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Ok, so these headphones blew up when they were released and even became very hard to get a hold of for a while. So I tested them out and man do these make you hear things differently. I give my very brief review on these and recorded differently than I normally do. Big thanks to my friend Brandon for shooting this review. Hope you guys enjoy!

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ryan stovall says:

nice review man. You gonna do a BvS review?

Jerry Neutron says:

Nicely shot review!

FubarMike says:

How do these compare with the audio technica ATH M50X?

akmal daffa says:

is this worth 97$

sdcr says:

I bought these December 2014 for 69 EUR, and have used them almost everyday for at least several hours per day since then. I can honestly say that I have never regretted buying them one bit. I especially want to point out the great cushions, particularly if you are wearing glasses like me. Somehow the fabric is such that when I turn my head, I never hear any friction between the frame of my glasses and the fabric itself. I had made different experiences with other headphones before, especially when the earpads were made of leather. Also, because they are so light, there is no noticible pressure on my glasses and underlying skin. It even sometimes so happens that I forget that I have no sound playing any more, but still keep them on for hours. If you are like me and sit in front of your computer everyday almost all the time, get them!

Kid I know says:

these or Grado SR80e

Sobski 117 says:

I’m not sure if you’ve used the Sennheiser HD600.. but if you have, how do these compare in terms of sound quality?

QQuartz says:

how is the stoundstage for gaming, so like hearing footsteps in csgo

Vracer111 says:

They are now available for $50 @ Newegg until Monday…

I really like the sound they present, and modded they sound better. If you get either the Shure 1540 alcantara pads or the Shure 1840 velour pads they are a perfect fit (there’s a video on how to change the earpads on the shp9500 that goes into the details) and are even more comfortable than stock (need to remove the foam backing on the 1540 pads or it will sound a little dull.) And with the way the head strap attaches, its fairly easy to change it out for a custom leather one.

The MrSpeakers Leather comfort strap made for the Fostex T50RP is just about perfect size, just needs some slight trimming and four 5/16″ holes punched in it (the stock strap inner clear plastic piece makes the perfect template, have to cut the fabric and peel off the foam to get to it – but you will never go back to the stock strap after the leather one, the leather strap is so much nicer to wear.)

With the Shure pads and leather strap its even more comfortable on the head, and sound is further refined. The 1840 pads are the best match to me (they are designed for an open back headphone, the 1540 are designed for a closed back headphone) – they bring more low end extension, impact, and detail, they bring mids a little more forward and detailed, and the highs are more detailed. Really like gaming with them…they are most excellent at it.

A few pictures with the Shure 1540 and 1840 pads and modified MrSpeakers leather comfort strap:×2304/i-NNhTSL7-3072×2304.jpg×2304/i-spDg2H4-3072×2304.jpg×2304/i-c8FxwB6-3072×2304.jpg

Michael Nyholt says:

The sound leaks right out? Damn, I can’t watch porn with them.

ahmed nader says:

worth upgrading from HypeX cloud?

Iamdudeman12 says:

I like it I like it. Quick question have you ever used any of the steelseries headphones? Specifically the gaming ones? and If so what do you think about them?

Eric V says:

How would you plug it into your ps4 using the same mic you are in the video?

MultiSteelking says:

How much do they leak sound out? I want to use V-moda boomPRO with these and dont want my friends to hear themselfs or game when we are talking on skype or teamspeak. Dont you wanna do some “test” playing some music in headphones and record your voice with V-moda? If possible make a very short vid and upload it (as a private and send it to my PM)? Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

nathaniel palmer says:

How is the bass? Also, does anyone have these and Samson sr850’s?

Jeremy R says:

Im gonna put a modmic on em and perferm gaming headset my logitech headphones are freaking garbage sound like ass fake 7.1 surround Lol

ducciboi says:

Would highly reccommend taking off the stock pads and stretching HM5 pads over them. It improves the bass tremendously which I thought these were lacking and improves the soundstage quite a bit.

JustSome Dude says:

Jack off everytime he says “as you can see” you will be drained and DIE!

Chretien li says:

Do you think these can compare to the Sennheiser hd598?

AFrostyPepsi says:

just bought a pair for $60 cant wait for them to arrive!

Anupa Somasiri says:

Spotted the deal too late. Now I’m stuck with all the talk of it being discontinued……. 🙁

++Mugambe++ says:

can you please explain the open back headphone system ? why would you want open back instead of closed back ?

SkipAll says:

Cost 140 dollar here in sweden.. Still worth it or should I get the hd558 for 87dollar?

DeltaWolf X says:

You can currently get them for under $60 on Newegg.

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