JBL Everest Elite 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones – REVIEW


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Hey would would you say is the best bass studio recording headphones for professional use ???
Thank you

David Godal says:

how big is the difference between these and the 300 elite?

정범진 says:

Can someone suggest me a headphone? Under 300 dollars. I’m not using beats or bose. I like listening to classic

Altex lan says:

Noise Cancelling ???? for what?? unless you headphone got amplifier which amplify noise, got it?

Arek Prokopczyk says:

Which JBL Everest would be best for the price?

Juliano Maia says:

Very clear, unbiased and informative review. Keep up the good work!

Polo Lee says:

How do I skip songs?

jabroni005 says:

beats studio wireless vs these…and go!

Jerry Perez says:

This headphone jbl it better then beats

Ahmad Ali says:

Jim I have a question for you.Which one should I get beats solo 3 or JBL everest 700

The Goddamn Daniel says:

Hey Jim. I bought these headphones and everything was working fine but I discovered that there was an update for them and when I update them the Noise cancellation became bad. I could I easily here People telling around Me even at like 80% volume. What could I do?

Club Bilingüe de los Altos says:

I came here after watching the give away for the mouse haha

Niuqorram says:

If I have the Sony MDR-1000X, is it worth to return them and just grab these to save money?


Hey would would you say is the best bass studio recording headphones for professional use ???
Thank you

Claudio Souza says:

this headphone works on ps4??

UnrealTournamentIII says:

Bose Soundlink 2 (Around Ears) vs JBL Everest Elite 700BT , which one has a better sound ?

Nenad Backovic says:

Excellent and a really professionally made review… Respect


Hey Jim… could you do a review on the jbl everest 300 elite?

Lorenzo Galarosa says:

Does it have any controls to change songs?

Erwin Rommel says:

i still like the Bose QC25 esp the built and design

avila jackson says:

Jimmy, your review channel definitely deserves more viewers and praise than most of the the “others” that i have seen. Great reviews! Keep it up!

Joey Green says:

how to turn on/off Active Noise Cancelling without app?

MainStreetNs - says:

Just one thing to say… they copied beats and doubled the price.. *applause


Hey would would you say is the best bass studio recording headphones for professional use ???
Thank you

Abood Da says:

how do you compare these with the samsung level on pro??????

Zim Gir says:

I just bought these but I haven’t opened them. I am hearing so much bad about these, more so about the sound and how generic they sound. But then there are some who praise these, the reviews are mainly at the end of the spectrums for the Elite 700.

KidFlash says:

Are these better than the Bose QC 35?

charky torres says:

Jim, Thank you for the reviews and keep up the great work!
Which one would you recommend for hours and hours of Conference calls? I need up to 12 hours of battery life and great Mic. Please advise. Thank you.

Emmanuel Agyemang says:

is it mandatory to have the app?

S Cann says:

thankyou so much for your awesome vids! I find them entertaining and helpful in finding what to buy. I’ve had a listen of these, the sony mdr 1000x, and bose qc25/35. I’ve decided to get the 35s, due to the insane level of comfort and noice cancellation.
I appreciate how formal and professional you are in your videos. keep up the awesome work! (you have a new subscriber!)

Baconunicorn says:

if you put the bass boost equalizer are the good enough for hardstyle?

Lytheon says:


iApplereviews says:

E55BT or Everest elite 700 which is better

Aaron Mayagoitia says:

Are these around-ear headphones? Do the cups rest on your skull or your ears?

Andrew Loren says:

Whoops.. someone is balding

max hoebe says:

Hey great video.
But would you recommend these for musicians? ( I am a drummer and need headphones that will really well cancel out any outside noise).
Or would you say that these will then underperform and turn me deaf.
Thanks man.

Samuels Oluwatoba says:

Best intro ever ;d

mint hos says:

Anyone know of any Bluetooth headset that can do stereo sound while using mic?

LIVCUS -/ says:

Man, I have to get these on my birthday, if jbl don’t make any new headphones before June, I’m getting these.

PeachyKeen73 says:

I am looking to buy these with my Christmas money.

Cooling995 says:

5:32 Is that Carlton!!

RawZit says:

My head is 57 cm wide. Is this good for my head? Im 14.

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