Sennheiser HD 4.40BT Wireless Headphones Review

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The HD 4.40 BT wireless headphones from Sennheiser pack a lot of features in a solid, clean looking pair of headphones. You get bluetooth for a wireless connection, NFC for quick pairing, and 25 hour battery life. The HD 4.40 BT have a rich warm sound with deep powerful bass that doesn’t overwhelm the mids.

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Michal Marchevsky says:

Can I cancel the microphone feature and use the mic on my phone for singing?

Dillon Saladino says:

I’m sorry but this is too funny 0:58 (Good review though)

chito says:

just got my 4.40bt in the mail today.  initial impressions, let me start by saying i know very little of technology. my sennheiser 380 pro’s (wired) crapped out on me so i decided to go wireless. as i type, i am listening to dinosaur jr. where you been album.  these headphones are much bassier, much less crisp mids and highs. i guess i never knew how spoiled i was with the 380’s. they are comfortable however, even tho i initially thought they were on ear but my ears have squeezed in there. very easy to sync up with my iPod which is very important to a technotard like myself. don’t understand the jack tho. why make the end you put into the headphones so small for the hole? you can twist it in but every time i turn my head, as it charges, i lose the right side. also a slight bumble in the background when silent. not sure what a bumble is but it seems correct

sjr1575 says:

How do i use this on my ps4

Prooome says:

can these be used for gaming?

Guilherme Rocha says:

I want to upgrade my headphone game but I can’t leave my old little Koss porta pro, I love the sound signature, the confort, feels like I have nothing in my head, and the damn thing is so portable and easy to repair…

Michael B says:

Hello! I bought a 4.50 version and now I’m looking for a nice lostless player. I listen to classical music mostly so may be you can advise me such one. Thank you

Allen Rogers says:

Great Review, I plan on buying these for my son.

egoisnotadirtyword says:

Funny you should mention the kick drum coz that’s the thing that hit me immediately. That sound is sooo clear and sooo awesome.

LRG Catering LTD says:

excellent headphones . worth every penny

Scrambles says:


Mehar Malhotra says:

This Headphone vs Sony MDR650BT which is better??

AnotherFishyMuffin says:

Thanks! High quality informative video. 🙂

JC Robles says:

Very informative video. Thanks for influencing my decision to get these!

Freefalling Shrestha says:

Hi, is it good for gaming? I realized it can also be used wired. How is the soundstage? I’m on a 150$ budget and would not like to buy separate wireless headset for music/outdoors and wired for gaming and form your review it think its really good on audio too! 😀

Marwan Kobrousli says:

Feels weird checking this review a month after purchasing these headphones. Anyway, I do feel your annoyance with the oval shaped ear cup padding. Since thy are replaceable, do you what can I replace the padding with? Something that would still be as thick and sound isolating but also round and bit more comfortable on the ear

Mahyar Mehrjoo says:

How many devices you can connect to it simultaneously?

Renz Tabadero says:

How are these headphones when compared to Sony ZX770BN and Audio Technica ATH-M40X? They are both around the same price in our country and I would like to hear some user experience from these headphones before buying.

mrblackrock555 says:

Solid review! Will be buying these soon based upon your review as it certainly sold me because of the price of them as well!

Sam Lim says:

would these work with BT 5.0?

Sotero Murguia says:

You are the only reviewer that talked about being able to connect two audio sources to the headphones at the same time. Thank you! Glad I found this video.

Andrew L says:

would you happen to know if they work on an Lg b7a oled tv?

mememeister. says:

good review, just brought 1 after watching this vid lol


Many complaints about comfort with these cans. I went to buy them on sale, read reviews and it’s a no go. Not enough padding on the narrow band puts a pressure point on your head, and the ear holes are WAY too small, not to mention, sweaty leatherette. Why can’t Sennheiser make these like the 598SE cans, which I find extremely comfortable for long term use. They have a large padded band with large soft ear cups, made of velour.

HueTubeR says:

I got it for $99 on black friday.

John Kim says:

Do you know any earpads that can replace these? Or at least the dimensions of the whole earpad (not just the inside opening)? Thanks!

Joshua Rosen says:

Thank you, very helpful.

B Gallego says:

Hello I would like to know if these headphones work with the cable without the need of having a battery, that is, if they also work like traditional cable headphones

Gary Vee says:

Very nice review. Hope you take off soon. Thumbs up from me. :))

Gustavo Leichtweis says:

Very good video, nice quality! congratulations!

Arjun Dasgupta says:

How does this compare with the Sony 950B1?

Matthew Ryan says:

I got a pair for Christmas and find the sound to be very jumpy or interrupted at times. Any ideas as to how I can resolve this?

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