Meters OV-1 Bluetooth Headphones – Review : JUST WOW!

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These are hands down the most gorgeous headphones I have ever seen. They have a working VU meter in them that reacts to your music and lights up! But how do they sound and are they worth the $300 price tag? Enjoy!

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Frozen gamer says:

Hi fi on your head. The future is here

T Blank says:

Do the bluetooth ones still allow passive paying through a cable?

Coviix OG says:

Loved the vid.

Jacob Jones says:

Man, that is one dope looking headphone!

runspenstinski says:

Have you try them on a DAC?? I’m interested in the wire version because I have an external amp.

Laceiuhas says:

I prefer it when your face is showing in your videos.
Anyway awesome review.

Keemo Roberts says:

Sounds like u found ur new favorite headphone.. lol.. cant wait to see a skullcandy crusher 360 comparison with this.. sweet vid bro.. I’m a read up on these

Jkey 03 says:

Gamesky could you compare the overall volume to some other headphones so I have a idea of how loud they get? great review on these beautiful headphones, I’m sold!


Also what music player are you using?

Ushi Hushiki says:

It says they’re sold out but bring more in June 2018 do they have stock or they on hiatus.

Tyler Beadle-Follis says:

Another good and informative video yet again! However, you never did show the usual profile view or even a full torso shot of you in your chair, just a few neckline down/hands-on shots. I can’t say whether or not I prefer this new style of editing since there’s only this video so far but it’s definitely different.

Capitão Himself says:

Hyperx stinger or Turtle Beach ear force recon 150?

Jason Raymond says:

Do these have more bass than Monster Elements? Similar bass to Bluedio Victory??

Shawn Orjiakor says:

Damn, bruh. You hitting these dope reviews like its nothing.

Justin Pullin says:

Well the meter is cool and all but do you really see it as it’s on you’re noggin? Still a pretty unique design!

Alvaro Arce says:

Keep the good work (y)

J says:

Lets see…
Hipster on cover? Check
lame over complicated design? Check
Overpriced for the sound quality? Check check check

Jamal Akbar says:

o yes just the stuff i need !!!!

Jkey 03 says:

Gamesky looks like I need a 2nd job because of all these badass headphones you keep reviewing lol. I just purchased the Fun New Skullcandy 360’s for gym use, now it seems I’m gonna drop some more dough on these Gorgeous looking headphones for daily listening. Great review once again! I look forward to that notification for Gamesky reviews.  love your work, quality content, and unbiased opinion, I honestly rely on Yours and Flossy Carter’s opinions for Tech before I make my purchases. I guess it helps that we have similar taste when it comes to sound quality in Headphones! looks like Christmas came early this year and I’m now broke as fukkkkk……. lol.  Thanks again for another great video.


I don’t like the design better then the beats studio 3s because I like simple but there unique . Which headphone do you recommend beats or these

Mijack says:

Anyone need a kidney? I’m selling.

navarrolevel7 says:

Garbage. Beats studio 3 much better and battery too and design

The Ultimate Slayer says:

Wow these look really freaking cool.
Might end up picking these up one day.
Currently watching with my Vmoda Crossfade 2 wireless.
Have you ever thought about picking up a pair of Vmoda’s?
They make great stuff.
Great video as always bro!

Victrola 1925 says:

But with analog sound especially working with like reel to reel tape and stuff natural Distortion into the red from 0 to + 3 gives it such a narley nasty sound

ClasSic says:

Thought it was duct tape

DOGMA1138 says:

While these are technically by Ashdown Engineering they are made in China and they are based on the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headphones to the T.
These are these: with a nicer outer shell so beware.

Matthew Orf says:

Whelp, there goes another $300 from my bank account. These are a need. Not a want.


These look beautiful….I’m impressed…

321bytor says:

…they look nice, so sit next to someone else wearing them…

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