Meze headphones review

Meze headphones sent me some wooden headphones for review. Very nice headphones, and the review ended up more interesting than I expected.

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Henrique Corrêa says:

well, I prefer strong bass XD

Marco2G says:

I’ve just been to their website and saw the price. Yikes!

Periklis Arnaoutis says:

So what’s the sum of the review ? … Cry baby, cry.

katie kat says:

Awww she’s so cute

samuel bhend says:

I can’t explain why, but I become kind of unsecure on using any kind of machine or even simple things like driving tractors etc. when not hearing them 100%       I do have a pair of headphones with radio, but I always wear only 1 of the cups on an ear, and the other one somewhere else on the head… This way I feel safe and confident while driving tractor or using machines.

dequinox says:

I love the order of operations on this one, first cut the headphones w/ a German carving knife, THEN unscrew them to see if they are real wood! The baby is looking quite cute & healthy by the way, keep up the good work!

Zulfi Mirza says:

Hey matthias saw you on the tv in the UK. You international superstar.

Shane-O says:

“Music with a lot of bass” and then you said “Jesse cook” hahaha
I love it! I thought you were gonna say some rap music artist not new age flamenco with a twist of jazz! That had me rolling! Only you Matthias…

guoferozz says:

I know one youtuber that will not get more product promotions 😀

pumpuppthevolume says:

what do u mean u don’t have an iPhone or Android….. just call them up and tell em u want to make some videos about making wooden cases for phones

Frosty. says:

I don’t get it, why not just turn the bass down if you prefer it lower? Unless you are plugging into a cd player or something, its not tricky



MetusBatmanV4 says:

Shit, all about that bass, bitch.

Mac Swanton says:

Honestly, I’ve always heard that solid wood was too resonant to be used for speaker enclosures. It makes sense to me that solid walnut would sound boomy. Maybe you did Meze a huge service and didn’t know it

emad elba says:

I Like your direct solutions , , and there is a problem I will ask you about it, I’ve heard about the use of egg cartons as a soundproof,, is it the right way ? What is the way you propose to isolate the noise inside the workshop especially table saw & router ….

MIKERPOTATO,guns,games says:

Next video from Matthias building a house

FloorManiac says:

You should do more product reviews. This was both informative and quite interesting. I like how you instantly modified them.

ExStatic Bass says:

Gold plating doesn’t improve sound quality. It is purely for keeping connections from corroding. Technically if you wanted to improve sound quality you would use silver or aluminum. The problem is the tarnish or oxidization film that develops over time on such connections. This causes an increase in resistance and degradation of signal. Take it from an audio engineer, gold plating has it’s place but does not function to improve sound quality. It’s merely an anticorrosive agent.

Kardall says:

USD$309 You have got to be joking… I am sorry, but I don’t listen to that much music with headphones to justify spending that much money. I think the most I ever spent is $129 on a pair of Razer Carcharias wired headphones, which my vacuum made swift work of one day. Never replaced them.

I will keep an eye out on the company though, competition is always a good thing.

Johnfranco says:

Hello have you ever made wood bed risers? (Lifters) I have looked all over YouTube and there is no videos on how to make them. I have bunk beds with a 2″ post. Can you show us how is made thanks.

Gerome says:

I have those white Sony headphones and they’re characteristically lower intense bass. So alot of other headphones will have stronger bass.

And there’s also no practical difference between gold/regular plugs.

حہبہيہبہ أِلشؤكہآؤى says:

My name is Habib and most observers of the channel and the God you are an artist in a very business splendor of thy brother in God from Iraqانا اسمي حبيب ومن اشد المتابعين لقناتك والله انك فنان في عملك جدا روعة اخوك في الله من العراق

Clarion says:

Breaking headphones in takes hundreds of hours FYI

Павел Хмельницкий says:


Cruceru Malin says:

didn’t imagine he would have had a gaming laptop

Zhenying Luo says:

OMG, your baby is so cute.
You are the first one I saw to actually modify the headphone when reviewing it. Good job.

strangersound says:

Excellent review. I’m guessing the wood muffs are extending the bass response. As for the break-in, this is usually done to mellow out tweeters of any harshness from being new. Nice modification adding the extra dampening. Perhaps they will consider this in future production runs. Maybe not since a lot of modern music is bass centric, but if they are looking for a flatter and more accurate response, you have done an excellent job doing the engineering for them…which is not surprising coming from you. Cheers! 🙂

Samir Albasre says:


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Hi my name is Joseph of Egypt, I really like Bchglk I Njarmemkn not know Beck

Lou Chan says:

Don’t be affraid of people around you. Teach them not to be affraid of you, if you mean no harm. But
tread carefully, with a big bag of forgivness and true, human justice.
I bow to all of you, true friends and human beings. Not, pure animals.

Jimmy Tran says:


Robert pendergast says:

Are you saying that stuffing the towel in the phones reduced the bass?
Do you now like the sound of the phones?
I bought another brand years ago with too much bass and removing two foam inserts reduced the base–>sound good.

Dan Carpenter says:

Bass needs empty space in which to move lots of air. Dampening them with a shop towel should make it more muffled. So, what would be a very cool project, is to take the hardware out of ear muffs, and make a new set with only half or 2/3 of the empty space. Theoretically, you wouldn’t be able to run them at full volume without major distortion, but then again, what sane person does that anyway. Or perhaps, you could use a veneer to limit the open space behind the speaker, but leaving a small open space behind the veneer. I would think that might solve the bass problem, while making them even better at reducing background noise. It would be tuff to not make the veener buzz though. Either way if you ever choose to do it, it would be cool to know the results.

Anton Suni says:

I had Little Big Sound puds. They are made out of different types of wood too. Sadly I broke them. They had very smooth sound.

Austin says:

Those headphones are finished in traditional Urushi lacquer. They are really well built. Wish I could afford a pair. I cringed a little when you took a chunk out of the cup! Still enjoyed the review though. Nice job as always, Matthias.

scoobtoober29 says:

Matthias can you please build some speakers and show your process!
I actually got into work working for home improvements and building speakers to save a few bucks. But I don’t want to try from scratch. Can you show us your tips and tricks for circles in MDF and assembly. Glue, no glue, caulking joints. Biscuits, T-nuts to hold speakers and anything else.

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