iPhone 7 hands on review: similar shape but no headphone jack

Apple’s gone for a polished, iterative phone and has succeeded in a number of areas – it’s a quality handset and not one that many expected given the leaks. However, there aren’t a lot of hugely standout features – but all the ones that were there now shine.


Jorikske_ says:

In 10 years : you know kids in my time iPhones still had headphone jacks ! Kids WHAAAAAAAAT THE **** IS THAT ?

Esme Cullum says:

Is it water resistant or water proof? Like, can you take it swimming or can you just drop it in the water and not have it die

Terra Estrahl says:

“Old school headphones.” You mean the headphones that have been a standard(and have also increased in quality), since 1878(well, our 3.5mm version since the early 1900’s)? The ones that have been popularized by pretty much everyone and their grandma?

Please, this tech isn’t going anywhere. It’s been around since forever and has stood up to just about every competitor in both convenience and transportation. The only problem people have these days is with how easily it gets tangled in your pocket, and there are certainly cases for those that are smaller than a bulky set of Apple airbuds.


news flash SONY have been making water resistance phones since Feb 9, 2013 with the XPERIA Z WITH a water resistance audio jack

chillex Hein says:

I thought the home button is going to be a display too:( wow apple that is a shame its the same as the 6s just a maybe era and no headphone jack wich is really unusfull

Vhalie Ryn says:

So far this is the best deal of iPhone 7 https://t.co/hMm0C1Gx5P

illfaptothis says:

you could have spoken in armpit farts and i would have understood more.

Aleks Atanasov says:


Bingby says:

667th comment bc yes

Lt. Levi XD says:

Fuck Iphone7

Yass St says:

I wanna this iPhone

iPhone 7 Plus Giveawayb says:

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Essio Fuzulu says:

they got this made in china for 100 bucks and they gonna sell it for 1200 bucks, apple is the biggest scam currently in the market… and dont get me started on accessories, thats where they do the real scam, thats why they dont want anything by some other company to be compatible with their stuff, never ever buying anything by apple again, unless they change everything from prices to becoming fully compatible with everything else

TheWebster Gamet says:

we need to pay a ton for the phone,a ton for headphones and wut do we get a lower powered phone than android,android squad just got some more members, apple=garbage for high price.

Donkey_Gaming says:

dont fucking call headphones oldschool those nerdy air pods or whatever are like over 100 dollars apple r just fuckin with us now just get an iphone 6 it will save you like a thousand fucking dollars

Nihilanth1982 says:

the fact that apple excluded a headphone jack – crucial when listening to music on the go – is absolutely, 100%, FUCKING RETARDED.
for that reason alone, i will NOT get this phone, because i like listening to music from my own headphones of choice.
a big FUCK YOU to apple.

Jeff Taylor says:

All the features they added are such gimicks

One less lonely nigger says:

this phone gave me

syndrome up
syndrome down
Infinite warfare
Mental health issues
Low heart rate
jacob sartorius

lunarmicro says:

Atleast it wont Explode

maleehvogue says:

If apple really wants to go wireless, where the heck then is its wireless charging functionality?

Sea Wagon says:

Don’t buy it so they realize they actually have to try and you’ll see how amazing the iPhone 8 will look if this phone fails to turn them a profit.

James Harden says:

forget this I’m sticking with my 6

Randy Orton says:

fuck iphone!

Drink bleach Bitch says:

Should I buy an iPhone 7? I have an iPhone 5

FreeBaSE Mob says:

Apple just stopped listening to what the people want, Steve Jobs would roll over in his grave

Ana A says:

Shitty af

Jason Trollz0r says:

Why you sound like a fucking duck

Kaede Kayano (Akari Yukimura) says:

When the iPhone 9 came out, it comes with no charge port, that means if your iPhone dies, you have to buy another more.

SHIV PATEL plays roblox says:

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Derek 84 says:

If you don’t use Bluetooth headphones your old!

Natalie M says:

iphones suck ass, go android

ina12123 says:

its looks like shit and i can see people complaining because they lost their headphones.

TGC - the Technology & Gaming Channel says:

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spøøkies says:

instead of improving the battery life apple decide to remove the headphone jack. and they wonder why people complain.

Purely Idle says:

Android, here i come.

aguilar69 says:

Piece of shit..

Paul The Gamer says:

So basically the iPhone 6 but worse, waste of money.

nets2daman1 says:

I smell bullshit

Stuart M says:

I’ll never understand why people get so worked up over which phone manufacturer is better…it’s bizarre. All this isheep talk, people arguing over what features a big tech company has implemented on their new phone. It’s like people are proud of these huge businesses they have absolutely no connection with, and never will.. Weird

valery pamels says:

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There is two kind and also 4 shade available for access!

Snakedoctor O'Reilly says:

commentator sounds like he has a mouth full of food trying to talk.

Pierre Lelièvre says:

Are you guys interested in the best way to use your headphones with the Iphone 7? I apologize in advance if promotion is not allowed, I don’t know. I’m Pierre and me and my partner made the Bluewave Get.

Sultan Khan says:


Ari S says:

Where’s the double lens?

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