PMR Reviews – Sony MDR-Z1R Review – Signature Series Headphone

Today, we take an in-depth look at one of the most exciting new products currently available on the market – the Sony MDR-Z1R flagship from Sony’s new Signature Series.


Kevin MacLeod (
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Steven Wymor says:

Um, timbre is pronounced “tam’-ber” as in amber not timber as when you’re felling a tree. Otherwise nice review.

Remus Evu says:

very good, detailed review!

faiz Adnan says:

You did hook me up there. I have the th900 and love it so far but that excellent review just got me curious. I just put the Z1R in my wishlist. Gonna save up I think. But still, I’ll definitely keep my th900 and just have both in my collection. Love the th900 bass 🙂

GC B says:

Thanks for the great review! I am looking for high end headphones, only requirement is that they have to be closed back. Which are your favorites? Have you tested the Beyer T5p 2nd Gen vs the Z1R?

Hassab Saeed says:

man you have great experience ,, that you heard all these great cans ..

i have TH900 and i love it, for its sound stage and airiness ,,

which headphone is the closest to the fostex in that regard with better mids ?

Thanks for the review 🙂

Audio Gal says:

how would you compare these to the T1’s? is there a lot of difference in terms of sound? thanks.

berriotue says:

Do you need amp for this?

hemidesign says:

I heard by some professionals the Grado SR325e sounds better the MDR-Z1R… costing 1/9 of the price..

World smack says:

Yes!!! Finally a proper video review on youtube, Thanks excellent video!! 😀

u says:

You deserve way more subs. Phenomenal review highlighting areas several of us were curious about. Thank you

Roustam Baimatov says:

I used to listen to those headphones, Sony MDR-Z1R myself when I visited Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto Downtown. For me, they are SIMPLY THE BEST HEADPHONES I EVER TRIED. They effortlessly deliver the very soulfullness of the music – and this is exactly what true music admire is looking for.

Fifty Five says:

Nice review.

Ed D says:

This is a fantastic review. I love the extensive comparisons at the end of the video.

TheTechAudiophile says:

Decent review. I can get this or HE-1000, which is better? Thank you!

NighteeeY says:

Excellent review. Thanks!

Quan Bui says:

Awesome review and detailed on sony MDR Z1R headphone. Thank you for the review! If you dont mind can you remind me the amps you use with Z1R or you use it with the walkman?

K says:

well done on getting this video out. I’m sure many people were eager to hear impressions. I would like to ask what are your thoughts on the presentation of the Z1R compared to HD650?

meowmeow44444 says:

It sound like he’s speaking not breathing through his nose.

William Wong says:

Great video! I wish I could justify purchasing these!

Anderson Tran says:

This video is done extremely well, thanks for making it! You’ve sold me on the Z1R’s, I’ll have to add it to the wish list!

Li Jin Soh says:

Great vid! Any comparisons with the Z1R to the Nighthawks?

The Ashen One says:

How is the soundstage compared to hd 800?

Greek Fidelity says:

Excellent job meticulous presentation.
I subed and expect more videos in the near future.

Sirencall says:

Super helpful review, thanks man! I am currently running a pair of HD 800s headphones. Finding them a little bit too analytical and deficient in musicality. I’m torn between the z1rs and th900s. What would you recommend between the two for someone who wants a good all-rounder with a slight preference to electronica music and home theatre enjoyment?

frank niegel says:

Most professional review of audio equipement I’ve seen. Well done, sir.

World smack says:

Oh and subbed!

Barbecue Tech Tips says:

why no comparison to Mr speakers ether c/ flow ?

Yoo Anto says:

very clear presentation , I love it

Audio Gal says:

so the T1 or the sony?

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