Koss PortaPro Review – The Best Low Budget Headphone

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Brad Strawn says:

I just got some of these. The sound is fantastic for the form and price. As for lack of noise isolation, that’s why i chose them. When you are walking with these on you can still hear what’s going on around you, which i think is important. Being out and about with complete noise isolation is dangerous. This is not the headphone for subway/airplane. These are for walking down the sidewalk.

Rick Corel says:

Look at the webcam, it is in a diff. location… 🙂

DamageIncM says:

Why would you look more like a dork with these than with those bulkier ones?…
I mean, people usually complain a lot about huge headphones in public instead of earbuds. Which I don’t see the problem with, to be honest. Quite childish if you have to make an issue out of that. (Although, I don’t condone of the “fashion” headphones like Beats and Skullcandy and such.)
But anyway, the Porta Pro is very sleek, as you pointed out, and maybe the design is unusual, but I think it looks pretty cool. Then I’m also quite into the retro designs, cause it’s like that “retro futurism”, which is way better than current modern designs (apart from some). But I like that vintage ’60s to ’80s design. Myself I have a Sennheiser set from the ’70s, and it has that black with orange theme. Which I’m not really a fan of, but it grew on me, especially because they sound great. I got it for like 10 Dollars and I’d rather have this than someone would give me expensive Beats or something for free. 😛

Göran Gustavsson says:

Hate the Koss PortaPro i think its sound like crap 🙂

Mark Jackson says:

I love your reviews.

Alex Rowe says:

I finally bought a pair of these. Can’t wait to hear them.

Çççeeek says:

There is going to be a special edition colouration of these headphones. I hope they turn out to be the beige color. They look really nice.

DamageIncM says:

0:05 Seems you got ripped off; Your pop-filter doesn’t filter your pop-voice…

Ringer1982 says:

I would say this is THE BEST portable headphones for outdoor listening.

1. the sound is great
2. as they are open you can hear what’s happaning around you
3. you don’t hearing bumps of your steps while you are walking
4. they are compact and durable

I’m using them for probably more then 5 years already and have no intention to change for anything else. And I’m not someone who doesn’t care how headphones are sound, I owned Hifiman HE6 and some other less high end stuff from AKG, Audio Technica etc.

Robson Silva says:

Hi! Which is the original? Final cable like L (90º) or like l (180º)?

DamageIncM says:

I’m probably buying a pair today or tomorrow… I’m so torn on what to expect. When someone describes the sound I’m kinda like “Well, I guess I won’t get much detail out of them.”, but they always fall back on “They sound great for what they are.”.
I understand what is being said, but I won’t believe it until I hear it. That’s why I’m really curious and want to just get one for the heck of it… or for its reputation, actually.
And I need something for traveling, despite these being so open (and perhaps I could construct something around them…), I hate earbuds (I’ve only had one good pair ever and I lost them somewhere, but I’d probably not even like them as much today), so this is the next best thing in its class, I guess. – Other similar-sized headphones are probably not as good, if I have to believe the reputation. Or are they?…

Viet Le says:

Good luck on that one.

TheRoshan89 says:

Funny as it is – I would take these 40$ portapros over ANYTHING grado makes.

Home Studio Basics says:

“It is.. eeeggggsellent.” Lol

Anthony Magliocco says:

Great company.. Lifetime warranty. Go Mic from Zoom great sound

TanisToplin says:

Would you say these are the equivalent, worst than, or better than Apple EarPods?

Haitham Mohamed says:

Thank you sir for a very detailed review ! Such an honest none biased . Looking forward to see more reviews from you

Chupick Nicolas says:

Best budget headphone? Wait until you hear the…Koss KSC75. They’re better in every way, they even cost less. I also prefer the JVC S400 over the Porta Pros. Just mod them with blu-tak and let them sing.

김선수 says:

i used this headphone more 10 yearsthis is the best headphone of the cheap line

Stat Savage says:

I want a pair like this but I want to use them on the bus and noise leak would be a big problem! What would you reccomend?

Sidney Michelle says:

All bags are useless. Sign them and sell them, along with all your adapters. Make more money for more great reviews. I’m a fan and will buy them with signature.

Ezriah Black says:

Man, not trying to be rude or anything, but move away from your mic or do something about your speaking because I can’t focus on your review when half the time you’re breathing all over the mic and the other half you have the sniffles… Otherwise, good review for a good product.

Ivy A Nguyen says:

I heard the KSC75 & UR-20 (or was that UR-40?) have the same driver as these. Is that a good thing? Also, are you much familiar with the UR-20 or any of their other 1990s & up closed/circumaural (earmuff-style) headphones? What about stuff that allows talking on the phone, too?

Patrick F says:

Do these sound better than the Sony MDR-XB450 Xtra Bass?

Eddie CJ says:

Maybe ill look like a dork wearing them lol, yeah the headphones will do that lmfao!!!

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