Samsung Galaxy S8 Real Audio Review: Better, but not the headphone champ

Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Samsung has been making noise about acquiring Harmon, the company which owns AKG and Harmon Kardon. Has any of this audio prowess made it into Samsung’s newest phone? Let’s take a listen to the Galaxy S8!


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Soul Younes says:

I have watched 3 reviews of the S8 by reputable channels and none really focused on audio capability. And then comes Juan, changing the game.

Ygor Cortes says:

Great review as always! But I have a question… What about the Exynos S8? Is it any better than the Snapdragon one?

Luis Gonzalez says:

Does anyone know the sample music? I searched above the clouds and I still couldn’t find the song.


Like to see how the quick charging compares to LG G6 or Google pixel since this comes with 835 and so should have quick charge 4.0, although for some reason no one seems to be mentioning about QC 4.0

ChillNyeTheBroGuy says:

I have an OP3T and I’m so glad to hear the S8 has a hard time competing with it. $720 vs $440 and you get a worse audio experience for the $720 phone? Nah

ahmad karim says:

d brand is everywhere

Gaurav Hasabnis says:

Nice review for audio once again by @JuanBagnell. When can we expect S8+ Camera Review?

Mario Llamas says:

s8 should be good it has 9 band EQ. I WONDER WY HE DIDNT SAY IT.

The Imprisoned says:

Just got my first dbrand,, but not my first skin.. my first ever skin was for wii.. The company was called decalgirl

Blackstarr says:

whats the name of that dbrand skin in the beginning of the video? it looks amazing!

Paul Hojda says:

How about a comparison between the Exynos and Snapdragon version of both the S7 and S8

XeniX The Gamer says:

Waste of space at the end?

Donny Fair says:

Zte needs to drop a new midrange axon and put them to shame again.

Marc I says:

I’ve been using the S7Edge for about 1 year then I’ve switched to the iPhone 6S. Holy mother of god what a different experience was listening music on the iPhone. I don’t know if it’s the crappy earbuds that Samsung delivered with the S7 or the amp or both, but man the iPhone sounds so much better. I hope the S8 will be different.

donnieb says:

A couple things, the LG G6 only comes with a good DAC in Asia, second, why is no one talking about the fact the Snapdragon 835 supports aptX HD?(Hi-res wireless playback).

TechPimp says:

let’s face it The Note 8 need a Dac already in 2017

Paul Cathcart says:

stupid question: but will it sound as good as my AMAZING S6 Edge?

Richard Smith says:

what is the name of that skin in the opening shoot?

Ryan Salao says:

How do I tweak my equalizer to make my music sound clearer? I listen to Trance music and EDM a lot and I really found that default settings were too flat and muddled. I use the Electronic EQ on my iPhone and I find it okay, just that the spikes in the electronic sounds are a bit too high and hurt my ear. I’d appreciate any help in fixing this, I’m open for both Samsung phones and iPhone.

Christian Darcy says:

What model is the headphones he is using? Anyone know ?

Shiz The Snorlax says:

This is why I stick to Pocketnow for a thorough review of phones. It was your recommendation that got me switching to the V20 back in October and I cannot thank you enough. I listen to audio throughout the day and the V20 just kills it with providing superb audio quality.

Thank you for all you go Juan and others at Pocketnow. You are the real MVP in the gadget realm.

NewOrder66 Sith says:

Youtube, brought to you by D-brand.

Rock GamingTV says:

LG v20 vs Sony xperia xz who has better audio quality (Dac)?

Ardee Blancas says:

In the offtopicness: I wonder if the weight of the S8 is like holding a drinking-glass… the glass-back i think. I kinda imagine it feels perfectly fine without a skin.

mford1974 says:

Juan, can you give an example of good cans (headphones) as you always reference within the videos with a high quality dac?

ruleman1234 says:

Hello Juan! Have you used tha “adapt soud” from the Samsung player? It increases the sound range on power just a little more.

Ayman Squikki says:

V20 was the best Audio!!

swiss moneybag says:

Juan answering questions no one else bothers to

Relentless says:

pretty sure bits don’t measure frequency and frequency is measured in Hz or kHz

og229 says:

A friend asked me who is Juan Carlos Bagnell

He is no longer my friend

Ashley Govender says:

is that comparison to the g6 with the quad DAC or the bullshit north American one? #pocketnow sponsored now by Samsung. lol

ahmad karim says:

my friend is dog this mean these handfree are not for him

Daniel Chaplin says:

Thank you! Been waiting for this video, and now feel confident in NOT buying this phone. Unlocked V20 here I come

Nathan Nesen says:

fan of some old Manson are we? I am.

Marco Manzo says:

32 bit of frequency range!?!?!
omg what a noob mistake!!!
and I really thought you know what you’re talking about.
love your videos, but his makes me sad 🙁

aTI5Xx says:

Can you try to talk normally or at least switch time lapse off. Dont get me wrong your review is AWSOME!

Jay Shank says:

I use iPhone 6s for my phone and music specifically.. Oneplus 3T for secondary and 3rd sim and all games, youtube etc..

Marcus Xe says:

if you want High quality audio any damn external speaker would blow ur tinny smartphone speaker away.. so its not really a major factor we consider when buying phones.. rather pour resources into other aspects like camera or battery or innovations…

otherwise HTC/LG phones would have dominated but clearly its Apple and samsung on the top.. good to know tho.. great video..

Wilex Heynderickx says:


ibrahim Ch says:

the one and only smartphone audio quality reviewer..keep it up

Sc Kr says:

Which texture is that dbrand skin in the review?

free mov says:

why not mention Bluetooth​ dual audio !!!

Cristian I. says:

what puts out better headphones quality the iPhone 7 or Samsung s8

David hunsinger says:

instead of covering the design with a dbrand skin, why not a clear skin from skinomi, same fingerprint protection with clarity!

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