Philips SHP9500S Headphone Review – Gamers and Video Editors Should Love These

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Philips SHP9500S Review
Overall Grade: A- (91%)

[Raw Score x Weight]
Sound Quality 95% (.75) = 71.25
Frequency Response 90% (.8) = 72
Sound Accuracy 95% (.65) = 61.75
Sound Signature 85% (.7) = 59.5
Aesthetics 85% (.55) = 46.75
Comfort 100% (.6) = 60
Durability 90% (.48) = 43.2
Portability 70% (.28) = 19.6
Value 100% (.6) = 60

Max Possible Score = 541
Total Score = 494.05

Philips SHP9500s on Amazon

V-Moda BoomPro Mic

Headphone Stand

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Michael Raye says:

Your videos are so chill and personable, yet still really informative. You’re gonna blow up man.

Rudy Esparza says:

Loved the review. Keep it up.

Joko JMC says:

1:19 did he ask Donald Trump?

aaron engler says:

Where did you get the bmw poster? I like it a lot

Uffie Etkins says:

Haha, nice review! Thanks for the mention, i like the end a lot! 😀 And no, you pronounced my name perfectly! By the way, is it possible to review some bluetooth earbuds in the price category under 120 dollar? Is it worth to pay the extra bucks and invest into the google earbuds? And as always, thank you for your nice videos! Keep up the good work!

zerpakia says:

Good Content Man Keep-it up, you’re original and look very professional, I actually got surprised on many subs you have right now

Kbeau says:

throw some Shure SRH1840 pads on it and the bass/clarity/clamp improves… amazing

Tom says:

If you think they’re comfortable, try out a pair of HD650s. The most comfortable pair of headphones I’ve EVER tried

Meta Mario says:

Maybe because I’m older, but the m50x sounded like I was being raped in the ears with ice pick highs where as the SHP9500’s literally send shivers down the back of my neck when I listen to really well recorded music. Not only are the super comfortable (if a bit sweaty) but the sound is rich, filled with soundstage and accurate. I feel like I’m watching a live show in a studio. I love bass, and for me the bass is big enough, just not as bassy as say my Fostex t40rp’s, but man I love the SHP’s.

Donut Cop says:

So I’ve been looking into open back headphones for gaming now but I have a problem with them. I have a separate mic (snowball) and I’m scared that the leak will get picked up by my mic and irritate my teammates. Is the leak bad enough for them to hear it bc I would hate to hear game noise through someone’s mic.

A Y says:

EQ them for more Bass if you need…

Tigerex966 says:

I had a chance to sample both the 9500 and 9500s these and they a one of the best buys in headphones today.
They also work great with gaming headsets, and bluetooth dongles
The originals have a long thick cable, more accessories, more highs and slightly less bass, the s has one super-thin cheap cable and thats it more bass and slightly less highs.
The originals as far as I can tell are no longer being made.

Pokehon says:

great review!

Ross Morton says:

the comparative testing on people in the middle of the video is a really strong aspect to your review

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