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Garmin VivoMove Review


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Darrin Nunyah says:

3:56. Posing like a boss.

airholder airholder says:

These or the ATH-ANC700BT??

Dante-1321 says:

How is the sound quality compared to the 4.40 BT’s? I heard that those sound better than the 4.40 BTNC’s for some reason.

nillisch says:

I used the HD 4.40 bt for a week or so. They should be the same as these but without NC. I don’t know if they actually sound the same, but I returned them because I disliked the sound. There was just a lot of depth that was missing, creating a flat sound experience where a lot of details were missing. Also I experienced a small hiss noise in the background when the volume was low. I had this with the Marshall 2’s as well. Hope this isn’t the case with all bt headphones, since i’ll be receiving the Sony wh1000m2 with my xperia phone.

vastbadger says:

I really want a pair of cans from sennheiser and was going to settle with these but the earcups are just so small I don’t see how an ear can fit inside!

Alexis Veron says:

How does this ones comparé to the 4.40? Or the m50x or m40x?

Deepak Agarwal says:

How do you compare these to Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2? I see that you have not reviewed this headset on your channel (yet)

Sean Alpern says:

These or the xb950n1

Michael Campbell says:

Mine dont connect to my Mac…

Cool WIKODZ says:

I have a problem with mine i just bought it and it only connects with my iphone and nothing else i don’t now what to do

CubanoSav says:

Jim, which would you choose between these Sennheiseer and the Sony H.ear on 2 (WH-H900N)? Enjoyed your reviews!

Wes Newman says:

Thanks for a great and professional review, well done. Currently they sell around $150 – April 2018.

Lucas Pearson says:

How are they holding up now, are the hinges still working?

Y Liver says:

sony xb950n1 or Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC, whitch one is better?

Sanaullah Hossain says:

Are the audio technica m50x better than this or no?

michael sitko says:

what is the difference between these and the special edition?

Melissa Binedell says:

Hi Jimmy, I know these headphones aren’t aimed for gaming at all, but how is their soundstage for games (both singleplayer and mmo)?


I listen to music on my tablet at night. Thats it. Which Sennheisers would you recommend.For about $200.

Sixtus says:

Didn’t know about holding down the volume rocker as I thought the NC was automatic. I’ve just done it and you can definitely hear the difference. The people complaining about it must be deaf. It might be average, but if you can’t tell whether it’s working or not, well…

Harsha Vardhan says:

These or the HD 598se if I’m getting em at the same price?

MazBringsby says:

No audio when charging : *DEAL BREAKER!!!!!!!!*

Nick Donnelly says:

Where the 4K at?

weston hecker says:

Wish i would have bought this over my 550 🙁

ϟϟLeon Degrelleϟϟ says:

Prob the best 200 buck wireless headphones. But you must be soft with them, because the bridge was made from plastic.

George Paul says:

Do they have true 3d sound?

Geraldo Magella Junior says:

Hello Jim, I’m considering buying this one, but I’ve also seen the JBL Duet NC @ Costco costing 50 dolars less. Can’t find reviews on the JBL, not sure why, lol…. Have you came across with it? Care to share any thoughts?


The in call sound is absolutely terrible I can hear every little thing around me, which is often quite loud and drowns out the person I’m talking to on the phone. You hear the sound change hugely as soon as a call starts.

Tech Flash says:

Are these good for gaming if they are omni directional

Miloš Grmuša says:

your videos are excellent, and I enjoy them a lot, but can you test some less known brends like Treblab , z2 specific?

Joe L says:

I’m wondering these or Sony MDR-XB950N1?

hiphophead555 says:

Got the 440 today. They’re so dope!

Sean Alpern says:

These or the bose soundlink ae 2?

Khoa Nguyen Van says:

can you please compare Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC brandnew and secondhand Beoplay H4? thanks so much!

Russell Donor says:

Is this wireless?

Mohamed Ridzuan says:

In my country HD 4.50 and Sony Hear on 2 H900N are the same price. Which one should I go for in terms of sound quality and comfort

hariharan ramesh says:

Sennheiser 4.5btnc or JBL e65btnc?


Just bought them

Miklas Hoffmann says:

i wonder if i could use them as a Headset for Discord?

Vishal Dasari says:

Plz review plantronics back beat Pro 2. I’m confused which one to buy. Skullcandy crusher wireless, plantronics back beat Pro 2 or sennheiser 4.5 btnc? Plz do suggest me.

Steven J says:

Good review.

h1a8 says:

Jim please respond.
How do you compare the sound quality and volume levels of these to the pxc 550?

This is extremely important in my purchase decision. Love your reviews.

Sean Alpern says:

When i use them with bt on my iphone 6s i have the feeling that they are to loud even in the minimum loudness!!!
How can i change this?

Ankur Poyam says:

Is ANC the only difference between HD4.40bt and these headphones? Also how much different do they sound?

i-eat-crayons oakenshield says:

I live in a tropical country, is this hot on the ears?

Vish says:

What would you recommend between Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC and JBL E65BTNC?

FabsTechHD says:

So this means, the ANC does not Work with cable connection? Is it possible to use them for Skype calls or is the microphone not good enough? What would you prefer regarding Sound Quality and comfort? Bose Soundlink OE II or this pair? NC is not relevant for me

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