Nuraphone ANC Headphone – Pros and Cons – REVIEW

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drag Lesnar says:

It looks like a nipple

AlergicToSnow says:

Best review as usual. Extremely informative.

Jackzila101 says:

Please review the JBL endurance peak I just got them and I would love to see your opinion on them

Martin Labuschin says:

1:33 – you number your wifes? don’t they have names?

Dzulfiqar Al Ghifari says:

can you review Edifier W860NB?

TheTitan2025 says:

Quality production as usual Jimmy. These headphones seem very promising.

Davis Jackson says:

Heres a cool story. I am being 100% honest. My dad works at a thrift shop fyi. But a week ago he was telling me about these headphones, and today he walks in the door with them in his hands. Guess how much he got them for.

$14.99. True story.

Christian Petrosian says:

Hmm, it looks like… )

Redlantern says:

Who’s wifey 2? Lol

Mike Rhine says:

At least listening to this review on my XM2s the BOSE sound much better than the Nuraphones.

TheOnlyKaleb says:

Can you review the Panasonic hd605n please? I wanna see how their nc fairs against other competitors.

Phillip Phage says:

I like watching your videos even if I am not going to purchase any of the devices, headphones or any gear you review mainly because I’m a tech gadget connoisseur. I know tech connoisseur will agree watching your detailed videos is very very satisfying.

Riant says:

Sound quality wise between the Sony and Nuarphones which are the best? You didn’t go extremely in depth on the sound quality comparison between the two. Thanks.

Mr. Mantastic says:

Thank you Jimmy for the quality review! Well done.

John Ngui says:

not surprised the bose has tons more bass

Alex says:

Thanks for the great review, Jimmy! I do have a small suggestion or request. Can you please add testing wearing the tested headphones with glasses on in the future headphone reviews? Just to see how glasses affect the comfort, sound and noise cancelling? You don’t need real glasses, just frames are enough.

HdZ says:

The problem is there is no webpage to buy them and ship them to mexico

Johnny Zhou says:

Them hand motions

don julio says:

Can you cover the bose s1

William Li says:

How does these compare with the Beoplay H9i?

Laudegrance Mondejar says:

Can you, please, make a review of the PANASONIC RP-HD605N (HiRes) Headphone?
I learned that this ANC headphone supports LDAC.
Thank you very much!

Emil Olsson says:

Could you try the oldest JVC boomblaster and compare it with the JBL boombox

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