Noise Cancelling Headphones Review: Sennheiser vs Bose vs Beats Demonstration

Sonic Sense compares noise-canceling and audio of Bose’s Quiet Comfort 15, Sennheiser’s PXC 450, Beats Studio, Extreme Isolation’s EX-29, and Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50x.
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Salvador Formento says:

the best review ever!

Batuhan Bulur says:

bose is the best

Victor Vidal says:

sennheiser HD 180 are good ?

TheFriendlyamoeba says:

the website isnt working?
Have you guys shut it all down?

Liu Berg says:

Great video! Now take a look at FIIL Diva headphones, which comes with music storage, touch control, smart sensor and various patented ANC modes. Back us up and we’ll subvert your knowledge of headphones!

inot1105 says:

That EX-29 is very impressive. 🙂

Vault Boy DSO says:

Bose Quite Comfort 15 is best at noise cancelling, and Beats Studio are great at bass but not much on the noise cancelling, I have both of them but one is better

Gazer PVP says:

my beats studio wireless’s noise cancellation only works on one ear and the sound is louder on the right than the left. Anyone got an idea or solution ? thanks

Harrison Crutcher says:

Can people around you hear the thing you are listening to at all when you use a Bose Quiet Comfort??

austin welch says:

for the price VS performance.. id probably pick up those audio technicas

Burak Başıbüyük says:

I’m living in a very noisy street i have my finals exams but I can’t concentrate because of kids screaming etc. I need to buy a headphone for this. Can you guys give me an advice? Money isn’t an issue.

Kevin Wang says:

ok so bose or sennheiser?

Mark Wu says:

why is beats here

Jesus ortega Gonzalez says:

rest in peace sonicsene

Non Seance Speaks says:

extream isolation was my favorite

Jermaine Reid says:

I love beats studio 2.0

no google plus says:

Amazing shootout vid, thanks so much!

FSXgta says:

Im getting sony ones, they are cheaper and work just as fine

Panae Jark says:

As active noise reduction headphones, Beats is a bit of a disappointment… on the other hand, the Extreme Isolation headphones were surprisingly excellent in noise cancellation. Hats off to Bose, Sennheiser, and Direct Sound.

Salvador Formento says:

Bose wins!

Karlo Brutsch says:

very cool way to test headphones

Joe Black says:

The (b) brand can’t even compare to Bose or Sennheiser. (b) is the biggest piece of garbage on the planet and can’t be in the same category of the two high end brands.

P.G. K says:

Fritz told me he hates beats.

Jermaine Reid says:

peace and love

Chung Ray says:

So far I don’t see other youtubers conduct their review as convincing as this video.
Really looking forward for your review with latest noise cancelling headphone in 2016

DJ Welch says:


xXimortal-soulXx says:

Which is better for sound leakage? Beats studio 1.0 or beats studio 2.0? Ive had my beats studio 1.0 for about 2.5 years now but the sound leakage is terrible.

coolnanel says:

Excellent video

intra morph says:

damn why didn’t i find this video before… it would’ve changed the way i view headphones and probably help me pick a passive noise cancellation instead i got the sony mdr 1000x -_-
great review thanks for the video. very informative indeed!!!

Carlos Córdoba says:

Always the best shootouts! Thanks!

Haasgen says:

Great review! That’s a very good comparison, showing the headphones in action! Thanks a lot!

Carson Lujan says:

Bose is the best no doubt but how do they do it so well??????

Andrei Lyubivy says:

Very nice !

Fyre UK says:

Bose is good for noise isolation. Beats is modified so you can boost it by equalizer……noise cancelling for Beats is OK, but BOSE is way over the charts(You literally can’t hear anything, try it in a airplane)

Juan Pablo Zuñiga says:

Best review ever made! Thank you!

Tim Garcia says:

Awesome method! Helps a lot.

tillallareoneluv says:

Subscribed.   I think you have ruined me for “the bose/beats/whatever sound really good.”  unsubstantial reviews you find out there.

totizedger says:

Soundwise i liked the Audio-Technica M50x and Bose Quiet Comfort 15 the most where the Audio-Technica is the best one. The Sennheiser sounded very muffled which is very surprising, as always the Beats sounded horrible. the one i liked the most when it comes to isolation is the Extreme Isolation EX-29

Harrison Crutcher says:

To my ears the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 had the best sound and literally made the traffic noise non existent.

G. Stankevičius says:

#1 ATH-m50x, #2 Bose, #3 Beats or Sound Isolation – both shit, but SI is pretty nice for isolating the shit out of your background…and Beats are good for like… nothing

Juan Pablo Zuñiga says:

Best review ever made! Thank you!

kelvin spriggs says:

wow Extreme Isolation was so good, completely trounced the other more expensive models and it’s passive !!!

Myrhon Briones says:

Bose q15 is amazing when it comes to noise canceling! Did it get better on the newer q25 and q35?

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