Master and Dynamic MH40 Review – Most Dynamic Headphone Under $400?

Master and Dynamic MH40 review covers everything from design & comfort to sound quality [Links Below]

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The Master and Dynamic MH40 has a very exciting sound and is incredibly well-built. Still, there are some functional elements that could be deal-breakers for some. Otherwise, these have quickly become of my favorite sound signatures for a snappy and musical listening experience.


Master and Dynamic MW60 Review

Original Master and Dynamic MH40 Video Review


Adam Edbay Ottrubay says:

Thanks for the video… helped me greatly to decide to buy them :)!

Anandhu A.B says:

You rightfully earned a subscriber

Chris Nunez says:


Ricky Law says:

there are too many “but” for a $400 headphone

E. Ansong says:

I have had these for 3 years. They are good if you know how to get the best sound out of the device you are playing out of. The device you play music in needs to be able to output enough power for you to see the full potential of most headphone. Those familiar with rooting phones will know about Viper4android, it works wonders.

Rxonmymind says:

Nice review, good pacing and easy to understand. Sound like you have a good grip on music.
Are these speaker “warm” & “laid back”? I was kinda getting that as you said these were not analytical.

matthew shove says:

Looks wise, theses are a work of art

Jad Kay says:

fantastic review as always lance! I have had this model for over a year now and the only thing I regret doing is heavily using them. They should be used sparingly as they started falling apart after 6 months of daily usage. They are really beautiful headphones with great sound but they are more of an eye candy than something built for tough and durability. I recommend those to be given to a good friend as a gift if you know they don’t use the headphones daily. If they will be using them once a week or so I can see them lasting for over a couple of years.

nidi991 says:

Are the oppo PM-3 better than these for Hip Hop EDM and R&B since they have a roll off in the treble?

Bluosprey says:

Does the white leather stay pretty clean on its own or do you have to take extra care to make sure they don’t get stains?

Mark Vallejo says:

Hey man love your reviews, I’m having a bit of a struggle choosing between these and the sennheiser momentums, any thoughts?

siddharth manghnani says:

Are these good for hip-hop?

Α Α says:

Hey! What gives the best immersion? Not accuracy, but immersion.

1) HD 668B

2) HD 681 EVO

3) HD 681 B

Mohammad Jaleel Ahmed says:

Excellent in-depth review.

The Voyage says:

Thanks for such a thorough review, I only wish the headphones lighter!

Errol Toussaint says:

Are these open or closed back

Nathan Wheelhouse says:

Great review. I tried the MW60. Loved the sound but found the same issues with the weight and head pressure. Real shame Master and Dynamic can’t make their headphones comfortable for longer listening sessions as their build and sound quality is top notch.

Alex Canelo says:

Could you possibly review the Pryma headphones?

ted fico says:

Got these half price.

Coanda Effect says:

I’m not one who goes for style cans, but I was very interested in what these were like for some reason. Still not my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed hearing your well thought out opinions on these. If you keep up the consistently excellent review quality, I bet you’ll be back up to your old viewership in no time!

Koorgooz says:


Gilang Wicaksono says:

Lance, I suggest you try Audio Technica’s newest open-back, the R70x.

DannoCrutch says:

These sound intriguing. Tuneful bass is a must for me. I’m admittedly a midrange freak, but if any piece of equipment communicates the soul of the music, i.e., musical, I”m happy.

Pinka Argyle says:

What’s better, Sennheiser HD 700, or this?

Michial Brown says:

Curious, have you ever reviewed a headphone that you didn’t have criticisms of? I’ve been trying to research and all the audiophile reviewers seem to never be pleased with anything.

TheCommandMaster says:

how do these sound compared to the hd 598s?

Omega3131 says:

Wait a minute! What happens if you connect one ear cup to one device and the other to another device (and play music on each)?

Kirby Rs says:

Thanks for this review!

Yeah, I like its sound but they are really heavy and it’ll make a red spot on your head. 🙂
And microphone too sensitive to noises around.

For Sony MDR-1A more comfortable in weight and in ear around construction.
But I dislike too high bass in Sony.
And, perhaps, ears won’t so fast sweat in MH40 (first feelings), but there are still hot. 🙂

AbrahamsYTC says:

Haha I just got mine last week, I’ll still watch the review though! Thanks for actually getting around to them.

P.s. You got the color o actually wanted lol, but saved myself about 80 bucks getting gunmetal instead.

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