New Beats Studio 2.0 Over-Ear (2013) Headphone Review

The New Beats Studio is an improvement, but has major flaws.

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Brendan Bellingham says:

These or The Solo 2 Wireless? Options??

WassellThatAbout says:

I like these a lot but I got the wired version so I didn’t have to charge them constantly but nope you still have to charge them and it’s a complete fucking drag. Probably going to sell them.

ExoticGrundy says:

although it does automatically turn on when you plug the cable in

iODog says:

Hey dude, great video! Just got myself a pair of the blue ones and they are pretty good myself. I know you made this video a few years ago, but now their is a way to replace the ear cushions. You can find the one that match the headphone, and the kit usually comes with a tool and a guide to take them off. Hope this got you a little more information! Take care

Anderson Nascimento says:

bought today at bestbuy for 149.. desappointed with the noice cancelling. returning tomorrow

crashfellow82 says:

Did this fix the issue with the original where if it was plugged into an iPhone and a call came through it would create static?

JediKnightNahom says:

does the power button have light when it’s in use. I had to reset mine and now it has the light showing through it.

homen2010 says:

Asian bieber??

Fruit basket says:

mine have a creaking noise and when the headphones aren’t folded the hinges still move a little is that normal

Peyton Zahnd says:

Do jvc xx headphones!!!

Nicholas Gaming and Magic says:

what $280 there $90 at the best buy christmas sale online

KillerDolphin Crew says:

He said he got from Dicksmithelectronics

TheGamingSaiyan97 says:

Seems like a piece of shit for the price range. Thanks for the video, I’ll steer clear. The hiss itself is a reason for me not to buy them. I’ll stick with the Acoustic QC 25. Bose _never_ disappoints.

Allen Iverson says:

just buy them on amazon those red ones are 180$ on amazon

BoyBalastog says:

Those are some pretty significant flaws, Lachlan. With any other brand, you’d probably rip them apart for such ergonomic problems at the price, or at least get a No recommendation. But this one gets a pass as a Maybe in your spreadsheet? Is it just because your expectations are lower that you came out pleasantly surprised that Beats didnt completely suck? Or maybe you’re just more inclined to go against the flow with all the anti-Beats circlejerking? It just doesn’t come off as your usual honesty.

Abraham Soto says:

The Earpads are removable

Cesar Gonzalez says:

Can u listen to the music without the cable?

ItsGabi says:

bieber hair

NoishDeLaStreet Gaming says:

too much plastic for me

Simon Chuo says:

I think for 150 and 290 (wired and wireless on sale price) these are okay. I’ve gone through so many headphones (momentums, nad viso hp50, Bose qc25) and I just keep coming back to beats. I dunno if it’s just the style or brand or something but I just really like Beats. Plus with the studio wireless there’s not really many other headphone that deliver Bluetooth and some anc unless you wanna spend over 500 dollars.

matt bern says:

review the marshall monitor headphones

TheNotoriousT.A.M. says:

What’s that hairstyle called?

Nick Shelton says:

I don’t remember the hiss being as loud as is mentioned here, but I guess that’s because I blast music constantly.

Seth Gray says:

I got a pair of beats studio for $400 at Jb Hi Fi are they real

The P Word says:

Did you guys notice the box in the backround

Elvis Chipana says:

does it bother u since ur wearing glasses


Hey i have blue tooth problems i cant connect them to mah phone pls help

NoName says:

Cut your shitty hair

My Nigga says:

beats studio 2.0 wireless the same as the Beats studio wireless

NoishDeLaStreet Gaming says:

Is it still good ?

Tanner Garretson says:

How long does it take to charge?

Rizkya Putri says:

please tell me where the charger jack n how to charge it??

Daryl Martin says:

I got my pair for 209 😛

Nathan Pipkins says:

Actually you can replace the ear pads…

Alex Maldonado says:

combichrist en tu monitor yeahhh

Lakeisha Lee says:

can I connect to android ? (samsung galaxy note 4)

tankdog03 says:

cut ur hair women

Arcazazel says:

I just got these at brookstone clearance at $86. There’s no way I can get ripped off at this point.

The Kung Fu Kid says:

An asian with a british accent. Neato! 😀

Nebulous Gamer says:

Hey ricegum

Elias says:

The problem of the unremovable earcups is a much bigger problem than with the hinges. I’ve got them for 1 year now and the ‘leather’ did already come apart. Haven’t had a problem with the hinges so far.

Matthew Conboy says:


Charlie Riley says:

I got those in that couloir and I don’t get the noise interfersnce noise of the notice cancelation I just here pure music

Gabriel Ignacio says:

So I just got a pair of these but wireless and while the anc pretty much means you’ll have to charge them, the Bluetooth model kinda remedies that a bit as it technically forces you to remember to charge the headphones considering the nature of Bluetooth hardware.

Over Opinionated Production's says:

I do think beats are good but the price

Noel Ferdous Rez says:

I had it for a year and the left ear cup doesn’t work anymore

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