JBL Reflect Mini BT Headphone Review

My first video! Got these JBL Reflect Mini BT headphones last week. Been using them a lot and love them! Bought the Jaybird X2 headphones first and thought they were VERY uncomfortable! Not many reviews on these headphones so here’s mine.


H LT says:

2 months ago
“I’ve had some issues with my JBLs so I don’t use them anymore. I’m using Powerbeats which I’ve not done a review of.”

You don’t use them anymore yet you recommend them? Why not update your review so that people can make a more informed decision?

Ortiz says:

friend, which sounds more loud JBL REFLECT MINI BT or JBL EVEREST 100? thanks you…

thomas damascus says:

cool review you helped me to make up my mind thanks

Public Trollz says:

Does the wing hurt a little after a while? Or is it comfortable?

Russann Royce says:

When charging them, is the red light supposed to stay on the entire 2 hours, then turn another color when charged. When I plug it in, it lights up for about 2 seconds and then the light turns off. I cant tell if they are charging or not.

Jose Pavis says:

today, what is your experience with the battery (hours)?

Klein Aapje says:

These were absolutelt shitty. They should be embarrassed they really thought this product would be worth the 89 euros I paid in my country. The bluetooth connection is anything but smooth. I am quite deeply disappointed, not to mention angry. In fact, the store salesman actually said it was normal for bluetooth devices to have an irregular connection really just out of the blue, as if he knew this would happen.

So save your money for something better

hTC 10 says:

JBL T110BT or JBL Reflect Mini BT

honest review says:

do they give good bass compared to the sony xb50BT

David Camilleri says:


E.L.F Light Jewels says:

Your eyes are so beautiful.

Xavier Yu says:

Great review! Thanks a lot Seth Rogan.

luca garlaschelli says:

good job i finaly found a good review of this earphones.

SecretSalami48 says:

Ill play russian roulette and buy these blind. I have micronesia and a small ear so i dont know if they fit. Ill find out in a moment.
But im happy its my ear, i couldve been born with smaller heart or lungs or liver which wouldve meant im dead.

Andromeda Constellation says:

Hey Jeremy, thanks for info. But can you tell me about max volume? Not asking about quality, just wondering is their max volume decent? Thank you!

MaeI Be says:

I’m in the process of getting mine replaced, anyone know where the serial number is on this thing?

Luiz Leitier says:

can you switch the music through the headphone? fits comfortably?

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