Marshall Major II Black Headphone Review

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Lauralgie says:

I just bought if for my father’s birthday, hope he’ll enjoy it 🙂


better than sennheiser hd 280pro???

Chris Music says:

Can I use it with an amplifier????

Victoria Peace says:

Is there much sound leakage with this product? I want something that I can use when studying, but don’t want other people to hear my music. I don’t listen to music very loud, only around the 50% mark. Thanks


are they good for metal?

Jonathan andersson says:

Hi, am looking for headphones in the 100$ class to wear to school on the subway etc. i listen to alot of rock/metal music like Rammstein, Blacksabbath and so forth. Are these headphones worth it or should i look elsewere?

Francisco Postigo García says:

In Spain cost 60$. Should buy it?
Or Marshall Major 50FX

leohobb leohobb says:

It amases me this review.90% off the video about the feel and look.Than the most important thing the sound quality.You say they are sounding good.You dont have a clue about sound quality i can tell.The Marshall major 2 are muddy.if you are trying them with a snare drum the snare sound is almost gone.with the marshals a snare drum souunds like a tam tam drum, it is so un detailed as the old analog phones back in the day with more bass offcourse.They are also for the sound and comfort wich is ok, way to expensive.Koss porta sound have a lot more clarity.since they are open type you hear the suroundings.they are not for buss or train place type listening.Akg have some that are closedk28 with active noise kill or withouth, the same for Akg K480 better look.Akg and others often use the same drivers in a hole series off headphones.Marshall sound is dissapointing.Real Bad.dont buy if you care about the music at all.they are not good for voice either.Crap sound.You maybe dont hear so well? you lie? You Dont really know nothing about sound quality?This is not a mater off taste either cause they are so muddy an unclear that they dont pass the lowest standard for clarity their is! A shame cause they look if that is what matters,,,well than, do i hear superficial?Sorry for my bad english writing

AlldaneAudio says:

I got the White Major II and let me tell you it sounds so great now that it reached the break-in period. Don’t expect too much for the mids… For the bass, it’s pretty good. So what’s the best feature of these headphones? The look, the comfort (you can wear these without any pain for hours), and a decent overall sound quality.

Ney Dogg says:

Can you play your guitar through these!

Gerardo Rodruiguez says:

my JBLs were plastic.never had a problem.

leohobb leohobb says:

A good head phone or speaker handles all types off music.their is no such thing as “they are good for metal or jazz”A good sound provider takes all types off music with no problem.Tumb roole is the speakers have to cost 5 times more than the amplifier to match the quality of the amp.the roole was mostly thrue and still is in most cases.

Kayden Zoller says:

Wait I didn’t think these were noise cancelling headphones..???

Zarathustra says:

any idea whether the Major 2 Androids are better than the normal Major 2s or not? are the normal major2s okay for my phone?

Domeezy69 says:

are they good for rap songs?

CQBB454 NymousTRs A. K. A. 45471 says:



Anyone here tried this and the Mi Headphone? Would love to know which one they prefer.

Tobias Svärd says:

Y’know y’know y’know y’know y’know

Steven DDe Spiegelaere says:

Do they have Noise cancelling?

Mick Als says:

Its awesome and everything but mine fell apart within two weeks… Is the build quality horrible or am I just unlucky?

henrik daugaard says:

Everything is nice and………

That sure cracked me up

Wayne Leong says:

This is why you listen to a man for a proper audio review.
you’ve dedicated 70% of the video to aesthetics. get to the point

xiaochen huang says:

quality is very fragile plastic. it. splite to 3 part when I use till seond month

Jules Haner says:

When you do a video talking about something that is used for hear things, but you dont speak about how it sound

Lainy Kmik says:

your voice’s so pretty

mero Sath says:

I would like to practice guitar on it

zero chris says:

very good onces

Endre Polyik says:

This is not a review, this is a nothing, a description.

grimmer2005 says:

Unfortunally both Major and Major II have a problem where they easily break after a while. The plastic hinges.
Google around for it and you can see, seems to be a very common problem with this model.

Luís Fernando Callegari says:

I’m hesitant to buy Marshall Major 2 and AKG K67. I need a good quality sound headphone and that isolates the external sound well. What would be best for me?

Ekrem Erovic says:

Can you listen to bluetooth with them?

voulkis 13 says:

I bought marshall major ii headphones and the music is really good on them but when I put to watch a video I can’t hear the voice of the person who is talking.Do they have to do that?????

Johannes_flo says:

Damn, so many goddamn assholes in this comment section

xiaochen huang says:

this thing is a pair of fucking fragile plastic. both side r splited to 3 parts. the joining part both side I guess use the worst plastic on the earth

Marshall Arts says:

How do you share audio with someone else? Whenever I plug in my 3.5 mm jack, the bluetooth shuts off immediately and I can’t share with someone else

Allen Simans says:

okay but how do they SOUND? Useless review

Calvin Erbianco says:

Sorry Guys Need your help, Jabra Revo Wireless or Marshall Major 2


graycloud057 says:

These do not have noise canceling.

Eugene Serkin says:

My questions are, do ears get hot in them? How well do they isolate sound? I do not want distract people around me with loud sound.

Gerardo Rodruiguez says:

i dont mind if they are plastic because im going to take care of them not throw them.

Sofian Ali says:

Hi guys need ur help. This or Audio Technica ath m40x?

xiaochen huang says:

quality is very fragile plastic. it. splite to 3 part when I use till seond month

william SMITH says:

I picked up a pair for travel as I’m not about to risk my expensive audiophile headphones. For anyone interested I’d suggest trying them on first if you can. I find them a little tight after a couple of hours use but then that’s down to the shape of head you have (sounds weird but its true). The sound is warm and pretty good overall but I do find the bass somewhat overstated. I do like the fact you can remove the audio cable. So many headphones come with built in’s that get yanked out by mistake effectively destroying them. I chewed through four pairs of cheapish headphones this way.

I paid a little over $50 for these headphones and for that price I felt they are a good buy.Whether you think they are worth more is a personal decision.

xXMrnobodyXx says:

would been nice to see you try em on so I could see how they looked on a persons head from different views

Mini_Radio says:

Watching this with Marshall Major II headphones!

Kaan Erdem says:

Which is better? Major (32Ω, 99dB) or Major 2 (64Ω, 99dB)?

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