INSANE BASS!!!! : Sennheiser HD 4.30 Headphone REVIEW

So Sennheiser decided to flex their muscles a bit and show off what they could do in the bass department……and for only $99! But are they worth it?
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Salem says:

These or the xb650bt’s? Plz be honest

Dung NGUYEN says:

Bought this one after saw this video. Best $99 ever

Jun Fei Cheung says:

Hey Gamesky, my question (not related to the video) is if it is worth to spend extra money for the noise cancelling feature. I heard u only can get good noise cancelling headphones if u spend 300 bucks or more, but the sennheider hd 4.50 is coming out this month so i’m quite curious about your opinion on that.

SamLGND says:

This VS the SEnnheiser VB headphone ( variable Bass that’s grey and blue ) which is better ?

Saurabh Narula says:

man, excellent reviews on crushers and now these! i am completely sold on crushers, but with these around, i will probably pick these or 4.20 as my wired sets. Any chance you know the difference between these or 4.20s? thanks again!

nagsde says:

I had the Crushers Wireless conected to my PS4 controller and the loudness was ridiculous, I wonder if it would be the same with these ones.

The Placebo Effect says:

V-Moda Crossfade LP2 or these??

Petar Stankovic says:

“When you think of sennheiser you don’t think about bass. You think more of a flat sound signature?” What are you talking about? All their headphones have huge bass and are known for somewhat V shaped sound with lots of bass. Many of their products are known to be bassiest headphones ever (like my own IE80 in ears) with slaming bass. They are known for lots and good bass. No one thinks of flat signature cos they don’t make such headphones, not even highest end ones.

Luke George says:

Could you help me

What open ear headphones would you recommend for listening to drum and bass/liquid dnb(vocals) music from my android phone whilst commuting on public transport? I’m not interested with volume controls or inline calls.

I spoke with Sennheiser they recommend HD599 but not keen on the styling…

Budget is flexible, after the best sound for compressed audio off a phone.

Thanks in advanced

Boomer112 says:

Can u plug this headset into a PC??

Metal Evolve says:

Hi Gamesky, good morning.

Do you recommend this one for metal music???

Thanks and great review!

Moatasem Al Dayea says:

so they dont work with pc or windows phones ?

Yusuf Doğruyol says:

which one would you recommend ? audio technica ath-m40x or sennheiser 4.30G ? this is my first time buying a good pair of headphones and i’m looking for something under 100$, can you recommend anything ?

Filo Bolla says:

if u use this headphones with an iphone, does it function anyway? Only the controls differ from model to model? Does it change something if u use with a pc or a Mac?

Sathish Rao says:

Hi, Thanks for the review. I currently own Momentum 2.0 Wired. Needless to say that these (4.30) should be bassy compared to Momentum. But do these (4.30) sound as good as (or better than) Momentum as far as Mids & Highs are concerned? If someone is not a bass head, should he prefer Momentum instead of 4.30 ?

keenan herwansyah says:

nice new sennheiser headphone

syafiqri alfarizki says:

does it worth the extra 50$ for the 4.40bt based on the sound quality?

Tekolicious says:

I just got the crushers. I like them so far

TANIMAL13 says:

You should make a video comparing these and the Skull Candy Crusher wireless.

Alfredo Gonzalez says:

Are this better bass than SkullCandy Crusher wireless? and V-MODA Crossfade M-100?


Does it have more bass than the Sony XB950BT? I doubt it because the Sony’s are more expensive but I’m just asking.

Hajawollda waschdalos says:

its not complete over the ear, sounds annoying

monica geller says:

no extra power needed? is the sound as good as let say sony mdr-xb950bt? i’m looking for these kind of headphone, this senheiser one looks like a very good buy..but no wireless, hmm

Will Stinson says:

Again great review! I’d be interested in knowing how these compare sound wise to your review of the V-moda Crossfade wireless? Obviously build quality and pricing no contest, so sound quality is most important. I tend to like a warmer sound, not a bass head, but like tight bass. Thanks much.

Omar St says:

surprisingly, when someone thinks about sennheiser. thinks about bass

SZ E says:

Great review! I am sure you are familiar with Audio Technika M40X, given that they are very similar in price, features, functionality compared to this Sennheiser model. Which one is better in your opinion, which one would you recommend? Thanks

Eddyword94 says:

I like how Sennheiser is spelled out on the side of the headband because, other headphone companies put the branding on top and its not often that a person is going stare at the top of someone’s head.

Moeischamp says:

how would this be with gaming? like is the soundstage wide enough? thanx

Sherman Harris says:

are these good for movies. Star wars , Godzilla 2014 for example

Juan Soto says:

i was watching intermittently while working. nice review, but by chance did you ever put these on during the video?

Ed Cruzat says:

great review! does the mic work with the ps4 controller? or you think it is compatible with the v moda boom mic?

Spetoy 23 says:

good for gaming?, Wireless,bluetooth?,comfortable?

mineinspiron says:

im waiting the bluetooth version if they will release. Already choose crusher wireless. Anybody know how the bass compared to crusher wireless?

Nick Shelton says:

This is yet another amazing review! I might have to get a pair, but only if my Audiotechnicas went and died on me, lol.

lohith miryala says:

plz review jabra Halo free

Brandon Yang says:

These or the sennheiser hd8 dj?

葉周銓 says:

how does it compare to the crusher wireless? i am really damn curious

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