Microsoft Surface Headphones – Worth $350?

Spent some time with the Microsoft Surface Headphones and here’s my full review! With features like a volume control dial, touch controls, and an adjustable noise cancelling to ambient noise feature, will you be picking up a pair?

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Microsoft Surface Headphones –

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Jianan He, lead videographer and editor
Malcolm Grant, second shooter

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Fernando Abreu says:

Great work, thanks!! Qq: what’s the stand/where can I find it right in the beginning of the Vid (7s)? Really like it to rock my new MSFT headphones!

Sahil Singh says:

I like this headphone but it is so expensive

Christian Chason says:

7:38 finally made me make my mind up on buying these or the sony xm3. Definitely xm3. Can’t wait to see the next version of the surface headphones though

Leobardo Morales says:

I would buy them but have big ears and they would just lay on them

Don't says:

My phone’s screen cracked while I was watching this…

Infamous King says:

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Noor Uddin says:

Listening to travis scott i see u

shawk 2023 says:

Is Sony mark 3 better

Sweetarts says:

it’s a good day to use Microsoft surface headphones u got for Christmas to watch uravgconsumer

Hi-Fi Insider says:

the design looks like $10 gas station headphones.

javi Rodriguez says:

work with xbox?

sharan joseph says:

Can you use a usb c to aux cable?

KarpyDroid says:

U look like Tracy from Like Mike
(Google it)

brad ledford says:

you can get an s8+ on amazon for aroud $330, no those headphones arent worth it

vMods says:

Please make an updated house tour

Matthew Smithey says:

Also try and review the “air” by crazy baby nano

DeadlyBrianX says:

Well sorry, the Sony WH 1000mx3 feature multi pairing headphones, bigger battery, and better sound quality. Good headphones though.

Nate Smith says:

You lost me at Microsoft product…

Matthew McLaren says:

Great video! Thanks for reviewing a product that other YouTubers haven’t covered yet!

Dante Corbett says:

Not worth it, rather get the Jabra Elite 85h

Anil kumar Bhagat says:

bro pls do a house tour

Pratik Mehta says:

Pls do best in hear Bluetooth video

Armin Ganic says:

This is a really quality review, thanks man!

Rachit Sethi says:

Pls make a real day in the life with a budget phone again

Sudyut07 hd says:

I totally agree with your review! Great review!

ICY 300 says:

These headphones are wicked !!!!!

Isaac Reyes says:

My god this guys voice is so calming and clear.

AMSteele90 says:

Microsoft really need to stop venturing into areas it doesnt belong

G@me0ver says:

We need those in black!

Jason Mamoa says:

They are great looking headphones. directly out of Star War movie.

Mohamad Khalil Hamieh says:

is it good for gaming ?

shawoo says:

There is only 1 questions that needs to be answered. Are these better than the QC35s?

Jwcob says:

Surface vs n1

Ben Wandler says:

Can you make more tech you can really afford

Allen Schneider says:

who else got random flashes of yellow at 0:52

TryHard Channel says:

Instructions unclear. Honestly, who uses Cortana? Can you set it up so instead of picking up “Hey, Cortana” it will be picking up “Hey, Google”?

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