OnePlus 5 Real Audio Review: Long live the 3.5mm headphone jack!

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OnePlus 5 Real Audio Review! The OP3 and 3T were terrific performers opposite flagship competition last year. However, this year, phones like the G6 and S8 take audio a lot more seriously than their predecessors. Can the OnePlus 5 continue to offer a lower price point and higher quality audio? Let’s take a listen!


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JP Ag08 says:

If I want the best sounding music from my phone I’ll use a big nice Bluetooth speaker, not some tiny headphones. When I do use headphones it’s because I’m in the gym or at the airport and I definitely don’t want a long cable tripping me up there.

Manuel Jenkin says:

lol the news at 0.53!!

electronicgrinsch says:

What’s next? The real power button review? I understand you have to earn money but this kind of nonstop hype costs you your reputation.

Dilpal Singh says:

You have no idea about what you are talking

Jeff Rebuzora says:

I like how companies like oneplus (oppo) gave attention on high quality audio. Now LG is not alone in this category, im yet to be impressed on Galaxy but hey Audio jack is here to stay. As always great review Juan. Nicely done.

vicouli says:

I would like to express my immense gratitude for this audio review !Most of the time phone manufacturers don’t even mention audio ( like One plus did during their presentation …. ) AND Only a few reviewers care to do a real audio review of smartphones ! I’m an audiophile and the first thing i care in a smartphone is the sound quality out of the jack . Thanks to you I can finally choose between LG G6 ( with the quad DAC ) and this one.

DarkPa1adin says:

Can you include microphone review in your audio review please? 🙂

أحمد حميدان says:

if the axon 8 gets new internals a better camera and a bigger battery while keeping everything else now that would kill every other phone out there.I don’t even mind using the same design if that means that we still get the front firing speakers

CallMeNumber8 says:

Great phone but I’m afraid camera is shit. Waiting for pixel 2

Muhammad Fahmi Hasfi says:

Dirac hd/power sound can setting equalizer manually if i listen directly through the OP5 single speakers? I hope this can do. Because, after i listen the sound quality of the Op5 in this video, the speaker doesn’t sound HIFI, that’s a flat and not detail.

Omar Carrasquillo says:

If the google pixel 2 does not have a headphone jack, this will be the only game in town with stock android.

awais ahmed says:

Axon just has terrible software and ui which puts me off from getting one.

JoacoEdeLP says:

Good for OPO to hear customers voice. Removing the audio jack is a stupid move.
It’s cheap, it doesn’t take too much place inside , it’s an standard port in the entire world, and on top of everything, it’s VERY good.

Dasta giri says:

please provide the link that you have used stylus in this video to buy !

bartiz12 says:

So we have a new leader in terms of headphones audio? It’s actually really impressive how it fared against current leaders like V20 or Axon 7. I remember testing OP3 and it was a little too quiet for my set of headphones.

StaySic4Ever says:

I’m completely fine with Type-C for next phone or in general. No problem having attached a bit more cable to earbuds for adapter, or get some good Type-C in future. Though I agree that implementation needs to be greeted with proper guts.

jonah travisano says:

Good to know what going on with Audio…. off topic but any chance we could see a compraision op5 vs R 11?

Brady Snelgrove says:

YES! More front facing speakers PLEASE!!!!

techno mania says:


BiskutKibal says:

Mid year top audio phones comparison coming up?

skoprowski says:

I would argue that those that want high quality audio in their phones also want to listen to high quality high bitrate music. Those files take up space. The phone should have a sdcard slot.

Eddie Khor says:

if oneplus 5 headphone jack compare to s7 Edge, will the oneplus 5 be better?

FakeN3ws69 says:

how does this compare to HTC u11?

Donald Daharu says:

I love you man! I come to you for all things audio!

Niranjan Pazhani Chamy says:

Real audio reviews, real camera reviews no other reviwer covers these. Awesome!!

samyi36 says:

how does it compare to u11

Lawstorant says:

What do you mean by “better support for USB audio”? It works fine on my Nexus 6 and even on N4 after powering it externally. I guess it’s just a bad cable choice on your behalf.

Aniket Kapse says:

Can anyone give the exact dac/amp chipset model number here?

Celso Almeida says:

My friend I recommend that you use an extender or adapter in the following devices: LG V20 – LG G6 quad dac – Zte Axon 7 – Meizu – Finally, it has been discovered that smartphones with dedicated chips have amplifiers that work according to the impedance of the handset, below 50 ohms working at minimum or turned off. It’s simple, just plug the adapter or extender into the smartphone, play it on the audio, and then insert the earphone cable into the adapter, proven gains of approximately 20% in volume and all its length, even at minimum volumes.

If you have any questions, look in the head-fi on the subject, I am proof of life, I used the LG G6 because I was displeased, I was driving the quad dac and it was crap, the same I’m doing with my live xplay 6, incredible gains.

Ichi Iliev says:

3.04 min# what is this?Smartphone Dac Amplifier¥ Is it? Which brand it is, I’ve heard good opinions about Fiio.. I’m using LG G4. A cheap and quality smartphone dac amplifier?

Nishant Gauns says:

just for the performance i’ll buy a one plus 5, Really impressed by the smoothness!!!!

Dewaynes Awesome says:

Wait so I’m confused, does the Axon 7 have best audio or LG V20 with it’s quad dac?

samit shirsat says:

am i the only one who hates tht beach mix everytime for the speaker test?
its annoying

B Shah says:

Can it playback DSD files? How does the One Plus 5 sound with high definition music?

Rayan Chaudhary says:

subscribe for funny videos

Omar Abbas says:

XZ Premium real audio review ?!

HarryPottard says:

seriousely… the Sound coming from a phones speaker is such an absolete feature.. the only audio that truely matters is the One that comes out of the headphonejack (Which SHOULD ALWAYS be included on any phone)

if you want quality Sound thats not a coming through a headset.. Buy a Diamondboxx

BattleExtremeNL says:

probably some custom ROM will enable that speaker

dkimmortal says:

You didn’t show v20 comparison ;(

jbarah05 says:

Is it just me or I’m I the only one that thinks this phone is overhyped and expensive?

Tommi Kalpio says:

Bottom speaker is same as OP3T had, no changes, actually could be more loud and more static noise.

HazwanShah 91 says:

so, LG v20 lost in the headphone jack battle? hopefully v30 bounce back!

roderick viado says:

Juan how is One Plus 5 compared to the LG V20 Quad DAC?

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