Old vs New — Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphone Review and Unbox

Here are the items in this video:
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x https://amzn.to/2qNU6pz
Shure HPAEC940 Velour Ear Pads https://amzn.to/2Dr2hzv
Brainwavz Sheepskin Earpad https://amzn.to/2ONTN7I

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Andrew Turpin says:

Hey Peter have you heard of Brian Eno? A lot of his music is pretty chill, it’s perfect for concentration and/or sleep, I personally use it for those two things. I feel like it would be perfect with those headphones.

Create ShareLive says:

What type of mic do you use? Sounds great.

Amanda Peñaloza says:

Are those tiny tiny wood pallets on the desk?

ILikeYaFace says:

I recomend trying the Razer Kraken TE

Haseeb says:

This is an old ass headphone though. The m50x has been out for a while.
Review sienhieser (sp )

Sklero Graph says:

i love these headphones. good quality, good sound, good to wear.

Mr.SomeDonkus says:

If I ever make enough money to consider some of it expendable I think I would have a modestly sized headphones collection even though I look dumb in headphones and I know absolutely nothing about headphones. I just happen to like them a little more than most other objects.

Jopert Gavino says:

watch out mkbhd

King Huynh says:

You should have bought the new BT version, they made some better adjustments with the audio. The new version has about the same audio but it comes with Bluetooth capability.

Lupus Games says:

Hands down best headphone review channel on youtube

BackwardsScrewdriver says:

I’ve been using my blue and tan M50xs for 5 years now. Still sound great, but the leather headband has next to no leather left. Highly recommend the velure earpads.

Peter Draws says:

A little followup after a few days of wearing this new pair. I’m a little conflicted about using the Brainwavz earpads still just because they are a little HOTTER to wear for long periods of time, and also since they have so much extra padding, they seem to squeeze my head so much more. But I’ve heard some people just give the head band an outward bend to reduce how squeezy it is, so I might try that (but I’m scared to) or I might try going back to the Shure velour pads.
But other than that, these are working great.

Picard says:

Peter’s house only has a six meter radius confirmed.

Colman T says:

I have the same headphones and I love them and as you were talking about the ear muffs I was like oh I hope he bought after market. Then you pulled out the exact muffs I bought and I love those too and it made me happy and a little giddy. Thanks love the vids!

DaBunne says:

I like that they come with an adapter 🙂 and it screws on too!

Nonorama says:

I got me some Cloud Hyper x a few years ago, because I wanted to have the dolby 7.1 option for playing playstation. I like to clearly hear if something is attacking me from behind….was not sure if that would work with headphones, but it has a neat effect. Music is nice enough as well.
But I have an audiotechnice stylus on my Recordplayer. Guess the headphones have a good possibility to be neat as well 🙂 (better that beats for sure…..)

Chad Summerchild says:

I have these headphones and I never realized that the amp converter comes off the wire lol I just thought it was useless and never touched it

Yesui Ikhertsetseg says:

Thanks to you, I’m starting to like coffee but I’ve learned that if I drink caffeinated coffee I feel like having a heart attack, which is not very pleasant. So I preffer to drink descaffeinated coffee.
Btw, how do you manage to be so calm after drinking so much coffee??

XData says:

i have the white ones and ive made quite a few songs with them over the past two years ive had them

Doob Ma Goob says:

When peter just wants to get a new pair of head phones

DJRonakku says:

same ones I have, but black instead matte grey. best affordable headphones <3

FeedMeSalt says:

I’ll never understand the hype over these headphones.
The mx-50s are not usable for me.
They are sharp and overly dramatic with their sound profile. They have muddy bass and ressed mids. Their default pads are atrocious to.
Please if you have a pair and you like them try the DT990s.
They to have a “fun” sound signature but its miles more value and the build is not even a contest. And if you want true sounding cans the DT770s are for you.
Audio technica are one step better then beats.
I cant even wear my 50s I gave them away becuase of how terribly they hurt my ears.
If you must use them try the mx-40s so much better.

drizzydrew98 says:

You should check out the ATH M50XBT. Just got a pair a few weeks ago and they’re awesome. Same exact sound and killer battery

Rio Illustrates says:

1:32 are those itty bitty crate pallets? I fucking need those. I don’t know why, but I do.

xLaZKaZx says:

Anyone else watching this while actually wearing the ATH-M50x?

teddyoggin says:

What are you listening to with these?

Calena gonzalez says:

A que hora dibujas prro???

FunkyJunky says:

Dude, can you review more things ?!

more jello please says:

Thanks for making me feel normal again.

DaBunne says:

all these years watching you review headphones, and now finally I get to hear about your personal favorite! my headphone needs are finally satisfied <3

Ethan says:

I want a smurf squatty potty

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