Microsoft Surface Headphone – REVIEW (VS Bose QC35ii + Sony 1000xm3) Listen!


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Sam Fisher says:


EncomPL asd says:

Had the xm1 xm2 xm3 but the biggest factor for me was the constant headaches after being a programmer who uses his headphones 10-15h a day…

The sound quality is better if you’re a bass head on the Sony and Surface
But I’m a classical, jazz, Rock guy who prefers the mid-range balanced audio of Bose which’
I’ve been once wearing for 24h cause they’re so comfortable I’ve got to sleep in them ..
Didn’t even realise I had them on

Marcuss Yoingco says:

listening to this on my mdr1000x in 2018 ha ha ha ha :'(

jetson wu says:

The design looks is really great .

Tayo Ramirez says:

Im broke but always click on every new video

Blaze d. says:

Name of the songs please!!!

KnightMD says:

AAAAAAnd sony it is

Sahil Pethe says:

How’s the bass of the 1000xm3 vs MDR950BT? I just LOVE the 950. And I don’t want to switch if the 1000s don’t have as much bass as the 950s.

Laurence Bajao says:

Jim do you have a review on DOLBY hradphone?

Ripple Effect says:

the best reviewer on the INTERNET JIM

ALI Ganjian says:

Microsoft dial and controls are great

Design Upgrade says:

Bose is the most relaxing to listen

Hamza Kasry says:

Thanks for the good quality video and comparison! Was waiting for it!

Abdul Majeed says:

I think you are paid by Sony

Khaled Salhani says:

Great video man!

García Sarmiento de Sotomayor says:

I think the Sony WH-1000xm3 is overpriced

2good2be4gott says:

Just purchased Sony. Was going to get the surface, but too short battery life. 🙁

Bodhisattwa Mondal says:

Ohh! Underrated channel !

Injamamul Golder says:

Jim you are doing some next level stuff man. The work you’re doing is commendable.

blacklizted says:


Sunil Datla says:

For 1st generation Microsoft nailed it.

Joe Moran says:

Can someone tell me what was the music being played?

Cookies n Cream Gaming says:

Welp, keep coming competitors. I’m afraid Sony’s XM3’s are the reigning champions.

Rohit Kumar says:

Listening to this video from my M3s

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