Review: Axentwear Cat Ear Headphones

(Sorry I meant to say they were funded by IndieGoGo)
Order them here:

You saw them on Indiegogo and fell in love at first sight. Now you can get your own pair right here!
Enjoy your music privately—or turn on the cat ear speakers to share with friends
LED accent lights on cat ear speakers and earcups make a statement anywhere
Speakers and lights are controlled independently
Over-the-ear cushioning for noise reduction and a secure fit
USB rechargeable—up to 5 hours of playing time per charge
Detachable gaming boom mic
Inline volume control plus forward & back buttons
Listen privately or share your music with your friends.
Slip the cushioned earcups over your ears and they conform the unique shape of your head, blocking out background noise and letting you enjoy all the rich, vibrant sound you expect from premium headphones. But that’s just the beginning. With the flip of a switch, your headphones go from private sound studio to a party-rocking sound system everyone around you can enjoy as your music pumps through the external cat ear speakers.

These headphones look as great as they sound.
The headphones you wear make a fashion statement, and these Cat Ear Headphones make one of the coolest there is. Their distinct shape and prominent cat ears are accented by bright LED lights that can be controlled independently from the speakers. Light ‘em up to suit you mood, your wardrobe, or just because you can.

Gamers, meet your new favorite headset.
When it’s time to make the switch from music to gaming, Cat Ear Headphones have you covered. Simply plug in the detachable boom mic and you’ve got the coolest looking headset around. Game on!

Headphone Audio
20Hz-20KHz frequency response
32 Ohm impedance
40mm drivers
Cat Ear Speaker Audio
200Hz-18KHz frequency response
4 Ohm impedance
32mm drivers
What’s In the Box
Cat Ear Headphones
Detachable gaming mic
4’ detachable headphone cable (3.5mm)
USB recharging cable
Protective carry case
Get your paws on the Indiegogo sensation. Order your Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones from Brookstone today!

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Vêřã Vãĺûêvã says:


Mallory S says:

There is a charger light it on the side of the light button

Family Kilian says:

You have a Harley Quinn in the background!
I love that character

Eko Does Stuff says:

Ya I’m going to tell you in the DESCRIPTION…

Faith Mississippi says:

I have those

Angel Milly says:

How well do these work on the Xbox one?

Faux Guts says:

I thought the ears were originally designed by an artist on Devientart? Like, I know they had a comic out and one of the characters in the comic wore them? (That’s where I heard about it anyway? Which was a looooong while back? they had a kickstarter and everything) but I’ve seen so many different people and companies dishing this stuff out?

Ryan Reta says:

I must ask, is that you as Harley in the wall? Cause that is an awesome picture

Fae says:

Off topic: I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way but I think you’d look super good in a charcoal coloured brow instead of the brown. I think it would compliment your hair and skin tone more.

•ShadowWolf473• says:

I’m 11 do you think they would be too big for my head??

retrostyleNINJA says:

If the mic still works after you detach the boom it means it probably has an internal microphone. It doesn’t need the boom at all to work. It’s used to make the audio clearer when you talk.

Rainbowgrlplayz says:

YOUR mic doesnt turn off, and MY mic doesnt turn on…. LIKE WTF

Phoenix Reside says:

The headphones are nice and all but if you see this can you please tell me the song you played at the end through the headphones?

Lena Palmer says:

I have that exact pair and it the best I got it on Brookstone for $200

HeroBryanGaming2701 pilos says:

i think i saw like that in roblox..

Amy 33266 says:

Mine work very nice the speakers are so nice I think you don’t have a good one

honymoontour MSP says:


Chirose Chi says:

Thank you! I was wondering if I should buy it or not. After watching this I decided that if I ever get this for birthday/Christmas I would be happy, but I wouldn’t buy them myself. Very helpful review. I saw other girl doing one too and she didn’t even put them on x.x thank you

Keyley Trenado says:

I like your inboxing

RatTail788 says:

It’s probably switching to another mic plugged into your computer. So it has to do with your computer not the headphones.

Panda H says:

I got mine for 81.66 on amazon.I hope this helps somehow lol

ariana grande love you says:


wuss poppin bimbo motherfuckers • says:

i used to have that except one time i was pulling my headset off my head and it stretched and


Sinister Psycho Chic says:

there is a light though

MVPerry says:

That’s so crazy I just randomly put on this video and she was wearing the same shirt as me! And it’s the first time I wore it

Foxy Anya says:

Oh so that’s what they look like I’m gonna get one today

William Mccoy says:

I need these head phones free
Will McCoy 1101 peach st Erie pa 16501

Natasha Ulloa says:

I want the hearing aid but as I can buy them through the brooksto page

Sketchy says:

I’m getting green ones soon and OMG THEY HAVE MIC’S

Rexus Bloomer says:

At least the pairs they have now are a lot different ^-^ The mic is now on the AUX cord so you don’t have that extra piece. My headphones at least do all the colors, they strobe as well and they can flash by the beat of what your listening to. Another thing they changed was the charging light had been installed.

Kawaii Yuki-chan says:

I’m splurging and buying a purple pair tomorrow! ♡ Hope I like how they work, they are super cute anyways! LOLOLOL.

Mr.Dead says:

2:40 ‘tell me in the description below’

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