I’ve Never Tried Anything Like It…

The Nuraphone is unlike any pair of headphones I’ve ever heard before. The bass produced by these headphones is substantially greater than any other I’ve tested. If you’re a bass head you should probably give the Nuraphone wireless headphones a shot.

Nuraphone – https://www.nuraphone.com/


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Aria Newell says:

You my friend just got fucked in the ears.

Nog Ops says:

i want this

robotomo says:

4:30 i wish i had that much bass

Michele Capone says:

4:30 Song Name?

4am Curiosity says:

Your description is so long and annoying

G_Gamer 87 says:

5:12 that is a unique laugh

data dzidziguri says:

you should do a video about even headphones

Angry888i says:

I thought like 200$ max

Daniel Bandis says:

Please review scullcandy crusher headphones.

Bruno BS Cabral says:

But how are the middle and treble, are they clean?

to listen to rock

lomer mercs says:

i love the face reaction. hahahaha you’re so fun to see… hahaha… if i got a money enough to get that earphones, that would be in my wish list… hahaha

Alexander Collins says:

review crusher wireless

TripleAceAAA says:

looks like the headphones are fingering your ears….

Eulo says:

These are fake…

Valentino Lorca says:

Yo Dawg i herd you like music so we put the earphones in yo headphone so you can ..

Buggz SH says:

I would definitely try this out the best in ear headphones I’ve ever tried was the Brower & Willkins C5s nothing better however I’m still waiting for them to make them into wireless. Do you think you can do a review on them. I’m all about clarity over just base the beats brand … but I have been looking for some over air ones and I just might try these out…

Smood47 says:

Oh… wireless garbage? ok.

Donnel Moss says:

Are they waterproof?

Unbox Therapy says:

Which headphones are you using right now?

Tommy Mack says:

400 USD not including shipping. NOT worth it.

David James says:

Reminds me of my headphones Nd I think you need to try them out. The Sony mdr1000x

Nitin Noel says:

And here I am with 80$ ones

Ganesh Jadhav says:

1:54 violet it before it violet’s you. Now we’re even…
Edit:- Yes, it’s intentional.

TripleAceAAA says:

proprietary connector….goes and says the downside is you can’t easily replace…whats the upside again? lol

Angry888i says:

So excited to buy it till I saw the price

Midnitejmpr Gaming says:

How much are these

luchiboy says:

Ok… So how trips do I have to make to the sperm bank to purchase one of these?

AquaticChicken says:

”way more bass”

Last Miracle says:

dick head

Howl TheMarquis says:

Can you do a review on the Nuraphones G2?

י א says:

i love this mtf….

Carl Verana says:

Oh, an ear dildo!

V D M G Λ M I N G says:

2:25 song pls

Heyrø says:

It will fuck up your hearing

Kitara says:

Do not buy them. They are not worth it. The head aches from them, ears, a jaw. In the end, they will lie somewhere. Yes, the sound is good. As well as promise, personal for your hearing. From smartphones its gonna sound 100% / from the PC, its gonna sound 60-70%.
Nuraphone has more minuses than pluses. And the minuses slip into “Comfort” – Awful!
For this reason, wait, wait and wait. Until they decide to release some “NuraEarplugs”
They not worth it now, for that price 400$ + Tax in your country.

Jack putra says:

Hey Lou.. Maybe u wanna check out for Bludio F800. It gonna cost you around 50 bucks for the product. I think it has been over a year in the market right now. It has a ANC and bla bla bla. I also heard that you can use Google assit with it.. Or maybe you can make a review on China made headphones line ups..

im quiting yt fool says:

Beats by dr dre

Johny Hubenej says:

Absolute headphone amature

Dmitry Alexey says:

I’d rather buy a ticket for the ksi vs logan fight than these headphones

Peter - Kåre Skak Pedersen says:

Thanks man, I’m ordering right now, based on this review.

V D M G Λ M I N G says:

4:30 can someone get that moment looped pls!

Scotland forever says:

it looks like penises in the ears

ryan matthews says:

Where did you get the cap from, its cool 🙂

ENEMY says:

the way this white nigga hypes shit up lmfao.. damn they must be paying him a lot

StratifyFX™ says:

im using skullcandy crusher wireless, i dont know how much bass u can get with this

Alexander Perry says:

great if you feel like getting ear-boned by a couple of micro-penises

Ali Abbas Qadri says:

listen song on this headphones after being high 😀 😛

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