NEW Bose Quiet Comfort 35ii (New 2017-2018 MODEL) – REVIEW

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I bought this to test and review.

Bose QC35ii Review
Bose Quiet Comfort 35ii Review


Farhaan Jalia says:

If there is one thing I have learned from these videos, it is this – “You never know when these things will go on sale”

Asir Nael says:

Can you charge the Bose with a iPhone charger (I just mean the output)

Michael Manjin says:

Great review. I watched this review the day after purchasing the QC 35ii. Got them at a $50 dollar discount from Best Buy which was the motivating factor for my purchase. My Bose QC 15 which I’ve owned for quite a few years and plan to keep for many more years, is surprisingly still very good when compared against the newer QC 35. In many instances there was very little difference in noise cancelling. The main difference was in the sound quality but even then not nearly as big a difference as I would have thought. I look forward to many years of enjoyment from my QC 35.

Chana Masala says:

Jim the type of guy to pull apart his burger and stretch it out to test its durability before eating it.

Yens says:

Tried them in a store a few weeks ago, noisy, just off a Main Street in the city. Noise cancelling was beyond impressive. Just bought a pair today, on sale. Very keen

Minezort says:

Bose Quiet Comfort 35ii – 20% off here: *vdіgіtаl. іnfо*

J sally says:

Are they good for the gym ??

Malachi Patterson says:

Does the ANC on this compare to the bose A20? I have. Pair of A20, and I love them to death, they just have a little to many extra features that I don’t need when I’m outside the cockpit

Sergii Luchko says:

Jim, why did you decide not to tell a few words about their codecs? About missing aptx, for example? Is there any lag in time when you watching video or playing video games in them?

qasid khan says:

Bose QC 35 directly from AMAZON

Barnaby Bevan says:

Very informative and well made video

Usman Sheikh says:

this is my next pair of over the ears

Big Daddy Toyota Corola says:

6:32 calm your breathing jesus

Rima Salman says:

these are the best headphones I have ever purchased

SunsGettingRealLow says:

These or Bowers & Wilkins PX??

Vineesh Boss says:

watching this video while using Bose QC 35

TurNickup says:

This channel is so underrated bruh. Love these reviews

Soy Phea says:

I am watching this video with a Bose QC35 ii

...I’m Not Telling You says:

35 ii vs B&O H9i ?

Ralf Roovers says:

Jim is the man!

syncs gaming says:

Beats or Bose’s ?

Charles Ransdell says:

Fantastic reviews. If anything this review may provide support to purchase the QC 35s discounted.

Comanche Viper says:

I noticed on Amazon they have this same headset but it pulls up Alexa instead of the Google. I think that’s pretty cool since I myself use Alexa quite a bit in my home

GY3C Offical says:

Great quality video! I can’t wait to pick up my own pair, once I scrape enough money from my college budget of course haha. I feel that the anc would help me stay focused when I study as well!

Kevin22156 says:

His face look so crisp at 1080p 1:46

Muhamad Hamdy says:

You see this @ 7:23 is my problem with ANC headphones!! You can clearly hear people are talking around you. This was a very big disappointment, especially that lots of people described the ANC as mind blowing. I mean, I specifically do not want to listen to other people around me, when will they make headphones that can do this. Also the cabin pressure is a real issue with Bose ANC in general. I hear others say its not an issue with the Sony 1000xm2/3 but i didn’t try it.

Abhishek Tiwari says:

one year back I’d never though I’d be able to own one of these beautiful babies, but here I am 😀 I guess your review was the sole motivator for this decision mate

Matt Maher says:

You just made me buy these headphones as i was unsure about them before hand! Especially with the hefty price tag! Thank you! Subscribed!!

Mexiyeah says:

Are these gym friendly?

Todd Saylor says:

thought that was a walkman at 1:25

Rod Schermerhorn says:

Got mine yesterday,the blue special edition.loooove them!!perfect!great review

Martin Abad says:

Cabron eres bien feooo jajajaja

Bren Cody says:

I can purchase these headphones for $259. Should I go for it?

Asir Nael says:

I’m very confused and don’t know what to buy. Should I buy Beats Solo 3 Wireless on-ear or Bose QuietComfort 35 ii. What would you recommend?

Cscuile says:

Note: The buttons on the headphones WILL NOT WORK when in wired mode. Wired mode is needed for low latency. This means that when the wires are connected, the Noise cancellation turns on and you have no way to turn it off aside from turning off the headphones entirely, but this causes the quality of sound to go down significantly. These are heavily flawed headphones for its price.

protocol says:

another great review!
q: based on your reviews, it looks like the above-ear gap-to-band is smaller on these than the gap on the beats studio3 wireless?

I’m looking for wireless anc headphones with a small gap, where the band is close to the head, if you know what I mean, any recommendations?

Andrew Johnson says:

Thank you for your review. Have now purchased a pair for £260 in the UK / around the same in US dollars, on Amazon.

Jake Pachucinski says:

Can you use alexa on these now?

Christian Ison says:

Is there monthly if you connect to Alexa???

Raed Alharbi says:

Is there any plug for the cord ? like the original QC 35 ?

Christopher Rzasa says:

just picked these up on amazon on cyber monday for 300, i’m hype

Make Soccer Great Again says:

What do you do when you have an iPhone?

Paul Eslage says:

nice review! but one question: can I plug a cable into the left side? I still want to use it with devices that don’t have bluetooth.

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