MY EARS!!! // SmartOmni Bluedio Hurricane Turbine Headphone Review

This is my review of the SmartOmni Bluedio Hurricane Turbine H Black Headphone Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Studio Earbud…. stop. Why can’t cheap products just have simple names? Company Name – Model Name (1-2 words) is all we ever need!
These are wireless Bluetooth headphones that work fine with my phone, but NOT my Linux laptop.


Product sent free for review.

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NtheLip Z says:

Over the ear is what I use and prefer. I’ve been looking to upgrade my Turtle Beach head set because after a long gaming session ( let’s say two hours into it) start to hurt my ears and head and the repositioning begins. They have actually fallen of my head, in this process, and smashed the mute button when they hit the hardwood floor which broke the micro board where it is attached. Needles to say the mute button no longer works. Great videos and even better information!

WhiteBoyWithAnIpod says:

Why did you edit your eyes in the thumbnail?

Dobranican says:

Over the ear, is the best IMO.
I like the feel much better than anything else and it helps for long editing/recording sessions.

Tahmas Kenchers says:

I love over ears cause I love the feeling of something eating my ear plus I have the added effect of not hearing my wife when shes saying something cause the block out “noise” better. 🙂 Awesome vid as usual.

Ashley Petersen says:

downloading a free equalizer app helps too

William Knak says:

did you use it for half an hour or more ? does it hurt ears?

James Draven says:

I like earbuds for running and over ear for my normal listening on the computer.

Tek Overclocked says:

i bought the white version of them, and i did not like the way they fit, so i put them back on the box, i was going to review them, but nah really dislike they way they feel in your ears. glad i bought them thought and not sent for review LOL

iseerashonal says:

how is the sound quality compared to the status hd one and the sms?

Juan Franco says:

I like on the ear, because when its cold outside I just put them on and it keeps my ear warm. lol

ぶき buki says:


Tek Overclocked says:

that big eye thumbnail thought LOL

sneh parab says:

Fantastic Baby by Big bang eh?
btw, awesome review
could you do a review on the mpow muze?

Silwyn Prabhakaran says:

what about bass

SilvaShadow1990 says:

I’d prefer over the ear, since anything on the ears can give slight discomfort, having small elf-ish like ears and all. The headphones name sounded like something an anime character would shout before using a special attack or something LMAO

thomas burrows says:


Steve Potgieter says:

I like over the ear headphones. Last pair of on the ear headphones I had (can’t remember the brand) actually hurt my ears after just a half hour. My ears do stick out a bit and having them smushed up against my scull was just not working for me. I currently use a pair of x1 Turtle beaches (Had them for years and they still work) so a new pair of earphones would be nice.

Rushabh Chheda says:


Andrew Tan says:

I prefer on ear headphones even though sometimes it can be annoying when you are wearing them outside and its like 90 degrees outside.

Sniped Dead says:

hey epos!
i need advice.
i have a mouse pad for razer (golaiathus or something)
a 2014 razer limited edition mouse and razer ultimate keyboard 2016, my headphones gamecom have been with me for about 5 years now, and they broke, now after all this, i need to know, should i buy a razer or another type of headphones?
something that costs around 120$-150$.
thanks!! 🙂
sorry for the comment and for bad english.

Capp00 says:

I prefer the bigger cans (giggity) as I like it to not push up against my ears, but sit comfortably on my skull with my ears comfortably inside.

Manoj Shanake says:

i love to have one !!!

Erwin de Vries says:

Better then beats got them great bass only beats has stronger material ths is made of cheap plastic but sounds great for 20 dollars my country 20 euro new.

TwinCams says:

Are you saying my $8 ProHT headphones dont do the job? 😉

Caden Mitchell says:

I have used these on Ubuntu and I got them to work fine. I had to go to the system settings after they were connected and go to sound settings and change the sound output to the device and then in a little box that says Headset Unit or something like that click it and change it to high fidelity playback or something like that. then turn down your volume! 😉

Slash Valintino says:

over the ear whenever possible. You just can’t get the same sound quality out of anything smaller.

ZhoustFrags says:

I prefer over ze ear or the headphones that are my ears heuheuuheuhe. Kappa

TSH Music says:

you look very different without mustache and beard

MrFrizbeeman says:

These headphones have a thin plastic head band that breaks very easy once broken they are useless. They only sound good over blue tooth when connected to aux no bass at all.

Dinky The Dinosaur says:

I like on the ear headphones for me there the most comfortable for me

CaptainPrice889 says:

over the ear headphones, Good video!

wonjin Lee says:

lol I love kpop

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