listen 40% rap/hip hop, and for the rest mogway, god is an astronaut, chvrches, lana del rey, oasis, frank ocean, a day to remember and so on, the films’ soundtrack like Interstellar or Revenant…
-I like more a warm type of sound, not an analytical one. But even if I like rap/hip hop I don’t like the super duper bass, I just want it to be accurate as the artist intended.
what do you suggest? (the shp9500, for a more budget friendly option, isn’t available here)
I got low budget, 140usd max, but only if it really worth spending that much.

pilipinongdugo says:

hello, i bought this headphone and it seems the audio cable is loose when i plug it in on my laptop. i need help

SalmaN Otaibi says:

Hey Jim
I just bought it from amazon Black Friday deals for 99$
many guys recommend it to me for normal user and I got Bose QC 35 already and its really amazing
great review bro

DJ Lorenzo inc. says:

hello I dont have a acoustic room to mix, but i want to buy a headphones which one i could buy open or closed in that case, thank you good tut.

Med Otaku says:

Are you connecting the headset to an amp while gaming as well?

The Guy says:

sennheiser hd 598se or ATH-M50x which one would you recommend

anirudha Virginkar says:

bought mine on amazon sale 6990 rs .not yet tested. loved ur review

Brad Trevenen says:

What i hate about so many sennheisers is that the headphones never seem to seal below my ear. You can see it on Jim at 3:14 ish, huge gap below the ear, which ruins what little bass these have.

Adam Hickman says:

I currently have the HD 449 and use my Galaxy S7 as my main source of music. Would getting these be a waste of money or would I enjoy the upgrade?

Milkman Gaming says:

Excellant review. I really like your content man. Keep up the good work =)

About7fish says:

Seeing as I have absolutely no interest in becoming an audiophile because that would just make life more inconvenient for me, would these be the upper limit on entry level?

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