Pixel 2 with a Headphone Jack? – LG V30 Review

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Does LG still have a competitive spot in the smartphone market after the relative disaster that was the G5? They think so, and with the V30, we might agree…

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Anthony Emerson says:

I agree with a lot of comments on here. Typically your reviews are very detailed, but you missed a lot that makes the v30 great.

Mitchell Boling says:

Give it a proper review! Two test images doesn’t cover the amazing camera this phone has. No mention of cine recording in video, no mention of the wide angle lens. No mention of the floating shortcut bar. no mention of the perfectly placed fingerprint sensor. C’mon Linus

TRG says:

Here is my opinion, Linus and his team are constantly busy and I’m even a floatplane member before anyone complains that I’m a hater im not. Im just saying that all his reviews seem rushed and just seem like overviews

Kaiwen Soo says:


Aditya Verma says:

I read the whole comment that the Gex9z guy wrote in the G5 review video. That was brutal.

rm says:

I hope that we get a new display tech that doesn’t get burn in.
My phone screen is on almost all the time nowadays so I won’t be getting a oled anytime soon.
It’s more for light-medium users but even then I’ve seen burned in displays within a year (luckily enough we get 2yrs warranty here)

SuperMastermindx says:

honor view 10 if you please

Cole Longó says:

No… Nobody wants more skin and gimmicks. We want STOCK!! I LOVE THAT THERE AREN’T A BUNCH OF CRAP ON IT. SQUEEZE YOURSELF

Roberto Cabrera says:

That conclusion, is the exact reason why I got one of these. As a musician, who constantly listens to music, the V30 caught my eye. Plus it comes with a recording app that lets you record sound manually, so I’m constantly using it to record ideas, even at very high volumes. That was, basically, the only reason why I chose this

whiteandnerdytuba says:

So because the Oled in pixel and LG are shit I have to look at a display darker, move my icons? How about don’t sell phones with fundamental design faults. I’d rather have a phone that might catch fire

shawn mahan says:

Wanted to see how it compares to the V20 I am using over all not impressed to upgrade to the v30 after having the v20 for a year.

falls line says:


P0LYBiUS says:

No time to review the wide angle camera and video properties? The LG V30 has just about the most advanced video recording options of any smartphone.
I know reviewing phones takes a lot of time, but those are key selling points fo rme.

Rakku says:

I dont get it, why does LTT only compare flagship phones with iPhone, Samsung, LG and Google and not OnePlus?

BOOM!BY!BY says:

Manual mode v30 talk about that

MajesticSpaceCow says:

Blanket fort xD

DrJones694 says:

This review was not good….. And I like your channel but soon as you said the headphone jack made the phone look bag… You went out the window all phones need a jack and a dac nobody likes the dongles. Gotta thumbs down this review unfortunately

Dynomatik says:

It’s funny all the people that don’t know how to shoot on manual saying that they just don’t care and prefer auto mode.
Very disappointing this review Mr. Linus… it’s like if I review a Playstation and say that I don’t care/know about playing

hadi7474 says:

The ZTE Axon 7 had a good DAC

Cole Longó says:

Typing this on v30, phone of the year no contest

Ahmed Mohammed says:

do u call this a review?

T Dog says:

I refuse to believe that no headphone jack is the future. Not while so many people still use wired headphones.

Mason Armstrong says:

You forgot to mention how all the hardware buttons are right where you’d want them. No more smudging your camera trying to unlock your phone (Samsung) or accidentally locking your screen when you try to adjust the volume (Google).

You didn’t like LG’s skin even though it has all the features you raved about on your S8 review (aside from the curved edge) and then some? For me the extra sound control, display resolution and frame rate adjustments, and battery saver options are pretty irreplaceable, but there’s plenty more.

But just glossing over the camera by showing a few low light conditions on auto mode? That’s ridiculous, especially considering how much more this phone has to offer over the competition in photos AND videos.

Like many others are saying, a very half-baked review.

ByteOfBlender says:

LMG staff are great actors 😀

Abner Chilson says:

Why is everyone calling the V30 the “real” good pixel 2?

Dennis Vanderben says:

but   linus!       bbut    linus!!       LINUS  !!

but srsly, he reviewed it, didnt like it, his fucking choice, beg to differ? well go buy one and shut the fuck up in the comments,  all these retards lmao

Mathieu Paquette says:

Are L.G fanboys really a thing?!?

Srikanth Adidam says:

peter gade <3


The v30 camera takes true style Photos the camera is programmed in thinking that people will be editing their photos on a computer but overall the v30’s camera is far superior. If you wish for sateration and difference than manualy change it.

Kaloy says:

Why does he talk very slowly?

5nak says:

My Blu Vivo Air LTE and ZUK z2 pro both have burn in.

In fact the only OLED I have that hasn’t burned in is my Zune HD, a 7+ year old device

Hellrider 7s says:

the double tap to turn off at an empty spot on the home screen or the notification bar
does that still work?

BOOM!BY!BY says:

And all the test I’ve seen online the v30 has superior battery life and manual mode is king on lg face unlock is superfast

Russell Beardsley says:

This guy reminds me of shaggy in scooby doo. Oh, good review though.

edshotsdotcodotuk says:

My LG G4 can quick launch and snap a picture with a double click of volume down, I’d be surprised they had taken that out.

I have to agree with the waves of people criticising this review on the supposed lack of something extra. The manual control that you can do for you photo and video is the extra thing that makes this phone. AND the side angle lens that has been refined from previous LG phones. I shoot mostly in manual and in JPEG with my G4 but when I need to it’s just a tap to shoot a DNG as well.

Skylinx Gaming says:

I’m still rockin a V10 lmao

Eli Dreuitt says:

The lg v30’s camera is absolutely amazing. Those pictures you displayed are inaccurate depictsions of the phones capabilities. The entire environment goes to show that you just took a snap and called it a day.

Lucas Dixon says:

Suit glove net nature danger elevator tight nice derive acquisition message.

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