LLAT: Oppo PM3 Headphone Review – Portable Planar Plays Pleasantly

The Oppo PM3 is a pleasant package, people.
More on planar magnetics: https://youtu.be/l7OMTOHJG-I
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ItzBanub says:

Also i really like your detailed review! I do own oppo pm-3 and it is super layback headphone at stock indeed but there is only roll off on tremple but not in bass.

Bass is as flat as it can be and it extend very low like typical planar but it is also part of design since headphone is designed to be use with Oppo Ha-2 portable amp since there is a switch for bass boost!

With bass boost added it has very nice kick and slam like any planar headphone all though not as good as heavy duty open lcd 2 or anything similar range but not far at all. ( i would say maybe 80-90% slam of lcd2 when bass boost added to pm3)

All in all pm-3 can scale very well when needed. Just need a good company beside it like Ha-2 or any fiio amp really.

Mr2pint says:

One of my first headphones and probably the most boring headphone I’ve ever listen to – still, like you said it’s not at all offensive and I think light enough to use as an ‘ok’ portable..

Jarl Ballin' says:

0:23 Oppo does does NOT make the PM-3. They are made by Oppo Digital, which is an American company licensing the Oppo brand name….

Jhair Jose Enrique Iii Carpio says:

Mr. lachlanlikesathing, ignoring prices, wich one could you consider better (quality sound over all): ATH M40X vs B&O H6 2nd Gen. vs Oppo PM3?
Gratittude in advance.

Joshua Dapitan says:

Review VE Monk Plus

Mufasa says:

I’ve been on the fence with the pm3 for a long time based on reviews. Can the laid back sound be EQ? to perform more lively? and does it accept the EQ graciously?

Misha Tman says:

Great review! From my experience with the oppo pm-3 it’s a hidden gem. The pm-3 really aces the mids and depending on preferences the bass as well. With some eq between 4-6.5khz(+5db) and a small resonance cut at 7khz this headphone really opens up and makes any genre sound beautiful with more soundstage, air, and harmonics. The drivers themselves take eq very well with their very low distortion, and the headphone is transparent. It scales incredibly with great amps and reveals well mastered audio. …just my 2¢

Joe Densham says:

i only listen to flac on the go with portable amps and dacs i got into it because i like bands but i noticed audio reviewers listen to crap like z hes likes the superman theme and la la land is total gay

Sebastian Giebels says:

I’m using my PM-3’s basically since I got these in February 2015 and I these are one of the most cleanest and neutral sounding headphones that I own. I highy recommend them, greatly tuned and built headphones.

MarciusSim says:

I believe you’re talking about the wrong Oppo.

Wahyuddin Wahab says:

Oppo also owns Oneplus in which I kinda want to sell my Onplus 3 to get the Oneplus 5

Rocky says:

someone send him a PM-1 to review.

Emma says:

I own these and really love them and their laid back sound – I guess it depends what you like. I found other headphones too wild and none I could find sounded good enough with both folk and metal (a hard combo to really put together in a headphone) as I needed a headphone that could perform satisfactorily with both without needed to have a play around with the other components in my set up.
As the price point it has lovely detail but I agree – listen at home not on the move as you can hear it jump and sparkle when it’s attached up to a higher end DAC and amp

GodrixXx says:

review Focal Listen, it’s the same level of MSR7 and MDR1 (between them), good value 😉

Cody Theodore says:

Oppo digital makes headphones and audio and video equipment and independently operates overseas.

1-Step Fury says:

Love your button shirt

EZ Techrant says:

I love my PM3’s. You might say it sounds sedate until you pair it with a decent amp. Much like the 400s, these scale with power. On the go, I bring along the ha2. They were made for each other.

John Dow says:

I’m glad you are making videos more often. you have a good ear.

Julian Alexander says:

A dark and soulless sounding headphones.

Ninjafrog84 says:

the oppo’s sound comes alive when you replace to stock cable.

steven santika says:

Thanks for this review Lach! You mentioned B&W P7 in your review. Which do you like better of the two? I heard the wireless P7 also sounded better than the wired one.

ItzBanub says:

OPPO Digital is USA based conpany which makes bluray players and these headphone and OPPO is a chinese company which makes phone 🙂 .

Nico Giducos says:

missed you doing videos like this :”D

Preston Granger says:

I found the PM-3 to be quite in your face, mainly because the highs were a little sibilant.

Chandler Thomas says:

“… the kick drums are pulled back so there’s not as much OOOOOoooooofffffffff…”

indopleaser says:

my favorite youtube intro

AciDicVenOm says:

hair looking nice lachlan!

Andres Eduardo Rodriguez says:

If you would have to choose one over-ear wired closed headphone for instrumental music, which one would you pick?

Lucas Murillo says:

Lachlan, The oppo that makes the PM3 is not the smartphone oppo. OPPO digital licenses the name form smartphone oppo.

1bentley4ever says:

I think the PM-3 was meant to be used with the Oppo HA-2, which is brighter due to its ESS Sabre DAC chip, so that may liven up the sound more.

Gray Au says:

months go by and now a random review? lol.
Also one of a headphone that’s been reviewed to death come on bro.

ManicMindTrick says:

The whole Oppo line of headphones sound really dull and boring without any excitement or detail. One of the lest impressive auditions I’ve had especially the PM1 considering the price.

Feilong4 says:

I briefly demo’d these at a headphone meet and thought they were a very easy listen. I thought the bass was tight and punchy and while I do think the treble is rolled-off a bit, I think it offers a much easier listening in that regard. Just wished they were more compact. My impressions were pretty much spot on with your review, though I didn’t notice some roll-off in the lower bass. How’s the isolation btw? I didn’t get to note the isolation with my brief demo.

Travis Gibson says:

I find it very hard to believe that you can hear any sub-bass roll off in these headphones. All other measurements I see show them flat down to inaudible bass levels. I would bet that your glasses are causing this issue you hear with the sound.

Luek Wong says:


Dan H says:

Would you recommended the pm3 or any other alternative (that is easy portable) to someone who is disappointed with their momentum m2 overears as I find them to be quiet? Thanks 🙂

Tom K says:

Hey! Did you try Sonys new in-ear headphones? The n3ap or n1ap? Also did you try the Sony 1000x?

Dre Dilla says:

PM3 = no bass + no highs

Nelson Cheung says:

Nice review as ever, I trialed the pm3 before, I quite like it, love to own one.

CThienV says:

addictedtoaudio store is having a massive sale! $1499 for HD800s! must check out and spread the word!

med icine says:

nice tech I need to buy some planar hp at some point. still uses magnets like all of the hp

Manuel Martinez says:

Were just glad your back

metring073 says:

Those PM3’s have a very relaxed sound but with a bit more low end as compared to 400S – with focus pads. If you want a more dynamic sound signature go Fostex T50RP Mk3 or Monoprice M560 ( both planars ) which are also more affordable.

Gabriel Speziali says:

I have always been interested in these. But picked up the MSR7 instead around a year ago.

If anyone has had an opportunity to listen to both, how would you say the two compare?

brendan hillier says:

would these headphones be good for heavy metal music?

1bentley4ever says:

Hey look! It’s a brand new video from our favorite asymmetrical-haired audiophoolery reviewer. ^.^/

dkimmortal says:

doing the massdrop foster headphone release? sadly I just purchased another headphone and cannot commit

Ninjafrog84 says:

only took 2 years to do this review 🙂

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