Microsoft Surface Headphones Review: They won’t be dethroning Sony or Bose

Microsoft made its billions in software, but the allure of the hardware game has kept it busy with consoles, media players, mice, computers, tablets and now headphones.

The $349 Surface Headphones are the tech giant’s foray into the audiophile game. The wireless headphones sport adjustable noise cancellation and touchpad controls. That’s not unexpected. But these branded over-the-ear cans also have a little friend trapped inside, Cortana.

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J K says:

Wow! So they can put USB C on headphones but not a Surface Pro? That’s just rubbing it in our faces.

Solal Bouchon says:

What about Sennheiser

Coffee_boy Black says:

You guys should review creative new headphone. Holographic sounds

Donovan R says:

Needs color options, black at the very least.

Francesco Varrato says:

Another listening device?! I want a DuckDuckGo headset

Lederhosen Pants says:

Didn’t know Dwight worked for Engadget

Henry Ijeoma says:

Well mkbhd disagrees lol

Strand says:

Nice hardware. The twisting dial is a good idea, but stop trying to make Cortana happen

wixostrix says:

Only a monster would want to noise cancel out their cats 😛 Good review. I think the assistance will come more useful when LTE inevitable finds it’s way on accessories like this.

Ananthan Rajeevan says:

Mkbhd uses them. So..

Albert Paul Fetalino says:

They are the new guy, but a new guy with more that 800 billion in their pockets. Sooooo it will not be surprising that they will buy Bose im a few years LOL

world wide says:

At $350, why would I go for these over Bose or Sony…or indeed any other make?

Noctis Altura says:

Looks bad


This is total pathetic shit as compared to Sony MDR 1000X . And this is nothing but a modified copy that’s what Microsoft always does copy and modify shit try make it a bit better and market that Shit.

awkc 63 says:

Also, AI is pretty much useless. Wtf is the point unless you’re beyond lazy?

FoSsiL924 says:

I guess it’s cool M$ came out with headphones but everyone knows Bose rules after that I use Beats as for Sony everyone knows they never invented anything electronic they usually just steal others ideas and tweak it. I would never buy a Sony TV or headphones and to be honest I wouldn’t buy these Headphones either I would wait for the second generation so they could fix them or tweak them

Brandon Bradford says:

Audiophile game? XD bose isn’t IN the audio game.

Allan Sh says:

Cortana has to look up Wikipedia for Master Chief’s info?

awkc 63 says:

The best? Matter of opinion, I don’t agree that Sony and Bose are the top 2. They’re great headphones, but not the best.

Marcus Vincent Garcia says:

Looks like a ripoff of B&O headphone

Stephen Atwood says:

You plan on ignoring your cats while wearing these headphones?  You might have signed your own death warrant with this act of self-contained introspection.

i have to wait 90 days before i change my name says:

*Why isn’t connecting to my Nokia…*

ARS says:

What if Apple made headphones like these….?

V WorldWide says:

How would you have it without being set up thru a phone or tablet or some source ?you would have to be able to get online come engadget.

One Two says:

Only way to compete is with price. And I would easily turn these down for so the Sony.

jay t says:

Cortana in the UK, on windows phone, ios, android or pc is better than the rest… The big issue is hardware. There is no standalone hardware apart from these headphones and one very very good speaker.

Alexa and Google have loads Nd also the apps to support it all.

MS needs to wake up but atleast two devices is better than one overpriced speaker from apple.

Mike LoPinto says:

Ducka ducka ducka ducka ducka ducka ducka eeeeeeeeeeeeYYYYYYYYYY

Mayank Singh says:

Bose is Boss in music industry

rrodriguez0001 says:

As far as I know both Sony or Bose do not make a wireless, over the ear, headphone that works with Windows 10. You can connect the existing headset via cable but not wireless. I’m glad MS has moved to resolve this problem. I wonder if these headphones feels hot on the ear with extended use.

Vinit Vyas says:

“I was able to tune out my coworkers and my cat when necessary”: That’s just plain wrong. That’s not how ANC (active noise cancellation) works. It works by creating a 180° out of phase sound to the surroundings. What that means is that it can ONLY resolve noise that’s consistent and to a certain degree repeatable (like airplane engine sound, computer lab sounds, etc) and not anything that’s not predictable (like coworkers talking, or cat sounds). Saying otherwise is just misleading for viewers.

NTH THN says:

Ofc it’s not worth it.

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