Prime Picks! – The #1 Headphones on Amazon!

The absolute best selling audio products on Amazon – are they any good?

#1 headphones:
#1 wireless:
#1 earbuds:

Amazon Best selling headphones:

MKBHD Merch:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



Graigoree Jones says:

We need some more prime picks. This series was interesting.

Jamie T B says:

i see cat… i like

Ali M. says:

your for corporate too . Bose headphones are over rated .not worth the price

hi hi says:

Marcus Brownie.

Vampirizian says:

I’ve found some pretty decent cheap pairs of earbuds that cost about $18 on Amazon and I really enjoy them. theyre not as perfect as my more expensive over ear headphones but they’re a very convenient experience that sounds good and I don’t have to stress about breaking them

Well Behaved Wallet says:

I use the MPOWW overear wireless headphones and love ’em. Less than $20 – great sound quality – can’t beat it!

Curtis Hall says:

the mpow over the ear is not that durable, the plastic started cracking within 6 months

Kongmeng Xiong says:

What did we learn? 99% of people are not audiophiles

Andrew Coffman says:

“If they’re asking for beats headphones” then you need to stop right there and educate them of what REAL sound is and real headphones are and not some overpriced garbage headphones like Beats

Ms. Talent says:

Only 2 episodes?

Caerbannog Rabbit says:

when a 11 year old insists that he needs a TOTL sennheiser hd800s and will not listen to anything unless it’s on vinyl

Seamus McCartney says:

Great series

chuckyb says:

4:26 They make sounds – MKBHD 2018
ggwp my man 😀

Aidan Cyrenne says:

Please make another one of these! Can you make a #1 smart watch one? That would be really interesting. Thanks if you consider this.

Qayl Maherali says:


angelo lopez says:

I rather save money and buy something that sounds good

ZR Cuts says:

On Camera work and Editing, You have killed it man !!!

Tyler Mai says:

There was this kid in my class, who was wearing those mpow headphones. He said some fighting words that day…I went up to him and sarcastically said “nice headphones”. He shot back saying how they where the #1 headphones and they where really expensive for headphones ($40). I replied saying “40 is pricey, but relative to other headphones that’s barely anything, I would spend around 100 and up.” What he said next triggered me like crazy. He said “why would you ever want expensive headphones, if you spend 100 dollars on headphones you aren’t a gamer, the only reason why you would spent that much is if you have a 2000 pc.”. When I said I had a i5 8600k and 1080 this dude shouts “tHe 1080 iS a tRash cArd gEt a rTx 2080 ti”
(Note that he owns a rx 560) I gave up realizing there was no winning with this guy

Wabajak13 says:

I’ve heard that the mic version of the Ergofit doesn’t have as good sound quality. I’ve always opted for the basic version as they can be had for $6-$7

East Slide says:

The only one I would use for life is the one with the cord! I never trust bluetooth or wireless

crazyim5 says:

Disagree with Marques here. Those Panasonic headphones for $9 are way better than iCrapPod that doesn’t even fit into my ears and I can comfortably wear these for many hours together and by being in-ear earphones, they sound pretty darn good.

ShadowSlayer says:

How goods the mpow mic (headphones that cover your entire ears) since i kinda want a gaming set for a cheap price.

Ali M. says:

I don’t think upper hand headphones are worth the price.

smartbbrain says:

As someone who loses headphones at least once a year, I’m a heavy buyer of the panasonic’s. Probably have bought close to 8 pairs by now, and before they hit the prime picks list, I bought 10 pairs of predecessor.

skylabx2000 says:

Nuraphones next level

dcue2dcue2 says:

plz review Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT

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