My Favorite Wireless Headphones | 2018!

Better hop on this wireless train before it leaves the station…
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Surface Headphones:
Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT:
Jaybird Run:
Jaybird X3:
Bose QC35 II:

Video Gear I use:
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ben Charity says:

Sony WH-1000M3 tank all of these idk how you haven’t even thought about them, best noise cancelling in any headphones and great sound quality and amazing base

Gaming with Sam says:

can you review treblab z2?

FishBee Productions says:

The Microsoft headphones definitely win in the looks department!

FairThatsMe says:

Sleeping on the 1000XM3s..! Need a review of these asap.

Jaystiqs says:

Video quality on point! I like how you explained the noise cancelation with sound.

Jaime R. Garza says:

I have tested a lot of Bluetooth headphones and the best in terms of sound are the Sennheiser PXC 550. And the best in terms of connectivity, confortable and easy to use are the Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC. Why haven’t you mentioned them? , they are probably the best of all.

Armaan Agrawal says:

The Bowers and Wilkins PX are also right up there with these. Do give them a try MKBHD!

Daniel Hofmeister says:

Did you have the opportunity to try the new Sennheiser momentum true wireless earpods yet?

4uper 4uperko says:


The Rolling Troll says:

Bose is not, and never has been, a good audio brand.
That was never their selling point. They sell functionality and design, not sound quality.
If you end up at Bose for sound quality, you haven’t done your research quite well enough.

That said, I am not sure if I am happy about all this wireless stuff.
Bluetooth is nowhere near a good copper wire in terms of audio quality.
These wireless things are just shoved down our throats and we’ll just have to get used to them.
Even serious brands that make proper, proper headphones like AudioTechnica are now doing the wireless one and at a similar price point, the wireless ones are so much worse than the wired ones.
I hope manufacturers don’t forget that not everyone uses their headphones with their phone, but also with a decent hi-fi. Let’s hope at least headphones keep that audio input jack.

Kevin Berggren says:

Surface headphones looks decent!

Kiran Suryawanshi says:

Superb video, great timing as I am looking for these babies

Cesar Nunez says:

Sony Headphones destroy the competition. I have the mdr 1000x. even though they are a couple years old, they are still better than anything that bose has to offer. A couple of my friends have bose headphones and mine have better music quality, more base and are overall louder.


You whould try out Meters Music OV-1 and OV-1 b for headphones 😉

Thomas Mah Chut says:

You didn’t mention Jabra

Myrmidon says:

If Apple released Air-pods with an in-ear design I would switch to them from my Jaybirds immediately. In ear earphones just sound so much richer and can isolate noise so much better, especially with foam tips.

Nonbelieverification says:

No offense, but wireless never comes close to wired cans if you are after the best sound quality experience.

Lilavoc says:


TheProdigy says:

Nice collections and review man for music lovers hope to have one of those… YOUROCK!!! SUBSCRIBED!

Aidan Payan says:

I’m just patiently waiting for the smart phone of the year awards.

Mihajlo Vidaković says:

The fact that Marques is trying so hard in youtube and still not having 10 m is just sad.

Samyak Gadepalli says:

I have the Bose. Rlly happy with it.

ParalyzedTaillow says:

What do you say about the Jabra 65T and it’s variants?

Super says:

Too bad the Surface headphones dont have ALEXA

Tom Hoogendoorn says:

thanks a lot. I was looking for this. I am currently using a beats solo 3, that i got for free with my laptop. But I really dislike the fact that they are ON-ear.

Vivaswan Damle says:

How are the Underarmour Headphones that Rock advertizes

Potato2840 Ali says:

Marques brownlee is rich

D58 Gaming says:

I like my studio 2s

Kamil Saitov says:

You definitely need to check out those Sony headphones. They sound great, the sound cancelling is just dope, and they feature a very sleek nice design! Looking forward to your review!

Julian says:

Awesome Video, enjoyed it 🙂

Kunle Balogun says:

You really need to review the Sonys; WH1000XM2(or 3) and MDR1000x. Please?

PhantomMatrix says:

Those surface headphones sounds amazing! 2:14 What will apples move be with their Beats?

Bradley Hull says:

That intro song is dooooope!!!!

veenified says:

I love the Muse “Simulation Theory” cameo.

Mister Shirokov says:

Hi, I‘ve been using my Sennheiser HD 280 Pro for quite a while but given all that situation with no HPJ it seems that I’ll have to upgrade… So which one (if any) would be an adequate replacement for my good old 280s? I mean audio quality and general durability (like using them outdoors for years etc.)?

YRF Films says:

Best headphone video without sony………..well done. IDIOT

Luciano Di Gennaro says:

368 intro anyone?

Altruistic says:

Sony fanboys are just as terrible as some android phone manufacturers’ fanboys.. It’s his FAVOURITE headphones ffs.. who care what you think of the MX3..

Infinite Justice says:

Hey you guys, black women are jealous Marques is dating a white girl.

Leon Petkov says:

Oooh, I like you even more now, cause you listen to Muse haha <3

Crypto Chan says:

subjective until you try them yourself

Mounish Dholakia says:

Microsoft is making some real good products this year 2018. MS Surface go + MS wireless headphones – that is good present for Christmas 2018

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