JBL Everest 700 Headphone Review

JBL Everest 700 Headphone Review

You can purchase these from Amazon.com follow this link:

You can also get the Everest 700 Elites from the link below…

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xxx_Conner_xxx says:

Its a 2.5 mm jack

Ashfaq Ropun says:

Hi. Just got one after seeing your review. Am impressed by the sound and comfort. Best value for money imho. Tks.

Dan Holland says:

Just bought a pair for $99.00 at Marshalls of all places…looking forward to using them.

Alan Naranjo says:

the Bluetooth doesn’t work on mine…. 🙁

Tech and more says:

Would you say there better than the beats 2.0

Cristiano Arantes says:

Keep it up ! Nice video

Eric Yap Chin Yang says:

thank you

martin4155 says:

Are these headphones as loud and comfortable as the beats studios 2.0? Also, do these sound the same as the Monster DNA on-ear headphones? Do they sound great with electronic, alternative, pop, and rock music?

Michał Adamczyk says:

Does it work on cable when battery is empty?

Davis Enas says:

I just picked these up, same story, looking for a around-the-ear headphones, didnt want beats, and bose is great but pricy as well, saw these, curious, I really liked these everest 700, the 300 was pretty good, a little small for my size head lol, tried the everest elite 700, didnt find anything special about it, didnt think the extra 100 for noise cancelling was worth it. Im really enjoying the headphones so far, I do notice the sound is a little lower than usual, although it doesnt take away from the experience for me, might be different for other people.

TieMan says:

good video thanks. can I listen music through this headphone while running everyday?

JF schnell says:

just tested this headphone 3 days ago. This is all a headphone should be. Well balanced sound that is what I like in sound.

Eros Gamardelli says:

i’m from brazil , do you have any suggestion of an site where i can buy it then have international shipping ?

Fady Bay says:

Hello, I would like to know if they will work with any android cellular cause I read they are made for Iphone I pad and Ipod and the salesman told me I might not have the mic and volume remote working with samsung note 2 so I tried the Sony ZX770BN and I could play pause forward and rewind the songs from the headphone.
Now with these JBL headphones can you confirm that they will work quite the same with my samsung cell cause I am confused and I want to buy JBL but not sure till now what to do ! Thank you .
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Brandon Coburn says:

Sound great. Feel great. TERRIBLE for video when connected via Bluetooth. There’s a 1.5-2 second delay and it makes for a horrible experience. I’ve had extensive contact (going on two months worth now) with JBL customer service and they assure me that there is a fix on the way, but nothing yet.

Mr.Sand-Oval says:

Can you do an Everest 300 vs Everest 700 video?

Steboys says:

I was using the same headphones as in the video

MXZool Emad says:

does these come with a travelling case?

Anonymous 400 says:

Hay I bought mine and it is very good

Vault Boy Scrilla says:

I’m not a fan of JBL products but these might be perfect than my Sennheisers

Ajay Reddy says:

Great Review, But I am confused which one to select JBL Everest Elite 700 or Beats Pro

Alex Rem!x says:

What is going on with the frame rate?

askmiller says:

For anyone looking to get these headphones, note that you’re probably going to experience some sound delay day 1. It’s really noticeable if you watch a movie or play video games as the sound doesn’t line up with action. Don’t give up on them though! To fix this, you need to go to the jbl support website (google jbl everest 700 support). Click on everest 700 then go to downloads. download HID.zip and follow the instructions to update your headphones. This is absolutely necessary if you want to do anything other than listen to music or make phone calls with these headphones. It kinda sucks that they don’t work perfectly out of the box, but once you apply the fix, any bluetooth lag is small enough that you probably won’t notice it. There’s still going to be some lag, but no more than any other bluetooth device and it has a minimal impact on anything you do with these.

Paweł Więch says:

Hey man i have question regarding lenght adjustment of earcups. Is there
any noticeable resistance when you try to shortened or extend the
lenght of them ? In my piece there is absolutely none.

Shane Spagnola says:

I don’t even notice the slightly lower volume. I love these headsets!

Dwight Tenbroeken says:

What is better elite or everest? 700

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