HEADPHONE HYBRID : Flips Audio XB Headphone Review

The Flips Audio XP headphones are a different breed of headphones. How do they stack up and are they worth the $150 price tag?


slick_nick33 says:

do they fit big heads

coolstephers says:

I agree it sounded bad as headphone but awesome as speakers

Insane Asap says:

If you want a really durable headphones(headset) but its a gaming headset check out the each g2000 thier really good and durability and only 20-30$

Jelly bean fam says:

I bought beats they are alright but these are awesome I’m buying them today

BuZ says:

I got a pair from kmart for $60.

Sound as headphones are Okay but Speakers are great. They start to hurt my ears after 15 minutes or so which I don’t like. They are alright.

Mike Nixon says:

ask me they suck.The circuit cut out in one side of the speaker in a week.And when I went to put it for the first time. on it snapped.

jason podsta says:

i was hoping for a sound demo in both modes to actually get an idea how useful the main feature of these headphones actually is.

John James Rambo says:

why is everyone so obsessed with beats headphones? it is widely known in the audiophile community that beats are the worst headphones on the market. they are expensive with inferior sound quality.

Jesus Hernandez says:

are those head phones wireles too? ?

Ari Arceo says:

I was listening to dubstep music

MattBalloon1115 says:

You should do an Ncredible flips by nick cannon review at radio shack I have them and I love them the only thing I can think they should have added was a button to skip song and use your Siri or something like that. also not sure how durable they are. They are Bluetooth 🙂

Ari Arceo says:

I got one for Christmas and they rock!

Tai Bender says:

Can you connect to TV?

Niki Ninjuh says:

I can’t wait to listen to black people’s music everyday on my commute to work!

HDGamer Imvu says:

loool those are the cheap ones

Ari Arceo says:

Mine are white though

connor cadogan says:

Just bought a pair, I would say better than beats, but can you please tell me the difference between these and the 650’s, I want to buy both kinds of flips and idk what the difference is

Brayden Christensen says:

thanks this helped a ton

Marcos Perales says:

Dont get the xb model I have the Jordan Borroughs edition of these and they sound better than my Beats

Cthulu says:

They made new headphones called ncredible flips, I found them at RadioShack, not bad but I haven’t found any videos on them at all.

GeoNeilUK says:

A Bluetooth version of these would be cool, that is if the speakers are good enough.

The weight would be very likely to be the speakers, the battery and the amplifier, I’m guessing the amp would need fairly hefty batteries.

I would imagine they would be lacking the headphone department, you are using speakers as headphones.

And on their UK website they’re £119.

Stil pretty interesting though.

#BeastMode Ralphy says:

shit 40 on ebay

Rashaan Dyess says:

Where did you get yours

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