Meze 99 Classics Headphone Review

Big thanks to Meze for sending me these heaphones:

Cutting into the headphones:





PO Box 4791
Glen Allen Va. 23060



1thess523 says:

Now that’s how you do a headphone review! I have wasted so much time looking at “headphone reviews” and all they talk about is the box they come in.

Roeland C.P. Braaksma says:

Yo Dave, I don’t know which platform to use, but I wanted to talk to you about drum-related stuff

Josh Arthurs says:

Have you ever considered turning a floor tom into a snare drum, I mean without cutting it. Just putting some snare wires and a throw off on a 14″ floor tom. I think it would be cool.

TheLoudGamer 9 says:

Nice heaf phones

John McNally says:

What’s that dark blue drumset in the background with the large bass drum and offset lugs on the rack tom?

Ishan Dwivedi says:

Well I’m early, please like this comment for no reason.

semiLivedj says:

I use earpollution phones with my drums. Have not found anything better yet. I will try these things. I will let you know what I think compared to mine. Just came from there site. No I won’t be trying them. 300.00 is f n nuts! I will stick to my 40.00 phones thank you very much. 300.00 Bahhahahahaha!

MrSawlong says:

Sennheiser HD 25
Cheap, best quality, best Sound, perfect noise absorb, lightweight, every part can easily be changed by yourself…
Buy them!

Pablo Barra says:

what about that’s drum set’s in the background???

Ricky Ames Drumming says:

Hey David,
Can you make a video about mixing drum audio? Thanks!

Haassan1 says:

So you didnt made ur own headphones. So lame.

grandolddrummer says:

I’ve found that the premium Zune earbuds work great for drumming. If you can get your hands on a pair, I highly recommend them.

shokomolok says:


Дмитрий Давидяк says:

Where did this fancy off-set lug tom at 2:30 come from? Give us a clue!
Also, what about the Pearl kit? Do you have the front bass drum hoop for it? Will it get restored anytime soon?


patriotbarrow says:

fick ja, Romanian headphones!

Zanderlein says:

Do you recommend this for electronic drums as well?

Jason Radice says:

If you are paying $30 for those Sony earbuds, you need to discover the wonder of Monoprice. I’ve had some excellent earbuds from them, and will only buy from them now. I can highly recommend their model 9927, with HUGE drivers for buttery and low bass, but my new favorites are their reflective driver series. They seem to no longer have the model I bought, but they have the same buds with a mic added (13801). These have ‘reflective sound technology’ that gives nearly the amount of bass the 9927’s do, but with an amazing amount of presence. They are not muddy or over-boosted like Beats, but can produce much lower and cleaner bass that regular headphones. Plus, they are all-day comfortable. Not to mention REALLY inexpensive. They punch way above their weight. The 9927s are also easily converted to really tight sound isolation (no need to wear muffs) by taking the eartips off and making a sleeve out of aquarium air hose, then get foam ear plugs (my preferred brand are Hearos), smush them, and poke the right sized hole in them with a leather punch. Slip the air hose in them, trim, and slip onto the headphone. Work GREAT for noise elimination. Even for flying. Here is the earbud page:

Lars O'Keefe says:

Roughly 300 USD. Not too bad, great review. Thanks for the information on these. For anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to a decent pair of headphones, I would recommend the Audio Technica M50X, or M70X. Pretty good for under 200 dollars.

rcBitz says:

Thanks for the review. You sold them to me, brought a pair and using them on my Roland V-drums TD-1KV set, they sound awesome. Wish I had room for an acoustic set. Keep up the great work on the videos. (I did tell Meze I brought from your review 🙂

Miles Montgomery says:

How do they work while playing drums? Because I know that a lot of headphones will just muffle outside sound instead of dampen it

alf alf says:

good video I know your are really good doing craft work on percussion I was trying to see if you can do a video on how to make a macho x ray film bongo head been looking for videos from other people but nobody has a lot of information about it but know for fact the Cubans make them all day long but unfortunately they don’t have videos thanks

triggerfīnger •x• says:

I heard these are the same guys who make Jumbo Gel

Anant Pandit says:

Hi in this price range, a close black headphones? which one would you suggest? i too prefer a neutral sound. Thanks (may be +50$ more)

MrNikolab says:

why don’t you rebuild Radiotechnika hedphones like any drum stuff?

Spudism says:

Do you use beard oil?

Landon Stein says:

What’s that drum set in the background?

Aaron Chase says:

cant wait to see a video on the new blue sparkle kit!

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