Nuraphones review: Tailored sound for your ears

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Australian company Nura introduced Nuraphones, the headphones that tailor sound to your ears. With a unique in-ear and over-ear combo design, the Nuraphones measure your hearing to bring you a customised listening experience. We were joined by the Co-founder and CEO, Kyle Slater, to demonstrate these advanced headphones.

As for additional cables, Nura only ships the charging cable with the headphones. The 3.5mm cable will set you back £14.95 and additional cables will cost extra. For full details, visit

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DV says:

great honest, useful and informative review. Waiting for mine, and now concerned by the lack of separation you mentioned, even compared to Bose headphones which are basically garbage …
The bass adjustment problem when using a computer is just ridiculous. This is a design mistake. If Nura is good they will fix it before the next batch of customer receive their in February. Otherwise glad there is a 30 days return policy!

Scorpanoc2 says:

No thanks. I’ll stick with my Bose qc35’s

Dwiata Chandra says:

What are thooseeee

Blakehx says:

Wow, really cool product but I can’t justify spending $400 on some headphones! What are the best Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones that are actually affordable? I’ve tried Bose and Beats before and loved them but they’re way to expensive!

Mike Mckeon says:

HOLY FUCK THEY’RE $460!?!?!?

So they have combined the downside of over-ear’s lack of portability, with the downside of in-ear’s lack of real comfort with stuff shoved into your ears, they don’t isolate sound, they’re not built well, they come with an app that uses 20 year old audio technology that didn’t work then and still doesn’t work now, and if you;re stupid enough to buy them you have to wait 6 weeks for delivery?

These make Apple products good value.

Sordel says:

Excellent review … your test in the office really cuts through some of the hype surrounding these.

CJTurner says:

Thanks for the unbiased review.

piloctor15 says:

Ossic x for the win

b. lee says:

For a moment I thought he was interviewing himself.

Михаил Кузьминов says:

Headphones with bone conduction.


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Anshuman Sengupta says:

tried and tested and can vouch they are not as fancy as they sound they are here. Though the profiling is very fancy but it is not correct, you cannot change after it profiles you so you are stuck with same EQ setting for a good amount of time. I did side by side comparison with Sony WH100mx2 and they are much crisp!

Sam H says:

NepotismRadar! You can’t go giving an unbiased review of a product developed by your own twin brother! 😉

middlesbrough123 says:

Just bought over ear type as I don’t want in ear type so this could limit the customer base

Jordan Sears says:

did she put the headphones on over her hair?! that would change things significantly

Anthony Mojedo says:

Glad to see other techradar ppl again. Not just the other guy in every single video.

Demonitized says:

When i saw the website, i closed it immediately. Homygosh

JMK Instrumentals - Multi Genre High Quality Beats says:

If they can adapt to ones ear, shouldn’t they be the best headphones in the world when it comes to sound? I mean it will sound perfectly if it can change it’s EQ depending on ones perception of sound..

Moses Jonson says:


Andre Co says:

headphones with dicks!

renen2 says:

Headphones with Dicks………….which DickHead thought of this now…………

19 West Furniture says:

Dear Nura,
I am one of your 7.730 backers on Kickstarter. I made my payment in September 2016. My Nuraphone was supposed to be shipped in April 2017, then September, then October. Unfortunately, like the vast majority of your backers I haven’t received anything.
People in the Kickstarter forum are begging for an update, but you chose to ignore them. At the same time, you are running a huge promotion campaign in order to make more people pay for a products, which until today seems to be nothing like a Fata Morgana. Do you feel ok acting like that?

Kushagra Mehrotra says:

In a nutshell, Headphones with tits!!

Kinky Reviewer says:

HTC released USonic Sound analysis almost 2 years ago..

Astra Oovier says:

They’re looking some kind of naughty.

NathanBrutal says:

I love the custom profiles idea! But personally I’d just go with normal headphones for the design.

c0uchsl0uch says:

No dirty comments about the hot chick ?

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