LG V20 Real Audio Review: The headphone king?

LG made a lot of noise about the quality of the new headphone jack on the V20, and now we can finally test those claims. Does this quad DAC really deliver? Let’s take a listen!

LG V20 Speaker Samples https://youtu.be/5Te_UcE1Y6Y
V20 vs V10 https://youtu.be/vSabLBcv5fA
V20 Audio Features Tour https://youtu.be/i6LFVF9LTOI


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Mayhem W. says:

I’m watching this on my V20. looks great

Lt. Nimitz says:

So how is the audio on this phone compared to LG V10, HTC10 or Axon 7?? Which one do you recommend for pure music playback? I have an Audiotecnica MSR 7 headphone. It is not really clear if this phone does things good or not from this review.

Ryan Crawford says:

For clarification, in the video you say that it appears to be truncating audio to 16 bit, but then show a frequency response plot. Did you mean to imply a reduction in sample rate?

steven k says:

the phone jack itself : after many insertions and removals there seems to be some issue with 100 % connectivity . Why don’t you talk about this ?

Damon Adrian says:

guys does the dac sample everything to 48khz?
does it do dsd (64,128,256,512)?
if the the device is using low resistance headphones does it only use one DAC?

hushdrops says:

I’ve yet to find synthetic audio benchmarks that actually can determine a products worth (beyond what is found when actually listening / using it).

Chad Higgins says:

why does this Not sound any better than my S7 edge with headphones? yes I have the Hi Fi DAC switched on.

Charan says:

Please do a “Real Audio Review” for the HTC 10 🙂

Jayy Prime says:

Does it work the same with Bluetooth headphones

r91976 says:

The Lg Hifi plus module along with the G5 is still the best sounding phone out there imho. B&O know their shit for sure.

b_m_b says:

What happens if I plug this into my cars aux? Is the audio better than bluetooth?

Andrew Austin says:

I love that someone is finally focusing on audio in smartphones

note2owns says:

I have just switched to the LG V20 and the headphone experience is amazing. It has an enhancer built in and you can make the music even better when headphones are plugged in. Music sounds so much clearer and rich.

Tammy Savage says:

I purchased some bets headphone for my LG V20 and I can clearly hear the music but when I make a call I can hear the person but they can’t hear me, is there something special I should be doing?

Sikh Atheist says:

You should start keeping a Top Gear style list and rank the phones based on their speakers and headphone output after you test them, then show the updated list at the end of each video.

Friendly Guy On Just Looking Around. says:

I just hope lg keeps the headphone jack in the future since most seem to be moving away from it.

Paul Beenis the Parrot says:

This is one of the reasons why I’m getting this phone someday. Nice ass sound quality.

Deng Ting Koay says:

thanks for conclude up!

Noor Hussain says:

Do one on the 1+3

Romeo Soria Jr. says:

can anyone provide any info on where i can find the phone mount in 1:15

David Jaz says:

As an iPhone user I can confirm that the stereo sound sucks

shon kirika says:

Is sound on headphone crisp and louder than the iPhone 7? I listen to music alot

Geon Quuin says:

what about the audio recording? how’s the audio input?

B Man says:

also on my v20. coming from using a note 7 I am extremely and surprisingly happy with this phone. the dac along with amazing camera have lessened the blow of losing my note 7

Zamorazone says:

My question is will the V20 sound better in my car via 3.5 aux cable or is bluetooth better?

oneabove All says:

good sound quality enhancement on lg v20 with quad dac

Sol De Jesus says:

Please compare it with the HTC 10.

oliver mia says:

The HiFi DAC is useless on wireless headsets, no? I’ve read some reviews using wireless headsets.

Aljarreau Dennis says:

Axon 7 vs LG V10 which has a better DAC?

Andre Mendes says:

What about a comparison to the great HTC 10?!

The Truman Show says:

so running a splitter gets it in high impedance mode? really would love to know this. my headphones could be louder. was honestly disappointed. JVC sz2000

Kaajel Kalpoe says:

headphones quality sound LG v20 VS zte axon7?

Infidel Gastro says:

Great, informative video. At least I understand a lot more about the nuances of audio than I do photography.

Hyper4mance2k says:

I was wondering if you tried testing the phone in all 3 output modes. It has a normal output(low impedance), AUX mode, and high impedance mode. If you have normal low-impedance headphones like the Sennheiser Momentums, you can hold the play/phone button and a volume button when plugging in the cans and it will trick the phone into booting into AUX mode drastically increasing output. I’m not sure what it does to quality.

Jaem Maddog says:

I love it how this works in my car aux, this feature allows my speakers to sound as if i had an amp. I hope they dont take this away from us

Donnie Dollerson says:

So is the Axon7 ZTE audio dac better than or the same as LG V20?

Matthew R4nd3ll says:

Pocketnow is this great for listening, or would the Axon 7 be just as good?

Erick Mateos says:

please also review the Sony Xperia XZ audio

Effing Gud says:

Try some planar headphone like the t50rp, im interested.

Zaher Iyaso says:

Thank you very much for the nice review. I have a question and I hope I can find the answer in here. I am using V10 now and I am listing to music via bluetooth headphones Philips SHB 7510. I would like to have a better mobile that gives a great and louder sound. Please advise what mobile phone you do recommend to be used. Note: I have tried several headphones and I found they are almost the same in terms of loudness.

Thank you once a gain!

Yes l have a big mouth so no I will not shut up says:

just add JBL Clip 2 fixes the single speaker issue.

TheNoobOverThere says:

So this will be good for the AKG K712s?

Kastelo Edward Palma says:

I hope you can do a LG V20 vs HTC 10 audio performance comparison.

Ashton Park says:

V20 best HIFI audio smartphone

xFaithkeeperx says:

using the DAC & a Hi-Res Headphone doesn’t give a lot of power. so I had to buy a DAC amplifier. still good quality tho… I guess.

Orson Chan says:

but how it is compared with G5 with audio plus??

Jeff Haymes says:

Just wondering, I just bought a Tascam 60D mixer. What would be the best way to jack that mixer into the LG V20 to record field audio into the phone.

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